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    I want to know why he is projected as a late round/free agent. The guy has great numbers. 495 max bench, 34 reps of 225, 4.61 40. He had 128 tackles in his last year. He isnt too undersized at 6'1 230. I know he is sometimes sporatic and what not but the reward could be very promising. Does anyone think he could slip as high as the third round?

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    I'm a little busy so I can't comment on this yet really. Just wanted to let you know slip means down. Climb means up.

    "Slip as high"

    sounds a bit goofy.

    Myles is very intruiging, but just remember, his physical ability doesn't always reflect his play. (Will get more into detail later)

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      i'm a huge fan. DL bench aside, he's very explosive (don't remember his vert but i know the guy can clean 400+ so it has to be up there). reminds me of mccune with the weightroom numbers. he's younger and i think will turn out just fine though. if the dolphins didn't run a 3-4 i'd want him.

      didn't he run the 4.6 pulling his hamstring?


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        I think Miles is a very intriguing mid round prospect


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          Reminds me of Gooden. I'm not really sure why Myles isn't as high. Maybe playing for Louisville?


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            Originally posted by Unbiased View Post
            Reminds me of Gooden. I'm not really sure why Myles isn't as high. Maybe playing for Louisville?
            He was viewed as undersized. It is a bit similar to Wesley Woodyard, but woodyard has outstanding college production and has excellent speed.

            Plus the year's LB class is really deep with top quality

            He wasn't invited to the combine.


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              Mainly cuz Louisville sucked. Most of their prospects have taken a hit to their draft stock.

              But besides that, Myles was inconsistent - disappeared at times in games. Still, an intriguing guy - should've gotten a Combine invite, in all seriousness.


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                yeah he got screwed on the whole combine thing or a lot of people would have been talking about him along with the couple other freak performances



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