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  • Draftguys TV Profiles Josh Johnson, QB, San Diego

    There was probably no player we were more looking forward to seeing at the Shrine Game than Josh Johnson, and wow did he deliver. He is definitely not a "running QB", and he's definitely a student of the game. As long as he bulks up a little and generates some more power with his lower body instead of whipping the ball, I don't see how this kid doesn't at least get a shot to start by year 3...

    I definitely want to hear what everyone here thinks about one of the most intriguing prospects in this year's draft.

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    I definitely like him as a developmental guy. He is one of my favorite qb prospects this year. I like him and Erik Ainge as guys that if they gain some weight and work on a few things, could really become starters 3-4 years down the road. It will take some patience and good coaching though.


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      I love his mechanics. His release is amazingly quick and his footwork is great. Absolutely no wasted energy in his movement. When he's moving around the pocket, he looks like of some sort of machine. With the shiny visor, the resemblance to Robocop is uncanny.

      The only thing I think he needs to work on is putting more power into his throws. Get his hips into it. And of course, he needs to put on weight.

      I think people have taken to discounting the running quarterbacks. I know the NFL hates the spread and any hint of innovation, but some of these guys are true dual-threats, who are often better passers than they are runners. Dennis Dixon, I think, falls into the category, though I would say Josh Johnson has better potential than Dixon in the pros.


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        i'd love to see Gruden get him
        He seems like a great WC QB. And he's more than just a runner who can throw.

        Sig thanks to Bonekrusher


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          my man right there.
          smart solid QB. the good version of Mike Vick.

          Go Celtics
          Go Irish
          Go Ravens


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            I'd say he's a David Carr type more than Michael Vick. Just with the brains of a guy like Drew Brees. I like him a lot and I think he should be taken by a team like the Bucs especially with an older starter and a guru coach.



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