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  • Possible trade scenarios

    This, in my view, is the most likely trade to shake up the top of the draft.

    If Long and Dorsey are gone, and they don't want Ryan at #3, the Falcons are likely to be very keen to trade down. And personally, I think that a trade with the Jets is a possibility.

    The would only need to trade if JL and Dorsey went #1 and #2, so CL, Gholston and McFadden would all be on the board. The Jets will almost certainly want one of those players. And the Raiders will be in contention for exactly the same players. Accordingly, if the Jets lock onto one player, they may want to trade ahead of the Raiders. That's the argument for.

    The argument against is that (1) the Jets will be no more eager than anyone else to spend the increased guarantees incumbent upon a top 3 pick, (2) the Jets are guaranteed one of those three players, and probably their choice of two, so why would they trade up?

    An offer of the Jets' #6 and 2nd rounder would not be as valuable as the #3, but I'm sure the Falcons would agree to it. The Falcons might even add in a 4th. That would be at an undervalue, but the Falcons would have to be attracted by the prospect of having four upper-2nd round picks.

    At #6, the Falcons would then probably take either Ryan or Ellis, or might even trade down further.

    Obviously there are counter-arguments (which I have raised), but if the Jets fall in love with CL, Gholston or McFadden, I think that is a real possibility. They've already shown that they're willing to trade up, as with Revis last year. So we shall see...

    Anyone else have any thoughts on that possibility, or other (well-reasoned) trade scenarios to moot..?
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    It is one of the thousands of possible trade scenarios that could go on this year, but yes I could see it happening, though there are good arguments on both sides.
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      Here's an interesting article on some trade possibilities...

      New England and Kansas City

      The New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs may get into conversations about switching draft spots in the first round of the 2008 NFL Draft. If the draft goes according to how many project—Chris Long , Jake Long , Glenn Dorsey , and Darren McFadden in some order in the top four picks—it makes no sense for the Chiefs to stay put and select an offensive tackle, which most believe is in fact the position the Chiefs are going to target with the 5th pick. The Kansas City Chiefs are a team with many needs and should relish the possibility of moving down in the draft and accumulating an additional draft pick. The player that would be remaining on the board that the New England Patriots would covet is Vernon Gholston from Ohio State. The Pats have a hole at a vital position in their defensive scheme, the 3-4 OLB position, one in which Gholston would be the ideal fit. The Patriots have transitioned athletic collegiate defensive ends and into linebackers in their 3-4 scheme (see Mike Vrabel, Tedy Bruschi, etc.) and although many pundits believe the Patriots will use the 7th overall selection on a CB the likes of Leodis McKelvin or Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie , the Patriots normally prefer to wait until the latter portions of the NFL Draft in order to find cornerbacks who fit their scheme nicely (see Asante Samuel, Randall ***, etc.). The Patriots own a late 2nd round selection as well as an early 3rd round selection by virtue of a trade, they could deal one of those selections and still have a fairly early selection to get a CB, possibly a Charles Godfrey , Chevis Jackson , or Trae Williams, all of whom would fit their scheme nicely. From the New England Patriots perspective what makes a ton of sense is for the Patriots to package their 2nd round pick with the 7th pick overall and move up to #5 pick and select Vernon Gholston , not only would it fit their biggest need, but they would also nab the player that their division rival the New York Jets covet the most one selection in front of them. From the Kansas City Chiefs perspective it makes a lot of sense to move down to #7 and select a Jeffrey Otah or Ryan Clady to fill their need at offensive tackle, and then with their own 2nd round pick and the 2nd round selection acquired from the Pats in this deal, the Chiefs could address two other huge areas of need at offensive guard and cornerback and acquire a combo the likes of Chilo Rachal at guard and Tracy Porter or Patrick Lee at CB.

      Minnesota Vikings

      In a draft known particularly for its depth, most teams in the 2008 NFL Draft would love to trade down in order to acquire an additional selection in the first three rounds, one team who may consider moving up is the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings are in desperate need of a pass rusher considering the current status of former 1st round selections Erasmus James and Kenechi Udeze, so defensive end is clearly their #1 priority. With defensive end prospect Phillip Merling recently having hernia surgery and sliding down a few teams draft boards, the DE position has lost some of the top tier depth and the prospect who makes the most sense for the Vikings is Derrick Harvey , defensive end from Florida. Harvey has recently seen his draft stock rise significantly, so if the Vikings want him, they may have to pull the trigger on a draft day trade. The difficulty will lie in finding a trade partner to make a trade with. The teams that have picks in the area that the Vikings would need to move up to in order to select Harvey, the Denver Broncos, Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears, and Detroit Lions either have eyes on selecting one of the top tier offensive lineman prospects, running back Rashard Mendenhall , or are eyeing Derrick Harvey in their own rights, so the proposition of trading up for the Minnesota Vikings is a risky one.

