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    "Hardcore football fans have not yet had their fill, apparently, of NFL roster additions. Two days of draft coverage following weeks/months of pre-draft banter have not satiated everyone, if action on the Browns' forum sites is any indication.

    Many are eager to know which of the undrafted free agents will be joining their favorite teams. Among the early returns, there are some very interesting developments.

    For example, who'd have thought San Diego would want another round of Leaf? It has been ten years since the Chargers spent the second-overall pick on Washington State's Ryan Leaf to be their QB of the future, selected just moments after Indy nabbed a Tennessee product named Peyton Manning.

    Leaf was a notorious bust and an even more celebrated a-hole. Even in a sport desperate for talented young passers, he was out of the game very soon, failing in a subsequent rescue attempt afforded him by the always-resourceful Cowboys.

    Nonetheless, San Diego threw a lifeline to his kid brother, Oregon passer Brady Leaf.

    Minnesota also kept things in the family, so to speak.

    LB Erin Henderson, who followed his brother EJ at Maryland now joins him in the North Country. Texas safety Marcus Griffin might re-align beside a former Longhorn teammate with the same surname in the Minn secondary, as last year the Vikes added CB Cedric Griffin from the same collegiate program. Marcus' twin is Titan DB Michael, who played alongside Cedric when the 'Horns won the national title two years ago.

    A pair of Crimson Tide mates were also signed since the end of yesterday's draft. Safety Simeon Castille is now a Bengal, while DE Wallace Gilberry joins the defending champion Giants. Gary Guyton of Georgia Tech impressed his Senior Bowl coaching staff sufficiently to be signed by the Niners, who could use an ILB like him to pair inside with last year's NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, Patrick Willis. SF also signed Nevada's swift and versatile LB Ezra Butler.

    Another intriguing free-agent addition occurred in NE, where Liberty's OLB Vince Redd was inked by the Pats, who continue to beat the Browns to prospects who'd fit nicely into their similar defensive schemes. At least this one was not a former Michigan Wolverine, as had been the last three such OLB edge-rushers. New England nabbed Massillon's Shawn Crable as the Pats' third-round choice, following the path from Ann Arbor to Foxboro earlier tread by Prescott Burgess (Warren) and Pierre Woods (Glenville).

    Additionally, though it may seem immodest to say so and it is not this writer's style to self-promote, the draft proceedings seemingly confirmed many of the observations documented during my January stay in Mobile for Senior Bowl festivities.

    Among them was the mention that a pair of Ohio-born interior OL with low profiles---virtually verified by their being on the South squad though they attended northern schools---were making money for themselves by outplaying several more hyped teammates.

    Choices 108 and 109 early in Round Four had BG's Kory Lichtensteiger (Van Wert) and Pitts' Mike McGlynn (Austintown Fitch) come off the board for Denver and Philadelphia, respectively. Arkansas' ORG Robert Felton, conversely, went undrafted entirely, while Clemson's Barry Richardson went in the sixth to KC.

    UNC DT Kentwan Balmer withstood the nit-picking overanalysis to remain a first-round choice, going to SF, while slot receivers Donnie Avery (33 to StL), Jordy Nelson (36 to GB), Eddie Royal (42 to Denver), Dexter Jackson (58 to Tampa), Harry Douglas (84 to AtL) and Lavelle Hawkins (126 to Tenn) all went quite early relative to the more celebrated group of Andre Caldwell (97 to Cinn), Eddie Doucet (81 to Ariz) and the undrafted duo of Dorien Bryant and Adarius Bowman.

    Likewise, New Mexico's WR Marcus Smith, who was a personal sleeper for this observer, went at 106 to Baltimore, where he figures to fill a Josh Cribbs-like role, as both a kick-returner and -coverer.

    That Utah State's Kevin Robinson (182 to KC) went so much earlier than Adrian Arrington (237 to NO), Mario Urretia (246 to Cinn) and Marcus Monk (248 to Chic), further demonstrates the contention slot-guys with return potential have far greater value than angular collegiate targets who don't figure to help on 'teams. The aforementioned Bowman, once thought to be a first-round talent, falls into the latter category, as well. Notice how little USC Dwayne Jarrett, tabbed in Round Two by the Panthers last year, has done as a pro. He may be moving on real soon.

    Round Three had many of the Mobile defenders I'd identified as meritorious: Hampton DE Kendall Langford (66 to Mia), DE Chris Ellis (72 to Buffalo), DE/OLB Bruce Davis (88 to Pitts), DE/OLB Cliff Avril (92 to Det) and MLB Phillip Wheeler (93 to Indy), as well as small-school OL Chad Rinehart (96 to Wash). Conversely, I'd panned several DL as unworthy of top-50 consideration---Marcus Harrison (90 to Chic), Dre Moore (115 to Tampa), Red Bryant (121 to Sea), Demarrio Pressley (144 to NO)---while promoting Notre Dame's squatty Trevor Laws, who went far earlier (47) to the Eagles.

    To be fair, I also dissed Colorado LB Jordan Dizon (45 to Det) and Eastern Michigan's DE James Jones (54 to Tenn)---and remain doubtful they'll justify their rather lofty selections. StL's choice at 157, however, Roy Schuening, an OG from Oregon State, will far exceed his. TB's selection at 238, South Carolina RB Cory Boyd, who was not in Mobile, is another who will surprise as a pro. This Earnest Byner-type will be a real player in the league.

    (As I'd also written at the time, part of the appeal of making the annual exodus to South Alabama in late January is to challenge one's talent assessment skills against those of the paid professionals.)

    Before leaving the talk of Senior Bowl prospects, it should be noted how the Colts not only drafted three centers, but two of those were in Mobile: Mike Pollak was chosen at 59 and Steve Justice at 201. Jamey Richard, who played at Buffalo, joined the Colts in Round Seven (236).

