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    It's hard to imagine Ted Thompson spending a lst day pick on a QB but I could see him taking one in the 3rd or 4th. If he is looking at Booty, O'Connell or Johnson who do you take and in what round? Booty obviously is more ready to play but I like the upside of the kids from SD more so I'd consider Johnson in the 3rd and O Connell in the 4th.

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    Uhhh...thread worthy?


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      Team Board?


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        I think looking for a QB is the right thing to do. There's no certainty with Aaron Rodgers, so they should protect themselves. They have the extra Corey Williams pick, and the roster is fairly deep. Even if they don't need the QB long run (that is, Rodgers pans out), QB's always have the potential of bringing back good value. Ron Wolf made a living off of it.

        I wouldn't look at QB's in the 1st day unless great value was there. That's not impossible. If someone from the top 4 falls to the late 2nd, they have to at least ponder it. I'd pass on Booty in the 3rd (if he's there). While he's more ready than a lot of other QB's, if you have to turn to him you are doomed anyways, and those Favre comeback talks would probably awaken. I just don't see the upside being there.

        I'd ponder Woodson in the 3rd, definitely in the 4th. The upside is there to be warranted. I think Johnson is more a 5th/6th rounder right now, and same with O'Connell. Maybe the 4th rounder is justifiable, out of fear of missing out, but I wouldn't take either guy any earlier.


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          Originally posted by Gonzolikescows View Post
          Team Board?
          Nice first post.


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            Yeah this should be moved to the team forums.

            I don't think we'll address backup QB until the 3rd at the earliest. I think the guys we'll be looking at are Woodson (3rd), Johnson (3rd), Booty (4th), Brennan (5th) and O'Connell (6th). I personally think we'll grab someone with our comp pick in the 4th and I'd like to see Booty, Brennan or Johnson for a different approach.

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              I put this post here rather than in the Packer board to get a broader perpsective on the players than just from Packer fans.


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                People need to remember that Green Bay is TITLETOWN USA, and that Packer fans are #1 in the NFL.

                I'd say Steelers are #2.

                The guy put it here because the Packers dominate this forum anyway and everyone loves or likes the Packers, except our division rivals who are jealous (see Min and Detroit and Chicago), simple as that.



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