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If you were the GM of a team in need of a QB...

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  • If you were the GM of a team in need of a QB...

    ..would you rather take Matt Ryan in the first or wait to see who's on the board in the second? What if you felt every other QB other than Ryan would likely be available when you pick in the second? In other words take Ryan or wait to choose from Brohm, Flacco, Henne, etc in the second? I ask this because a lot of mocks seem to think the Falcons will face that decision. Obviously a GM can't know if another QB will go over the course of 30 picks, but it's a question that I imagine Thomas Dimitroff has pondered.
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    If it were me i would not draft matt ryan in the first. I don't think that Ryan is a top 10 talent. I really like Henne, Flacco and Brohm. If Brohm were there i would take him to me he is the best QB in the draft. If he were gone it would be between Flacco and Henne. My selection would depend on the team situation. If we needed someone right away it would be Henne but if we had a QB that would make due for a season or two i would be all over Flacco.


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      Originally posted by ChezPower4 View Post
      If it were me i would not draft matt ryan in the first. I don't think that Ryan is a top 10 talent. I really like Henne, Flacco and Brohm. If Brohm were there i would take him to me he is the best QB in the draft. If he were gone it would be between Flacco and Henne. My selection would depend on the team situation. If we needed someone right away it would be Henne but if we had a QB that would make due for a season or two i would be all over Flacco.
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        I wouldnt draft Matt Ryan that early, but mid round 1 i definately would. If i couldnt trade back, i would hope to land Brohm or Flacco in round 2.


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          I like Brohm, I would address another team need in the first and hope Brohm is there for me in the second.

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            It really comes down to team situation. But for me, in general,

            I'd take Matt Ryan in the first over Brian Brohm in the 2nd.

            - If I'm drafting either of these two, part of the motivation is to draft a guy that can come in sooner than later. The upside for Ryan is better, there's projectable growth on Ryan moreso than Brohm, and he's better suited to step in and play sooner than Brohm.

            I'd take Joe Flacco in the 2nd over Matt Ryan in the first.

            - If it's Flacco or Ryan, that means you are willing to wait, and in this case, the upside of Flacco is too great to pass. If you've got the time, then Flacco is well worth it.

            I'd take Matt Ryan over Chad Henne, but that said, seems like a lot of NFL folks are coming around on Henne. I'm just not a big fan, although I understand why people may like Henne.


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              I like to look at it like this. The Falcons are in a situation similar to the Browns last year, who likewise held the third overall pick. Quarterback was an issue, offensive line, as well as a few others, not all of them shared between the two teams. The Browns went for Joe Thomas and prospered. Granted no one foresaw Derek Anderson, but some suggest Quinn could have replicated a similar level of team success. I'm not suggesting the Falcons can go 10-6, not in the slightest, but when you look at the success the team had, at least in part based on its decision to address the trenches first, I can't help but think Dimitroff would take note of that.

              Of course every situation is different and maybe Carl Nicks or Sam Baker could be their Eric Wright so to speak, if they chose to go with Ryan. Myeh.


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                Go for the value in the second round

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                  let it be known that i wouldnt touch ryan with a 49.5 foot pole and i wouldnt touch chad henne with an even longer one.....

                  not feeling those guys as good pro prospects

                  that leaves me with brohm and flacco as the "big" QB prospects this year.

                  i certainly wouldnt take them in the first say.....20 picks of the first round. however, if i got a player i needed with my first first rounder, i would strongly consider trading back into the first to nab one of them.

                  personally im a fan of woodson but since in the eyes of most hes fallen badly, i did my example without him. otherwise, id do what i have to in order to land him.


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                    Depends on how good my Oline was. If I had a solid Oline then I would take Ryan in a heartbeat, but if they were a bunch of slouches id take jake long and wait until the second and if brohm was there id jump on him, if not I wouldnt take a Qb at all.


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                      It all depends on who else I had the option of drafting in the first round, and exactly how dire of a need quarterback was.

                      I do feel that Matt Ryan is both the best quarterback prospect and the most prepared to come in and start from week 1 by a solid margin, which goes a really long.


