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    Scott has now posted his top value picks in the draft. What do you think are the top value picks? For me I have decided to come up with my own formula. It certainly gets some interesting results. I have taken Scott's ranking of a player in his top 100 and compared it to the players actual draft position and worked out an equal value on the draft value chart. Doing that, I have come up with a list of the best value picks in the draft.

    1. Darren McFadden, Ranked: 1 (3000), Taken: 4 (1800), Value: 1200pts
    2. Glenn Dorsey, Ranked: 3 (2200), Taken: 5 (1700), Value: 500pts
    3. Dan Connor, Ranked: 27 (680), Taken: 74 (220), Value: 460pts
    4. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Ranked: 8 (1400), Taken: 16 (1000), Value: 400pts
    5. Limas Sweed, Ranked: 23 (760), Taken: 53 (370), Value: 390 pts
    6. Brian Brohm, Ranked: 28 (660), Taken: 56 (340), Value: 320pts
    7. Phillip Merling, Ranked: 18 (900), Taken: 32 (590), Value: 310pts
    8. DeSean Jackson, Ranked: 25 (720), Taken: 49 (410), Value: 310pts
    9. Sedrick Ellis, Ranked: 5 (1700), Taken: 8 (1400), Value: 300 pts
    10. Branden Albert, Ranked: 9 (1350), Taken: 15 (1050), Value: 300pts

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    i liked scotts better. he has devin thomas as a top value :)


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      Devin Thomas wasn't far behind...

      14. Devin Thomas, Ranked: 21 (800pts), Taken: 34 (560pts), Value: 240pts


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        This list is just biased towards prospects at the top of the 1st due to the trade value chart. I'd say Carl Nicks going in the 6th or getting Erin Henderson as an UDFA is better value than gettting McFadden at #4 rather than #1.

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          Justin King should be mentioned in there somewhere.


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            Originally posted by Santonio10 View Post
            Justin King should be mentioned in there somewhere.
            yeah even if he only emerges as a pro bowl return man that is awfull in coverage.

            I think he has the athletic ability to be a great return man

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              Not sure where he'll fall on the value chart but I thought Adibi in the 4th round was a big pickup for the Texans.


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                thats actually not fair to put those picks as the most value.

                if u drop 4 rounds its alot more value than after 5 picks. U cant use the chart to determine that


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                  Love seeing big Phil Merling's name first under Scott's value picks!

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                    Carl Nicks ftw!
                    The whole world loves neophyte athletic tight end Jimmy Graham from Miami with the 95th pick. "Best pick in the draft,'' one AFC coach told me. "Give him time, and in that offense, he'll be better than [Jeremy] Shockey by the start of next year.''

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                      I think Sweed is gonna turn out to be a MAJOR steal! When he takes over the No1 spot from Hines...he should really shine! :)



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