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Players your team just missed or passed up on?

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  • Players your team just missed or passed up on?

    What are some players that your team either missed by a few picks that you would have liked, or passed on that you would rather have?

    The 49ers just missed out on Beau Bell in the 4th. He went at 104 to the Browns and the 49ers picked at 107. I like who the 49ers picked (Cody Wallace) so it isnt a huge loss really, but i would have liked Bell as well as he would be a solid TED ILB prospect next to Willis. The Browns traded up too and if they didnt i think there was a good chance Bell may have been a niner.

    The 49ers also missed out on Barry Richardson in the 6th. He went at 170 and the 49ers picked Josh Morgan at 174. Richardson is a nice OT/OG prospect and i wouldnt have minded picking him if he was there.

    As well, in the 6th round, the 49ers passed up Ahtyba Rubin. I thought he was a solid NT prospect and he could have added more depth to the DL and been great value in the 6th. Instead he went to the Browns 16 picks later at 190.

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    The interesting note on Rubin is that there was supposedly some specific issue that led him to drop. I'm not sure what it is, but I've seen it get mentioned a couple times now.

    As for the Bears, hmm ... no names that stand out that much for me in regards to guys that I really would've liked. But I've got to take a look at that again.


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      The Cincinnati Safety. Can't begin to spell his name but the Ravens grabbed him in the 6th.

      Past drafts we could have had Shockey..And Jason Witten..


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        The Pats wanted Zack Bowman in the fifth, but the Bears got him first.

        Instead we took UCLA specialist Matt Slater. He looks to be a return man, gunner, and kick coverage guy; but he played WR and DB at UCLA too.


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          Originally posted by Hwoarang View Post
          The Cincinnati Safety. Can't begin to spell his name but the Ravens grabbed him in the 6th.

          Past drafts we could have had Shockey..And Jason Witten..
          Haruki Nakamura, yeah, he looks like a pure football player. Glad we picked him up.
          The Ravens passed on Erin Henderson and took Allen Patrick instead. Not sure the reason why we picked Patrick, we've gotten enough running backs. (Willis, Ray Rice, Pj Daniels, Cory Ross and maybe Musa Smith if he can't find a job)
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            Jacksonville traded up a spot ahead of us for Quentin Groves. Not sure who we would have taken if Sweed and Groves were both available.


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              Not this draft but I loved ronnie brown and breylon edwards. :(


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                The Raiders didnt miss out on anybody.They just passed on some guys for players they didnt need.
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                  Jerod Mayo went #10 to the Pats when he would've went, at the latest, #15 to the Lions.

                  Also, Matt Forte went #44 to the Bears, and I believe the Lions were pretty high on him and were probably going to pick him at #45. Instead, we picked Jordon "Special Teams Captain" Dizon.


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                    We missed out on Red Bryant in the 4th, by one pick, I can't know for sure if we take him or not but he had to be on our board, and when he was gone I think we gave up on NT all together, I still would of liked to see what direction we went if he was there because I think we would lean Bryant over Choice.

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                    I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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                      I'm surprised Wallace was drafted so high. Maybe the 49ers missed how used and abused he was at the Senior Bowl, which they use to take prospects.

                      The Colts were going to draft Maurice Drew in 2006, but Jacksonville took him two picks earlier.
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                        I wanted Kenny Phillips, and AJ Smith passed on him. He has more faith in Clinton Hart than I do; can't complain about Antoine Cason though.


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                          I wanted Virginia Tech DE Chris Ellis in the 3rd but Buffalo took him. But I can't complain about taking Jamaal Charles. He is going to be an amazing Lighting to Larry Johnson's Thunder.


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                            Titans supposedly had Felix Jones slightly ahead of Chris Johnson on their board, but Dalllas grabbed him two picks before the Titans were up.

                            There's also talk that they were targeting Limas Sweed in round 2, but he went to the Steelers just as the Titans went on the clock.

                            In 2003, the Titans were supposedly targeting Larry Johnson at #28, but the Chiefs had pick #27, and the rest is history.


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                              most people would say that the bears missed out on....every....QB, but i dont think so.

                              i think they got just who they should have in each situation, not passing on or missing anybody



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