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2008 Big East Prospects

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  • 2008 Big East Prospects

    I will be up for any suggestion for players to be added to the list. If I have missed someone please let me know.

    Big East

    Dustin Grutza, QB, Sr. (62/203 lbs.)
    Marcus Bennett, WR, R-So. (62/164 lbs.)
    Dominick Goodman, WR, Sr. (60/218 lbs.)
    Mike Mickens, CB, Sr. (60/170 lbs.)
    DeAngelo Smith, CB, Sr. (60/191 lbs.)
    Terrill Byrd, DT, Sr. (60/271 lbs.)
    Corey Smith, LB, Sr. (61/213 lbs.)
    Lamonte Nelms, DE, Sr. (63/245 lbs.)

    Andre Dixon, RB, Jr. (61/187 lbs.)
    Donald Brown, RB, Jr. (510/213 lbs.)
    Tyler Lorenzen, QB, Sr. (65/226 lbs.)
    Terrence Jeffers, WR, Jr. (62/211 lbs.)
    Robert Vaughn, S, Jr. (60/189 lbs.)
    Dahna Deletson, S, Sr. (60/198 lbs.)
    Cody Brown, DE, Sr. (63/248 lbs.)
    Julius Williams, DE, Sr. (62/261 lbs.)
    Darius Butler, CB, Sr. (511/185 lbs.)
    William Betty, OT, Sr. (66/306 lbs.)
    Dan Ryan, OT, Jr. (68/304 lbs.)
    D.J. Hernandez, WR, Sr. (61/202 lbs.)
    Brad Kanuch, WR, Jr. (60/189 lbs.)
    Steve Brouse, TE, Sr. (64/257 lbs.)

    Brock Bolen, FB, Sr. (60/238 lbs.)
    Hunter Cantwell, QB, Sr. (64/236 lbs.)
    Scott Long, WR, Jr. (62/211 lbs.)
    Bobby Buchanan, CB, Sr. (511/199 lbs.)
    Earl Heyman, DT, Sr. (63/285 lbs.)
    Maurice Mitchell, DE, Sr. (63/272 lbs.)
    George Stripling, RB, Sr. (60/184 lbs.)
    Eric Wood, C, Sr. (64/309 lbs.)
    George Bussey, OG, Sr. (62/306 lbs.)
    Adrian Grady, DT, Sr. (62/305 lbs.)

    LeSean McCoy, RB, So. (511/200 lbs.)
    LaRod Stephens-Howling, RB, Sr. (57/180 lbs.)
    Oderick Turner, WR, Jr. (63/200 lbs.)
    Scott McKillop, LB, Sr. (62/240 lbs.)
    Shane Murray, LB, Jr. (61/210 lbs.)
    Ernest Williams, DT, Jr. (61/290 lbs.)
    Adam Gunn, LB, Sr. (62/230 lbs.)
    Joe Thomas, OG, Jr. (65/300 lbs.)
    Connor Lee, K, Sr. (511/195 lbs.)
    Conredge Collins, FB, Sr. (60/230 lbs.)
    Aaron Berry, CB, Jr. (511/175 lbs.)

    Mike Teel, QB, Sr. (64/220 lbs.)
    Tiquan Underwood, WR, Sr. (62/180 lbs.)
    Kenny Britt, WR, Jr. (64/205 lbs.)
    Devin McCourty, CB, Jr. (511/180 lbs.)
    Courtney Greene, S, Sr. (62/210 lbs.)
    Kevin Malast, LB, Sr. (6'2"/230 lbs.)
    Jamaal Westerman, DE, Sr. (6'3"/260 lbs.)
    Peter Tverdov, DT, Sr. (6'4"/265 lbs.)
    Kevin Brock, TE, Sr. (6'5"/250 lbs.)

    South Florida
    Matt Grothe, QB, Jr. (60/213 lbs.)
    Mike Ford, RB, So. (62/225 lbs.)
    Benjamin Williams, RB, Sr. (57/200 lbs.)
    Jessie Hester, WR, Jr. (60/174 lbs.)
    Cedric Hill, TE, Sr. (63/230 lbs.)
    Nate Allen, S, Jr. (62/200 lbs.)
    Tyrone McKenzie, LB, Sr. (62/235 lbs.)
    Brouce Mompremier, LB, Sr. (61/227 lbs.)
    George Selvie, DE, Jr. (64/242 lbs.)
    Aaron Harris, DT, Jr. (64/275 lbs.)
    Carlton Williams, S, Sr. (64/214 lbs.)

    Andrew Robinson, QB, Jr. (63/225 lbs.)
    Mike Williams, WR, Jr. (62/204 lbs.)
    Jake Flaherty, LB, Sr. (61/228 lbs.)
    Arthur Jones, DT, Jr. (64/289 lbs.)
    Brandon Gilbeaux, DE, Jr. (63/271 lbs.)
    Patrick Shadle, K, Sr. (58/201 lbs.)

    West Virginia
    Patrick White, QB, Sr. (61/192 lbs.)
    Ellis Lankster, CB, Sr. (510/191 lbs.)
    Ryan Stanchek, OT, Sr. (64/303 lbs.)
    Jarrett Brown, QB, Jr. (64/220 lbs.)
    Wes Lyons, WR, Jr. (68/223 lbs.)
    Greg Isdaner, OG, Jr. (64/332 lbs.)
    Mortty Ivy, LB, Sr. (62/236 lbs.)
    Reed Williams, LB, Jr. (62/225 lbs.)
    Quinton Andrews, S, Jr. (511/206 lbs.)

    Thanks to Bone Krusher for the sig

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    Earnest Jackson, WR/TE SR, 6'3" 220 lbs Cincinnati


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      Looks like a pretty thorough list. The only name of note I can think of is Mike Hicks, junior G from UConn who has started for two years for the Huskies, including his freshman year at RT.
      10 Favourite prospects for 2010: Colt McCoy, Dez Bryant, Golden Tate, Noel Devine, Ndamukong Suh, Greg Hardy, Eric Norwood, Travis Lewis, Eric Berry, Trevard Lindley


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        Kevin Brock is one to look out for.


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          I don't think he'll declare for the draft next year, but look out for RB Delone Carter of Syracuse to have a monster season. He has sophomore eligibility even though he will be a junior. Robinson doesn't even deserve to be on that list, IMO. SS AJ Brown should be included for Syracuse as well (he's a senior). DB Mike Holmes should have another great year but he's only a sophomore.


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            Updated to this point on the main post. I added A.J. Brown of Syracuse.

            Thanks to Bone Krusher for the sig


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              You should also probably add FB Tony Fiammetta from Syracuse.


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                Originally posted by art vandelay View Post
                You should also probably add FB Tony Fiammetta from Syracuse.
                He is now added.

                Thanks to Bone Krusher for the sig



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