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  • Detroit and Matthew Stafford

    My deepest belief is that if the Lions draft Matt Stafford they are making a huge mistake.

    Im not saying I dont believe he will be a good quarterback in the league, it is just that they need to build their team through the draft and building a team i firmly believe should always start with building up the line as well as defense.

    Aaron Curry should be the first player taken in this draft. Team him up with Ernie Simms you have the start to a good linebacking corps.

    With their pick later in the first round you get oher/smith/beatty someone of that nature pick a left tackle that will protect culpepper to prevent him from getting injured.

    Culpepper is the perfect guy to throw to calvin johnson until they find the next gem in a later year. Matt Stafford will be too expensive to pull a carson palmer and not play him.

    the Detroit lions cannot afford to throw him in and have him become the next joey harrington or some big bust.

    Im by no means a stafford hater, he will be a very good quarterback just not the lions quarterback. This is if the new lions GM is smart

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    Originally posted by GBahDunka View Post
    Matt Stafford will be too expensive to pull a carson palmer and not play him.
    If you are afraid of drafting a franchise player because you might have to eat some cash while he adjusts to the NFL, let everyone else pick until the chances of finding a franchise player are small enough for you.


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      I think they draft Stafford and yes I think it's the right pick.

      The Lions need A LOT of help in A LOT of area's, but in my opinion they should start at the top which is a Franchise QB.


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        Originally posted by Texas Homer View Post
        they should start at the top which is a Franchise QB.
        agreed, QB is the most important position on the field....when your in the position to address that problem with a (most believe to be a) franchise gotta do it.

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          I still dont think Stafford is a franchise QB. IDK why I just have a feeling he isnt going to be worth the #1 pick. He will be a decent QB though

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            It's funny to me that some Lions fans feel so safe about the idea of drafting a LB #1 overall. The last 2 times the Lions have spent top 10 picks on 'can't miss' LB's were Chris Claiborne and Ernie Sims. Claiborne was a bust and Sims is good, but couldn't stop the Lions from being a joke on defense last year. Curry will be good, but will never have the kind of impact a franchise QB can.


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              who is even going to protect stafford?

              in college stafford was at his worse when the pressure got to him

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                Originally posted by GBahDunka View Post
                stafford was at his worse when the pressure got to him

                who isnt? and they have multiple first day picks to address that.

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                  Originally posted by GBahDunka View Post
                  who is even going to protect stafford?

                  in college stafford was at his worse when the pressure got to him
                  In the NFL teams actually have more than 1 draft pick for filling needs in a given offseason. In fact, The lions have 3 of the first 33 picks. They could do like the Falcons did last year and take both a QB and an OT in the first round if they wanted. The Lions already have 3 OT's that were drafted in the first round and a center that was drafted in the second. Throwing high picks and lots of money at an O-line that protects substandard QB's is a waste of time.


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                    Originally posted by GBahDunka View Post
                    who is even going to protect stafford?

                    in college stafford was at his worse when the pressure got to him
                    Actually Stafford had his best year behind his most least talented offensive line.

                    I think B.J. Raji is the only other player Detroit could validate the first pick on. You don't draft a weakside outside linebacker number one and if you draft him to play inside then you are drafting a player number one and asking him to play a position he hasn't played. Raji looks like a beast and if Schwartz sees Albert Haynesworth junior in him, I think Detroit should take a serious look at him.


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                      A franchise QB can solve a lot of woes for a team in turmoil like the Detroit Lions. The QB can elevate the play of everyone on offense with his pocket presence, accuracy, and leadership abilities. Now, there are 2 questions the Detroit Lions must ask themselves about this situation. Is Matthew Stafford a franchise QB and will the surrounding pieces hinder his development?

                      I think Matthew Stafford has the tools to become a top QB in the league, and will do so no matter where he ends up. After starting for 3 years, beginning as a true freshmen if I remember correctly, in the tough SEC, he has put up numbers similar to Peyton Manning and Eli Manning, while improving every year he was there. He had some bad games against some top defenses, but every QB does that. I like his toughness and ability to make some spectacular throws that not many QBs can make. He is still a bit raw in terms of decision making, but he is only 20 years old and can improve. I definitely like his demeanor and he seems, to me, like a carbon copy of Jay Cutler.

                      What seems to worry people more is how will Detroit's supporting cast affect his growth as a QB? Will he become just another David Carr? Of course there is that possibility, but I am very against starting a rookie QB in his first season. There are some that do well (ryan, flacco), but those are definitely the exception. With a capable starter (in relative terms for detroit of course) in Daunte Culpepper, Detroit is able to afford sitting Matthew Stafford on the bench for at least half a season, preferably a whole season barring injury to Culpepper. Maybe even bring in him like Oakland did with JaMarcus Russell (i liked that). The offense that Detroit has is not all that terrible to be honest. Calvin Johnson is absolutely ridiculous. The rookie Kevin Smith almost ran for 1000 (granted, 1000 yards is not what it used to be) yards on that terrible Lions team. They have a 1st round pick invested in the right tackle spot. With a franchise QB and a some other additions through the draft and free agency within the next couple of years, things can be very different. The key is drafting well and investing in the right guys. That is all up to the front office, and I am sure it can't get much worse than what Matt Millen did.

