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Your 5 favorite draft eligible prospects for 2009

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  • Your 5 favorite draft eligible prospects for 2009

    My favorites are in this order

    1. Jeremy Maclin - WR - Missouri - I am being a complete homer here, but I love Maclin. I think he is the most dynamic player in college football and I think we just got a taste of his potential last year. I think he is a better football player than Percy Harvin. Maybe not a better athlete, but a better football player.

    2. Michael Oher - OT - Mississippi - He is an absolute beast. He has started 22 straight games at LT in the SEC and has dominated. Huge man with long arms and great strength. I think he is the early favorite to be the #1 pick in the '09 draft.

    3. Willie Young - DE/OLB - NC St. - Tremendous athlete who really emerged last season and flashes incredible closing burst and ability to play in space. Love his potential and think he will really break out this season.

    4. Everette Brown - DE - Florida St. - Physical Freak that will emerge as the next great FSU defender. I think he has top 10 overall ability and will absolutely dominate this year.

    5. Chris Reisert - QB - Ohio Dominican - NAIA prospect who threw for 5400 yards and 54 touchdowns to set almost every single season record at that level last year. At 6'2" - 210lbs with a tremendous arm I think he will get more than a look in the NFL. Might be the best NAIA prospect I have ever seen.

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    1. Andre Smith
    2. Chris "Beanie" Wells
    3. Taylor Mays
    4. Vontae Davis
    5. Brandon Graham


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      1. Malcolm Jenkins
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      What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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        I don't know a lot about prospects until the draft approaches, but early on...

        1. Michael Crabtree
        2. Michael Oher
        3. Taylor Mays
        4. George Selvie
        5A. Vontae Davis
        5B. Darrius Heyward Bey


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          1. Morgan Trent
          2. Chris Wells
          3. Marcus Freeman
          4. Kevin Grady
          5. Lawrence Wilson
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            1. Michael Oher
            2. Andre Smith
            3. Everette Brown
            4. Michael Crabtree
            5. Matt Stafford

            6 would be McCoy and 7 would be Vontae Davis.


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              1. Percy Harvin
              2. Alex Boone
              3. Matthew Stafford
              4. Jasper Brinkley
              5. Eric Moncur

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                1. Michael Oher
                2. Malcolm Jenkins
                3. Taylor Mays
                4. Vontae Davis
                5a. Darrius Heyward Bey
                5b. George Selvie



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                  I still have to do some homework on alot of guys, some guys I do know, but I don't dive in until the end of the year, but of the guys I know...

                  1. Michael Crabtree - All I can do at thsi point is hope he doesn't run an incredibly fast 40 time because if he does there is no way Dallas can trade up for him...Jerry would make him a star....And I think we have a fascination with converted QB's playing WR.

                  2. Sergio Kindle - I have been excited about him since HS when he was all over the place, RB, Safety, a little of everything, has all the talent in the world to be a monster Will in a 4-3.

                  Those are just my favorites at the moment...I also am high on Vontae Davis and Taylor Mays, interested in seeing how their workouts go this off-season.

                  Originally posted by Scott Wright
                  I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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                    1. Rey Maualuga
                    2. Taylor Mays
                    3. Chris Wells
                    4. Percy Harvin
                    5. Al Woods
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                      1. Tyson Jackson - Can't wait to see this kid shine w/o Dorsey there.
                      2. Michael Johnson - Freak athlete
                      3. Rey Maualuga

                      Thats all I can think of. Still to early for me to research a lot

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                        1. Courtney Greene
                        2. Mike Teel
                        3. Tiquan Underwood
                        4. Kenny Britt
                        5. Kevin Brock
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                        BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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                          1. Georgia Tech DE Michael Johnson
                          2. Central Michigan QB Dan LeFevour
                          3. Ohio State CB Malcolm Jenkins
                          4. Texas Tech WR Michael Crabtree
                          5. Ohio State RB Chris Wells

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                            1. Phil Loadholt
                            2. Rey Maualuga
                            3. Brian Cushing
                            4. James Laurinaitis
                            5. Michael Oher


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                              1. Jasper Brinkley
                              2. Vontae Davis
                              3. BJ Raji
                              4. Tyson Jackson
                              5. Cornelius Ingram

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