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                        In my opinion, Brohm is the most polished passer of this group and the most ready to start immediately. He doesn't have the upside of some of these guys with big arms (Flacco, Henne), but he's the closest you'll get to "plug and play." Having watched him play at Louisville, in winning seasons and a losing season, I can definitively state that this guy was the engine for the Cardinals, that claims that he's not a leader are complete bogus, and that he was productive throughout his career and consistent in every game. Plug him behind center and you'll get a solid performance every time.

                        On that basis, Brohm is the top QB prospect of this draft, an early 1st-round talent. However, Brohm is good in all areas of the game, but not great. Because he lacks elite arm strength, elite size, or elite mobility, I wouldn't rate him as a Top 10 - those picks should be the complete package.

                        Behind Brohm, I'd see Woodson, Ryan, Flacco as guys with natural talent and bigger upside, but have significant questions over their game - respectively, release, judgement, and level of competition, as the biggest ones. These guys are late 1st to early 3rd.

                        Then there's two groups on the same tier. The first, guys who played at big time schools, but have legitimate questions about NFL readiness: Henne, Booty, and Ainge. The second, guys who were very productive, but came from smaller schools and/or unorthodox offenses: Brennan, Josh Johnson, Kevin O'Connell, Dennis Dixon. These guys are second-day prospects who could sneak into the 2nd.

                        However, when making your draft picks, it's not just about where you rate a guy - it's also about where everyone else rates a guy.

                        For example, the Ravens might agree with me that Brohm is the best QB and are willing to spend the 8th pick to get him (wishful thinking on my part :( ). But if they know that no other team will be interested in Brohm until the 2nd round, then the smart move is definitely to trade that pick and get as much as you can for it. Plus, you don't have to pay a Top 10 salary, in case he busts. The question is, how reliable is your information and how much are you willing to gamble?
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                          If I'm rating the QB's right now based on where I think they'll grade and not how I like them, I think it would go (top 10)

                          1. Matt Ryan - Firewall is probably Baltimore at 8. I doubt he sneaks out of the top 5 personally, but only time will tell.

                          Then comes to the 2nd tier ... One of these three will likely fall a bit ...

                          2. Chad Henne - I'm not a big fan, but I understand why teams are intrigued. Big arm, fluid mechanics, able to make the NFL passes. I had him early 3rd in my most recent mock, but that was more a flaw on my part. I think he's in the late 1st-mid 2nd range.
                          3. Brian Brohm - Some suggestion that he's worked himself back up the boards a bit. There was a time when some suspected he was a mid-2nd type pick. Now, he looks like he has a shot for late first. Same range as Henne.
                          4. Joe Flacco - He hit a good wave early, but seems to have tapered off. I wonder if this is an attempt by some teams to keep him around, but at this point in time, I'd say he's more 2nd, a slight notch below.

                          After that, things get a little tougher to figure out. My best inclinations would be

                          5. Andre' Woodson - Still has enough going for him that he should be able to stave off a precipitous fall. That said, mechanical concerns worry, and he's looking like 3rd/4th right now.
                          6. John David Booty - One of those "solid" guys. I'm not a huge fan but 3rd-4th looks possible. For some reason, I keep thinking David Greene for no apparent reason.
                          7. Josh Johnson - Very curious how his private workouts turn out. If they are good, he'll be on more solid footing. I'm thinking 4th rounder right now.

                          8. Kevin O'Connell - Raw kid that will get some intrigue. I'm thinking 5th.
                          9. Matt Flynn - Somewhat like JD Booty. I'm thinking 5th.
                          10. Erik Ainge - Perhaps a bit underrated, but he's looking like a 5th/6th guy right now.


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                            Sign a grizzled vet and either draft Brohm in the late 1st/early 2nd or Josh Johnson in the 3rd.


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                              The only ones that intrigue me are

                              1) Matt Ryan (the next Hasselbeck)
                              2) Joe Flacco (based only on potential)
                              3) Brian Brohm (perfect west coast QB)
                              4) Josh Johnson (another west coast project)
                              5) Paul Smith (reminds me of John Beck a little)
                              6) Bernard Morris (loads of potential but a three year project)
                              7) Anthony Morelli (only as FA. The body is there. If someone can get him to throw accurately they would have a steal. More likely scenario is he's selling insurance in two years)

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