    Particularly inasmuch as veteran OG Ruben Brown may be retiring, OSU's Kirk Barton, chosen at 247 by the Bears, also has a chance to contribute well beyond his drafted status, though he'll be converting inside from tackle. Coincidentally, the Bucks had only three players taken by pro teams, the first with only five ahead of him and the last with only five behind.

    Interesting, too, was that a pair of heralded SEC QBs---Tennessee Volunteer Eric Ainge (162 to Jets) and Kentucky Wildcat Andre Woodson (198 to Giants), both of whom were invited to the Senior Bowl---were still on the board after Oregon's Dennis Dixon (156 to Steelers) and San Diego's Josh Johnson (160 to Tampa) were drafted.

    In the interest of completeness, UNLV's Beau Bell was someone I was most interested in scouting when I arrived in Mobile, as I'd long ago assessed ILB as the Browns' foremost personnel need and Bell was the only ILB with NFL size on the field.

    As has been liberally reported elsewhere, Bell incurred a bone bruise to his knee very early in the proceedings, consequently compromising his ability to subsequently test well during pre-draft evaluations. But, even before the injury, many of the attributes for which Bell is credited were not on exhibit: "great speed, quick to read and react, plays sideline-to-sideline, blows through/controls blockers, solid in coverage, outstanding range, an infectious internal rage." (Quotes taken from The Sporting News' '08 Draft Guide, pg. 83.)

    He did not look quick, explosive, particularly athletic, instinctive, agile or flexible. In fact, he looked thick, sluggish, overmatched and out of his element, possibly owing to his being auditioned exclusively inside, in a 4-3, with unfamiliar teammates, schemes, surroundings and against unseen sets.

    He looked, to be clear, a lot like current Brown Andra Davis. He was injured getting, as I'd written at the time, "caught up in the wash" defending a routine running play.

    Hopefully, those were observations about which I will not be proven correct, as the Browns gave a five to move up 18 slots in the fourth to grab a guy they'd given a second-round grade, one they "coveted for more than a year," according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer's Tony Grossi.

    Quite likely, the Browns' assessments had more to do with his in-season play in the Mountain West Conference for the Runnin' Rebels. Footage shown did reveal a much faster-playing athlete who was active and furious. Then again, he was perpetually moving forward in those defensive calls, not being asked to read and react.

    Athyba Rubin joined the Mobile contingent late in the week and impressed as a thick, barrel-chested run-stuffer who looks very much like a classic NT. He appears to be a very intriguing DL prospect and may well be the final piece to an outstanding rotation.

    Missouri TE Martin Rucker is also a keeper, with outstanding passing-game assets. In fact, he resembles what Joe Jurevicius has provided the Browns: "excellent hands to reach and pluck, tough going across the middle, absorbing hard hits and holding onto the ball, shields defenders, dangerous in short-yardage and in the redzone." Separation is not Rucker's forte unless the matchup is favorable; but he is a reliable catcher, leader and playmaker.

    Having surrendered two mid-round '09 draft picks does not delight, however. On the other hand, both Rucker and Wisc WR Paul Hubbard get a full year in Chud's system to learn it, acclimate to it and assimilate to the clubhouse and prepare their collegiate bodies for the professional game. Perhaps that is just rationalization, though."

    Read the complete post at

    Published Apr 28 2008, 09:33 AM by MALeonard's Xanga

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    Wow, that's a lot of reading. Maybe one day when I need to drop a deuce and I have my laptop handy I'll read the whole thing.
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      Great Brady leaf is gonna make oregon look so bad in the NFL.


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        Originally posted by OregonDucks View Post
        Great Brady leaf is gonna make oregon look so bad in the NFL.
        Yes, yes he is.


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          wow, that is a looong article. good reading what of it read though


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            some1 summarize it for me


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              If I'm San Diego I wouldn't want another Leaf family member close to playing QB for my franchise, even in an emergency situation, especially seeing as how Brady Leaf is a way worse prospect and was worse in college, with everything they went through with Ryan I wouldn't be the one to take a chance on Brady.

              Anywho, when I think of Ryan Leaf this always comes to mind:



              Originally posted by Scott Wright
              I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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                Originally posted by VoodooMonkey View Post
                Wow, that's a lot of reading. Maybe one day when I need to drop a deuce and I have my laptop handy I'll read the whole thing.
                that's funny. good work.

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                  Anyone here see the Ryan Leaf Movie?

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                    Originally posted by KCJ58 View Post
                    some1 summarize it for me
                    No matter how ****** you are you still have a chance at going to an NFL team's training camp.

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                      Originally posted by DragonFireKai View Post
                      Anyone here see the Ryan Leaf Movie?
                      I heard about that awhile ago. even saw a trailer I think. Is it out now? What's it called?

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                        I like that comparison for Martin Rucker

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                          Who wrote this article? It's actually NOT true. Good reporting there! Brady Leaf to the Chargers was a joke made at just about every message board around, but there is absolutely 0 truth to it being true. He's not on the Chargers, and never was. Congrats on the thorough fact checking.


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                            This guy's article has some errors in it... I mean I only realized the ones about the Patriots, but he's saying Guyton went to the 49ers (not true, signed with Pats) and that the Pats had drafted Prescott Burgess (not true, Ravens drafted him)
                            Let's get it done Spaziani.

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                              Originally posted by megansett56BC View Post
                              This guy's article has some errors in it... I mean I only realized the ones about the Patriots, but he's saying Guyton went to the 49ers (not true, signed with Pats) and that the Pats had drafted Prescott Burgess (not true, Ravens drafted him)
                              So between the two of us this guy has 3 obvious factual errors in one article. That's bad.



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