                      EDIT: I love Aaron Curry and I feel as if he will be the RotY and will have multiple Pro Bowl and All Star selections under his belt by the time his career is done, but honestly, what is adding another talented linebacker going to do for a terrible defense and team? If you want to draft someone other than a QB, at least make it at a position which impacts the game much more, like LT, DE, or DT. Good linebackers are a dime in a dozen and can be much better with a good defensive line ahead of them.
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                        the bar was set so high this year with matt ryan that if he comes in he would be pressured to start. Everybody praises Flacco so much because he was "such a great rookie quarterback" when the fact of the matter is he wasnt all that productive all he did was not lose the games and let his defense take over.

                        Theres two scenarios.

                        A. Baltimore had a great defense that kept flacco from having to win a shootout he would have not been able to win

                        B. Michael Turner was an absoulute beast this past year and the defense didnt hurt; it was mediocre but good enough to keep them in ball games although matt ryan was brilliant at times.

                        Halsey you say that they have three first day picks they can use to protect stafford, well thats putting all of the eggs in the basket by a DEFENSIVE minded coach. say the lions went with something like Oher/britton/smith with their second first round pick and went with duke robinson? with their second round pick. This puts their atrocious defense in an even bigger hole than they were in last year.

                        If you remember 08' the lions averaged about 17 points a game which isnt all that bad considering they had orlovsky in there for a bunch of the season.

                        If the lions draft stafford will he automatically be better than daunte culpepper? im not so sure about that. Opponents averaged almost 33 points a game against the lions last year and their defensive mold is small and fast when jim schwartz usually builds his defense around size.

                        Drafting to protect a guy like stafford would really hurt the lions in my eyes.

                        Gosder Cherilus will be a decent right tackle but is Jeff Backus consistent enough to protect a rookie's blindside?

                        If i were detroit i would give byron leftwich a long hard look if they are not totally sure about culpepper. If stafford were a bust it would probably postpone the rebuilding of the lions for atleast 4 years. This is something a michigan team CANNOT afford. They are better off going with the safest pick in the draft with curry.

                        Even if they are iffy on the linebacker position i feel that it might be okay to reach for a defensive end like orakpo. As crazy as it sounds i find orakpo to be the real deal and a future all pro defnesive end/3-4 OLB.

                        If the lions do end up going with Stafford lets hope for their sake that they hit the FA market hard before the draft. A signing of a guy like Hanesworth would change a lot although shaun Rogers wasnt able to do too much for this terrible lions team.

                        The thing that made atlanta and miami turn around so fast was the key FA moves. Miami had no quarterback and went with the sure pick in a LT. As long as the lions think they have a serviceable quarterback in culpepper i think they may need to lean that direction.
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                          There's always fans who want to take all credit away from QB's and say they only win because of the running game or the defense or the WR's or whatever. You can believe that all you want, but the fact remains that good organizations spend high picks and/or big money when they need a QB. The last 4 Super Bowl winners start first round QB's. 2 of those QB's were #1 overall picks. 9 of the 12 teams in the playoffs this past season started QB's who were picked in the first round and 1 of the teams that didn't start a first round(Arizona) drafted one a few years ago in the first. The Lions have not been coimpetitive for 50 years and the one thing that has remained constant over those 50 years is they haven't had a franchise QB. If you want the Lions to keep being the same ole Lions, root for them to take someone other than a QB with the #1 overall pick.


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                            I think most Lions fans that don't want Stafford have that mindset because they expect him to start immediately. I don't expect him to start right away and I don't want him to..

                            This draft for the Lions can't be about the quick fix. No matter who we pick, we're (barring a miracle) going to be terrible next season. So, why not take the big QB, get him on the team, and let him get a year (or as much as possible) of learning under his belt?
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                              to be honoust i think stafford is the only right pick. they should go OT with their pick at 20 or trade up a bit to make sure they grab one of those top tackles. then go defense all the draft except maybe an offensive guard somewhere. they have enough picks to add some vital parts to that defense (or at least improve it drastically) and with two new guys on the oline stafford (who is already used to playing behind a bad line) will be more than able to survive. As long as they dont play stafford to early he is the right choice (remember he is just 20) .
                              I also want to add that the franchise also needs a face and a character and stafford deep to CJ would be just that. Just like the NE slant to welker who works it for that extra couple of yards, the miami wildcat, ray lewis breaking someone and tony romo throwing deep to TO and either getting a td or and int.

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