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    Mel Kiper says this guy has supplanted Kenny Phillips as the number 1 safety. His measurables are excellent. Has anyone seen him play? What's the deal with this kid? Why is he rising? Is he a realistic pick at 27 for, say, a team that doesn't have a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th rounder?

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    Definitely realistic. He may be the best strong safety in the draft. If someone needs a SS, I'd take Tyrell Johnson. I'm not sure if he'd be an impact player as a rookie, but after that, who knows.

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      I think it's less an issue of Tyrell rising and more an issue of him being underrated early on due to his school. I've had him as a 2nd/3rd round pick for awhile. He's got good range, is solid in the box, and is decent in coverage. He's not going to consistently man up on someone on the outside a la some FS's, but he'll hold his own and has the physical potential to get better. He's got good instincts and is physical in support. He's a better strong safety than a free safety right now, although he has the potential to do both.


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        Ive got my eye on him, been trying to watch more of him to see how he would fit in with us at SS...Where is his stock at right now? Looks to be early 2nd round at best.

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          he is a mid 2nd to 3rd round pick for me, would take Phillips over him at FS and SS


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            I've been a big fan of his, and I do agree with Toon that his rise is more a recognition that he should have been rated higher earlier. A fearless tackler with good range and overall absolutely great production. I'm not sure he can crack the first round, but it wouldn't surprise me to see him go in the top half of the 2nd round.


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              I was hoping that he'd stay a sleeper so the eagles could possibly get him in the 3rd round.


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                He outperformed all the other safeties at the combine so I am sure he is not a sleeper on several team's boards.

                I bet he is long gone by the mid 2nd round.


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                  Recently he jumped into the first round of my Mock Draft (to New York). He is ranked 36th on my big board, and yes, he could go as early as 27.

                  Terrific prospect whose main knock is his school in college, though he played admirably against Texas and Tennessee this past year. He has more upside than Phillips and may have more versatility. I see Phillips as an in the box safety, but Johnson, I believe is better is coverage and may be able to roam a bit better as well. Johnson is a very good SS prospect and may be able to play FS in some systems.

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                  There's no doubt he can play against top competition, though his school may not have been in a powerhouse conference.

                  A Late First-Mid Second Round prospect to me.

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                    I think that he would the top safety had he played at a big time school. But as you can see in the post above he played very well against the good teams.


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                      Been real high on him since he was a freshy. I really would like to see my team grab him.

                      Best SS in the draft, #2 safety on the board.

                      Love what he brings to the table as an in-the-box type safety.

                      Gives value in the second round, on.


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                        I have liked the kid ever since I made Arkansas my favorite non-BCS school, which was before this season.
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                          I've liked him since his mom gave birth to him.....some of you guys are if he's a bust then you'll say that's just where you had him ranked in this draft class and a feeling that the small school rep caught up with him or something of that nature

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