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  • Corey Surrency WR Florida St.

    Corey Surrency JUCO Transfer: Get to know him.
    (Saw this from a FSU poster on another website, thought Id bring it here)
    5 star recruit on
    4 star recruit on

    There's a very good chance that Florida State fans are going to hear the Corey Surrency Story so often in the coming months they'll be able to recite the timeline themselves.

    Especially if he gains those 1,200 yards and scores all of those touchdowns.

    Surrency is 6-foot-5, 220 pounds and yet has displayed the quickness of a slot receiver. His position coach, Lawrence Dawsey, has called him a "freak" in the past for his rare combination of physical gifts — which includes a vertical jump in the neighborhood of 40 inches.

    Surrency might not be in shape yet — he admitted Thursday that he's vomited each of his first two days of conditioning — and he might not yet know the plays, but he has no doubt he's going to make a difference for the Seminoles come this fall.

    "I'm anxious to show Jimbo and all of these players what I can do," Surrency said.

    He's also ready to show the 85,000 or so people at Doak Campbell Stadium.

    "All of the Florida State fans out there," Surrency said with a smile. "Watch me. It's coming. Trust me."
    Highlights on youtube

    FSU coaches are saying that Surrency may be the best WR they have seen since Randy Moss.

    He is 23 years old and saw that he might be one and done at FSU this year.

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    That's cool. But the best move FSU did was bench Weatherford. Intrigued to see what Ponder can do.


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      I read the article on him possibly being one and done...that sucks

      Leroy Smith -


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        Originally posted by CaliPanthers420 View Post
        FSU coaches are saying that Surrency may be the best WR they have seen since Randy Moss.
        What's up with Rastafarian looking guys being so good at football?

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          He's already 23 years old (pretty old for a JUCO transfer as most are around 20-21.) He doesn't know the playbook yet, he has conditioning issues, and he's gonna be one and done at FSU. By the time he gets his ass in shape and learns the playbook, he'll contribute for a whole 6-7 games and then be gone.

          Please tell me, where is the upside in this for FSU? They already are loaded with talent at WR from the last few classes, just give those young kids a chance to grow instead of wasting a year on a guy that won't even be around for a few years to help your program. I mean it's not like FSU is gonna do anything this season after all those suspensions and the QB roulette.

          This guy gets a big meh from me. Tons of other people to get excited about in college football then FSU's 3rd or 4th WR at best.


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            Not a bad start to the season so far for Corey Surrency. But the big test begins this week with FSU game against Wake Forest.

            So far Surrecny has 5 receptions for 101 yards and 3 TD's. (Keep in mind that he is still learning the offense)

            Im pretty sure he has to come out this year due to him playing in a flag football league before JUCO. The coaches on the FSU coaching staff are praising his blocking ability and is shows in his youtube highlights. He abuses the DB's when blocking.


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              He's going to make a major impact this year, I wouldn't be suprised if he had 10 TD's. He's already got 3 (albeit against lower competition) but he dominated from day 1 in practices and the way he's looked immediately is being compared to the way Moss looked in his very brief time at FSU. He certainly looks in shape and ready to play from what I saw in person the past two weeks and he is an outstanding blocker who actually uses his size to his advantage (soo many big soft WR's). His age and lack of exp will obviously be an issue at the pro level, and he's not blazing fast from what I've seen but I think he's going to have a huge year.


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                he seems to be more of a possesion reciever to me....


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                  doesnt look like he runs much routes in one of the highlight videos.

                  RIP, Sean Taylor.



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