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  • Someone tell me the skinny on...

    OT Cornelius Lewis. I heard he looked real good.
    Kaepernick is this years pat white. Thin, gimmick offense and doesn't possess an nfl arm. The ncaa constantly regurgitates clones of past players and amazingly enough, tricks some people into thinking they're better than their cloned half. Kaepernick was a complete waste of a senior bowl qb spot. A better qb will come from the east/west shrine or whatever they're calling it now...count on it

    - Genius

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    I haven't seen a tremendous amount of tape on him but he is definitely intriguing. He looks to me as if he could be very versatile. I think he could be one of those players that teams love because they can play nearly all of the line positions. If I were a GM I'd look at him as a RT with the option of kicking inside to Guard. And if depth is an issue you could always put him at LT in a pinch.


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      I'm assuming he's a solid pass blocker as I hear someone on NFLN say he didn't allow a sack this season.



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