      Buffalo Bills and Philadelphia Eagles

      There are bound to be a few current NFL players who are moved as the draft nears or potentially on draft day itself, remember it wasn’t until the 2nd day of the NFL Draft in 2007 when Randy Moss was dealt by the Oakland Raiders in return for a 4th round draft pick, and we all saw what kind of impact Moss had on the New England Patriots. One player whose name has been batted around as possible trade bait is Philadelphia Eagles CB Lito Sheppard. One team that seems to have interest in the CB position and possibly acquiring Lito Sheppard is the Buffalo Bills. The Bills currently have the likes of Terrence McGee, Ashton Youboty, and William James in their plans at the cornerback position and certainly would like to envision their secondary with a legit #1 CB in Sheppard joining what has become a rapidly improving defense. A trade proposal that would make sense would be if the Buffalo Bills offered the Philadelphia Eagles their 2nd round selection, as well as the two teams swapping picks in the 1st round (the Eagles would then own the 11th selection, while the Bills would own the 19th) in exchange for Lito Sheppard. Consider the move through the eyes of the Buffalo Bills brass they have signed veteran outside linebacker Kawika Mitchell and traded away draft picks for veteran DT Marcus Stroud, so they are angling themselves so that their defense is going to be playoff-caliber in 2008, not 2010, so Lito Sheppard makes a lot more sense than does Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie or Aqib Talib. The Bills would still have the 19th overall pick and would remain in the position to target the red-zone threat they are in desperate need of. At least one, if not all, of Malcolm Kelly, Limas Sweed, or Devin Thomas will be available. From the Philadelphia Eagles point of view, the Eagles would then be in position with the 11th overall pick to acquire the young offensive tackle prospect that they want to develop behind William Thomas and Jon Runyan, Jeffrey Otah, Ryan Clady, or the fast rising Branden Albert would be available for them to select from. The Eagles would also then possess two 2nd round picks, they could either address their defensive backfield at the CB and/or the safety position or could they continue to deal?

      Cincinnati Bengals

      The Cincinnati Bengals and mercurial WR Chad Johnson seem to be at an impasse as Ocho Cinco has made it well known that he does not want to return to Cincinnati and Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis has recently stated that the Bengals are prepared to move on without Johnson, so it would at least appear on the surface that a trade would be in the best interest of both parties. On the opposite side of the spectrum the Philadelphia Eagles have been rumored to have been in discussions with a number of teams in attempt to acquire a wide receiving option for QB Donovan McNabb, and these rumblings are all after the Eagles admittedly pursued Randy Moss when he hit the free agent market for a brief period of time. The Bengals and Eagles could find themselves as unique bedfellows and the Eagles could be willing to part with a 2nd round selection, possibly even a future 2nd rounder due to their current desperate state they find themselves in looking for an offensive playmaker.

      Dallas Cowboys

      Although the Dallas Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones have publicly stated that they are not going to package a deal of draft picks in order to move up and select Arkansas RB Darren McFadden, don’t count this possibility out just yet. The fact that the Cowboys are now attempting to trade for Adam “Pacman” Jones, combined with the fact that Jones also has stated that the Cowboys are not going to draft a wide receiver in the 1st round leaves them with a very short list of areas that they need to address and that they may be in fact angling themselves in position to make a big move for McFadden. The Cowboys could package both of their 1st round selections (the 22nd and 28th picks overall) as well as their 3rd round pick and maybe a future pick somewhere in the area of a 3rd rounder in order to move up into the 4th-6th pick range and select Darren McFadden, filling their biggest void of finding a counterpart for Marion Barber III, and by retaining their 2nd round selection they can still add a WR prospect the likes of Earl Bennett or Lavelle Hawkins, and if they do indeed trade for Adam Jones then their three biggest areas of need would have been addressed. For a team like the Cowboys who truly feel as if they are on the verge of winning a Super Bowl, this is a move they can afford to take a chance on. For a team, say the likes of the Oakland Raiders, who may want to move out of their current high selection in order to accumulate more picks, and more importantly avoid paying such a high salary demand for a rookie, it may be a proposal worth looking into.

      Atlanta, Miami, or Chicago - Trading Up For QBs

      Almost annually during the NFL Draft teams who have a high 2nd round selection and are in need of help at the QB position will move up from their high 2nd round pick into the bottom portion of the 1st round in order to ensure they acquire the young signal caller that they have targeted. The teams that may find themselves in that position in the 2008 NFL Draft are the Miami Dolphins, Atlanta Falcons, and Chicago Bears, and interestingly enough, each team may be targeting a different QB. The Miami Dolphins may target Chad Henne, the Atlanta Falcons may be targeting Brian Brohm, who it is believed owner Arthur Blank actually prefers over the one QB prospect guaranteed to go in the first round Matt Ryan, and the Chicago Bears may be most intrigued by Joe Flacco who would have the arm strength to succeed in the Windy City. On the flip-side teams who would likely consider becoming trading partners and moving out of the 1st round and into the early portion of the 2nd would be the San Diego Chargers or the Green Bay Packers.

      The more likely trades are the teams who are close by, its tough and rare that trades happen where teams go from one end of the round to the other...And I also remember last year everyone expecting alot of trades and it never happening.

      Originally posted by Scott Wright
      I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.



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