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DeSean Jackson = just how good ?

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  • DeSean Jackson = just how good ?

    Help pls. Living downunder I have limited access to college ball and live and die on the bits and pieces I get here.

    Just how good is DeSean Jackson and is he a fit for the 9ers in the 1st ? I cant help but see measurables of 5'10" 170 and think no way will this guy succeed in the NFL. Can someone (with knowledge) pls advise ? Ta

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    Thats how.

    "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


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      i think he'd be a great player in a spread offense like Green Bay or New England's
      I dont believe he'll ever become a number 1 target though

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        He could be a dangerous slot option with added value due to his kick/punt return ability. Not a bad combination at all imo. Remember how early Ginn went last year (even though that was a dubious pick). Everybody wants the next Devin Hester.

        I kinda doubt he slides to SF though. I can see Tampa Bay or Dallas taking him.


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          He could probably make a good #2 WR.Not a #1 WR.Hes fast,quick,has good awareness,and good hands.
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            I think that one could argue that the importance of being a "#1 target" is becoming more and more diminished as the spread offense becomes more popular, because a slot receivers can do significant amounts of damage.

            Jackson does appear to be an excellent fit for Mike Martz and would probably breathe some explosive life into a San Francisco offense that has been trying in vain to get that sort of threat from Vernon Davis (to no avail).

            I do like Jackson, but he isn't the next big dominant wideout in the draft. Honestly though, I don't see a single guy in this draft who I would bet any amount of money on becoming that sort of guy. Jackson is going to be an intriguing weapon for an offense that doesn't try to make him something he isn't, and San Francisco appears to be as good a fit as there is.


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              He's a dangerous slot receiver but I don't see him ever being a #1 or #2 for any team.


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                Is his size (lack of) not a concern ? It appears he's pretty elusive at college level but isnt he just going to be a non factor in the pro's ? Can he seperate, run crisp routes and get yards after the catch ? Can he survive a solid hit ?

                me want to kill you? hahaha Bonekrusher you complete me


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                  Jackson is a major hot/cold type of prospect in the a lot of people either really like him or really hate him, with not a whole lot in the middle.

                  I'm on the really like him side of the coin and think he can be a dominant threat in the NFL on offense and on special teams. Hopefully he will be off the board at #20 and you won't even have to worry about picking him.


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                    In a Mike Martz system his lack of size will be irrelevant. He'll be asked to work the slot primarily and return kicks and he'd add a huge boost to both those areas of the game.

                    If he's available, the Niners have to think very hard about adding him. They haven't had raw speed like that at WR...Jason Hill isn't as fast as his times last year, though he could still be pretty good. But Jackson weaving around the center of the field could be deadly and anytime an offense THAT bad can add a scoring threat, they have to consider it.


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                      For all the talk of Jackson's lack of size, the guy has shown a willingness to go across the middle, can take a shot, protects himself well, and I've never seen him develop a case of alligator arms. He is small and some safeties will blow him up, but I think the kids attitude plays a positive role in overcoming that.

                      Another nice note if Jackson lands in San Francisco; he's been working out with Jerry Rice this offseason.


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                        I'm not sure I saw Jackson get touched once in that entire highlight reel

                        That's not going to cut it in the NFL. If you're going to be a top WR at that size (Smith, S. Moss) you have to be able to fight off tacklers with the best of them. The only guy sub 6' I know of who avoids contact is Marvin Harrison and he's one of the best route runners in the game plus he has the Colts offense. Unless he's more physical than that video lets on he looks like a returner/slot guy to me


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                          Originally posted by ninerfan View Post
                          Is his size (lack of) not a concern ? It appears he's pretty elusive at college level but isnt he just going to be a non factor in the pro's ? Can he seperate, run crisp routes and get yards after the catch ? Can he survive a solid hit ?
                          Desean Jackson is a NATURAL wide receiver. Whats so impressive is that he rarely fights the ball and plucks the ball out of the air without letting it get into this body, this is exactly what you want in your slot guy. He can separate better on deep routes because he can make those cuts at full speed, but he doesn't seem to have the vision to find open areas as well as someone like Hawkins which will be important for the slot position.

                          His elusiveness is going to be a huge factor in the pros. He doesn't usually take huge shots once he has the ball in his hands because he avoids the hit, but he can get alligator arms when he takes a big shot early in the game. He will also come out and miss plays more then I'd like.

                          However, I will be frank... Anytime a guy weighs 170 lbs it is a concern. Also he is only 5'9" so it's not like he has a large frame to get bigger. He will probably max out at 180's. But because of his size you have to wonder if he will be able to beat a jam in the pros or take the big hits that will inevitably come.

                          That being said Martz's offense is perfect for receivers of smaller stature and Isaac Bruce will be a great mentor. One thing about both Bruce and Holt was they knew when to get down on the ground and not take the big hit. Sometimes its better to just go down and live to play another down, this has been a big reason why both guys have had such long, relatively injury free careers.


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                            He's not built like Steve Smith or Santana Moss, so before anyone tries to use that comparison, steve smith has huge legs and incredible lower body strength, santana moss is 200 lbs, neither of which we can say about Jackson...He's an incredible WR, but unless he learns the art of "how to get tackled" that Marvin Harrison, Torry Holt, Reggie Wayne and a few others have mastered he will be in trouble...Slots are required to go across the middle primarily, the first time he gets hit by a MLB or SS I want to see how he reacts...If he wants to play the same, will he get hurt easily, all of those things concern me.

                            His ability to play WR doesnt concern me, he is very elusive, explosive, moves well in open space, but we've seen time and time again those guys go to the next level and look pedestrian...He needs about 20 lbs at least for me to be able to consider him a decent #2 threat, but when he's around 160 lbs you cant expect him to get off the line vs corners in Green Bay at his size, unless someone intends on him being a lifetime slot which is fine also.

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                              he's very good, Ted Ginn Jr. good



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