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    I could see the Patriots going with Rivers at 7..


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      Originally posted by KCJ58 View Post
      whoever to Falcons take besides Matt Ryan
      Glenn Dorsey and Jake Long are not WTF picks for the Falcons.

      But I am thinking Gholston will go to the Rams and McFadden to the Riaders and the Jets will do something WTF.

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        the Rams taking McFadden

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          The problem with these WTF picks is that we never see them coming. The only pick I have seen in this thread so far that will really make me WTF is Albert to the Ravens. JUst like every year though there will be that one pick that absolutly nobody sees coming at all, even those of us looking for WTF picks. Even though I will probably go wrong I can see the Lions take someone like Balmer, Pat Sims, or another 2nd round graded DT with their first rounder. I also see Chilo Rachel going in the mid first and there will be a late first round pick that nobody sees coming.


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            I could see Mendenhall to the Bengals at #9 and Devin Thomas to the Bills at #11.


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              I called Ginn to the Phins over Quinn before it happened when I was watching the draft, I should've bet on bodog.


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                Originally posted by 619 View Post
                I could see Mendenhall to the Bengals at #9 and Devin Thomas to the Bills at #11.
                I can actually see the Bengals move up to secure Ellis or Dorsey.

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                  Originally posted by urinemonkey View Post
                  I don't know about a WTF type reaction but I think Branden Albert to the Ravens at #8 is possible. It would be a surprise but one that makes sense.
                  That would definitely be a WTF moment to me. There should at least one of the top 4 OT's available. As good as Albert is, do they pick a guy at 8 that has to learn a position? Not sure. and they don't need albert inside, with Chester/Brown/Grubbs. Not impossible, but definitely WTF, IMO.


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                    Originally posted by blackbelt3d View Post
                    The easy one would be to say he picks a WR...

                    But I'm guessing he'd probably do something like reach for Merling.
                    If healthy, Merling is a solid top 20 pick, and possible top 10 pick. The problem is how the doctors view the sports hernia, something no one really knows outside of, well, the doctors.


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                      If there's no trades, one idea I'd toss out would be

                      7. New England Patriots pick: DL Phillip Merling, Clemson

                      Now, Merling would have to clear physically, and that's an unknown. But the general feeling has been that, based on his play, Merling was a solid top 15 pick. He's a possible 3-4 DE, and Seymour's slowing down, along with Seymour and Green's contract up in 2 years.

                      That said, it's just one possibility.


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                        Originally posted by 619 View Post
                        I could see Mendenhall to the Bengals at #9 and Devin Thomas to the Bills at #11.
                        I could see Mendenhall, but Thomas would be very surprising.
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                          Originally posted by art vandelay View Post
                          I'm going to go with Albert going much higher than members on this board suspect. I think teams have him higher on their boards than we realize.
                          I totally agree, I'm that sure how high he could go maybe to the Chiefs if Jake Long is gone

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                            Originally posted by proshoota25 View Post
                            i think it will be at the number seven spot, but for a variety of different teams. i think someone will trade up at that pick and select someone we havent seen coming, like something stupid as in chicago/carolina wanting to get matt ryan (sorry beerbaron) even the patriots could reach, or make a surprise in kenny phillips, even though the value isnt there, or some other position that we didnt see happening
                            you outta be sorry, lol. no, i could see that happening....sadly....


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                              ya know, just another thought i had while looking this over....would it really be a WTF! pick if we can predict it?

                              usually the WTF picks are complete surprises that no non-whackjob would ever predict


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                                Jerod Mayo at 15 to Detroit or even 12 to Denver wouldn't be a huge shock to me, but it'd surprise some at this point. Mayo is a big, athletic ILB/OLB that has been supposedly flying up draft boards. He's an excellent leader in the middle, which is where he'd play in Denver/Detroit. Could surprise and be the 1st LB taken as he is a better fit in Denver and Detroit.

                                Look at Cincinnati if Sedrick Ellis, Glenn Dorsey, and Derrick Harvey are gone. They could go OT, they could go Rashard Mendenhall, or they could target Auburn OLB Quentin Groves. Groves fits the new mold of a Bengals LB, would be given a year or two to develop, but would likely be considered a reach.

                                Jake Long at #1 to Miami would draw a WTF from me. I just don't see it happening.

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