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Gholston v. Groves

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  • Gholston v. Groves

    What exactly is separating Gholston from Quentin Groves?
    This has been one of my biggest questions during this draft process. They both possess the similar freakish athleticism DCs want in a 3/4 Rush LB, they both produced at big-time programs, they have similar measureables. From what I've read so far, neither have character issues. Yet VG is being mentioned as a top-5 pick while Groves is a 2nd rounder... late-1st at best. What gives?

    Is it simply because Ohio St. has a much higher profile than Auburn?
    Or is it something else?
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    A) Groves played at Auburn

    B) Gholston is a much more powerful player and has the strength and bulk to play with his hand on the line.


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      haha my bad, i'll fix that


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        Two things come to mind:

        Groves was injured in his senior season, Gholston wasn't.

        Groves put up good numbers at the combine, Gholston put up freakish numbers.
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          Isn't Groves like only 8 lbs lighter than Gholston and ran the 40 in a whole second faster?? Why does Gholston merit a 'freakish' stamp?? Please indulge.

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            Ill take Groves over Gholston if I'm looking for the next Demarcus Ware or Shawne Merriman. Ill take Gholston over Groves if I'm strictly looking for a 4-3 end.

            I have Groves as the top pure pass rusher in the draft and in my top 10 overall players, he'll be a steal if he falls to the 20s as many are projecting.


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              Originally posted by terribletowel39 View Post
              Isn't Groves like only 8 lbs lighter than Gholston and ran the 40 in a whole second faster?? Why does Gholston merit a 'freakish' stamp?? Please indulge.
              I can't find the combine numbers right now but, I think Groves was 0.1 second faster in the 40. Gholston benched a pretty amazing 38(?) reps, Groves did 30(?). I can't remember the other stuff (vertical, cones, shuttle etc), nor can I find it right now.

              Not saying I agree with ranking Gholston so high, btw (I'm actually a Groves fan :) ), just trying to explain why some rankings have it that way.

              My favorite Groves highlight link
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                Gholston has more production more recently, and passes the eyeball test like few prospects in recent memory. Personally, I prefer Groves as an outside linebacker.


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                  groves and gholston are very similar prospects but gholston had a better season last year. groves will be better in the NFL because hes more explosive and versatile.

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                    Gholston holds a higher profile with better workout numbers and had a more productive season. I do agree Groves might be a better 3-4 OLB but Gholston is more versatile... could excel playing 4-3 end or 3-4 OLB.


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                      Groves is a special athlete who can rush the passer and teams love that.
                      however Groves had a very rough senior campaign, even before he got hurt. He got subbed out for younger players in key situations.

                      tied to his draft value is Phillip Merling's. If teams like MIN write Merling off b/c of the hernia that gives Groves a bump to mid first from late first/early second.

                      since we are talking about tweeners on the rise, why not Cliff Avril in the late first round/early 2nd to SF,SD, MIA? he's a real good 3-4 prospect, maybe a better athlete than Spencer who won't be there in the top of the 3rd.
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                        Groves was injured his senior year, and before injury, was having a down system, partially because of his move to OLB.

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                          there is your difference


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                            Originally posted by bhaarat316 View Post

                            there is your difference
                            whats the difference?


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                              Gholston ran 4.65 at the combine, put up 37 reps, 35.5 vert, 4.40 short shuttle and 7.12 cone drill. At his proday he ran a 4.58 40-yard dash and had a 42 inch vert.

                              Groves ran 4.58, had 30 reps, 29.5 inch vert, 4.42 shuttle and a 7.31 cone drill.

                              Imo Gholston is rated higher as he has more upside.

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