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  • Question about Michael Oher

    Long time lurker, first time poster

    I wanted to ask you guys about Michael Oher. I was really high on the kid last season when he declared for the draft, then had my heart broken when he rescinded. I thought he played well this season for Ole Miss, albeit a bit inconsistent, but you can't knock a guy that's given up 4 sacks in his 4 years in college, especially that whopping ZERO as a senior.

    I don't know what he's done, but everything I read and everywhere I look has him pegged as the 4th best tackle in this draft. Why? Don't get me wrong, I love it because I'm a die-hard Bear fan and any chance we could land him at #18 makes me giddy.

    My question is this... is there a reason he's dropped in his rankings and do you think there's a chance for him to slip to #18?

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    People got bored with him. There's no real reason other than that for him to have fallen. He's still the #1 OT imo.
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      He has been analyzed long enough that it's probably gotten to the point of overanalysis and boredom. I would not be surprised to see him taken as the 3rd OT in the draft with the way Andre Smith has screwed around so far.


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        i don't think Oher makes it past Jacksonville at 8. he's a top 10 player.
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          Agreed, there will be a groundswell for him closer to the draft. Tackles always go high.


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            i cant see him falling beyond the saints. he s my #2 ot behind eugene monroe

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              As said before, he has been overanalyzed by a lot of people. He has all of the physical tools to be an elite player in the league and he also is very tough, coachable, durable, and hard working. He does need some refining of his technique, but I think that will come easily due to how coachable he is. I still don't understand how one of his knocks is inconcsitency if he gave up 4 sacks in 4 years against top competition, with only 1 sack allowed in his final 2 season. Again, he may need to refine his technique a little but he has everything you look for in an elite player in this league.


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                Some say technique
                some say consistency
                some say mental concerns
                some say over analysis

                He looked like a stud when I saw him and if he puts it all together I think he could be elite.


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                  After reading 'The Blind Side' I am definitely rooting for him. Outstanding book, makes you feel a connection to a player that you can't really get anywhere else. I recommend reading it.

                  I was a little shocked with his bench press numbers, but I'm not a 'SuperMario' or whatever his name is where a poor number at the combine meets it is the end of the world. Guys do fall every year do to workout numbers, this or that, but in the end if the player can play, he can play. Vince Wilfork comes to my mind as a guy who was early considered a #5 overall guy, then slowly dropped, and then in the draft got taken late in round 1 (#21? Top of my head) and has been outstanding. Makes the draft all the better...

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                  You can't be a good corner if no one throws your way. Thats my way of seeing it.


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                    Eugene Monroe, Michael Oher, Andre Smith all have that "inconsistent" label thrown around...then again, they've all been top flight offensive tackles for quite some time...

                    Some other posters mentioned it and its something that happens yearly with top notch seniors...they get over analyzed (especially QBs) and people get bored with them for a more flavorful player of the week.

                    I think Oher is the goods.

                    Want him and need him in Jacksonville.


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                      If he's there at #13, he's a Skin.

                      Boredom from over-analysis is the best explanation I've seen to explain why Oher's dropped in the opinion of scouting experts.

                      The kid is a blue chip Left OT prospect and should be a Pro Bowler.

                      The way people talk about him, you'd think he gave up 15 sacks last year.

                      Very solid kid, doesn't bring a lot of drama to a locker room.

                      Oh, and people need to take a step back from concentrating on the value of how many reps someone lifts 225 as an indication of how strong they are.

                      Plenty of football players who bench in excess of 420 pounds have difficulty doing more than 20 reps at 225 without specifically training to do that type of lift.

                      The combine bench press is test of endurance, not power and overall strength.

                      If you asked any DTs or DEs who went up against Oher, I bet you'd get a more accurate idea of how powerful this kid is.

                      He's been pro ready for 2 years. No questions in my mind at all about him.


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                        Originally posted by BUC backer View Post
                        Some say technique
                        some say consistency
                        some say mental concerns
                        some say over analysis

                        He looked like a stud when I saw him and if he puts it all together I think he could be elite.
                        What was his "wonderlic" score?

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