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    Ran a 4.4 and put up 30 reps of 225 at the Pro Day yesterday. A former HS DE, moved to a traditional linebacker spot at Miami, he struggled, moved inside as a blitzing middle backer / DPR and had some moderate success as a role player.

    He is as raw as raw gets. He moved around a lot and never settled in. Pretty poor in coverage. With that said, I'd still be interested in NFL coaches getting a hold of Atkins and seeing if they can coach him up and put him into a position to succeed. He has a good amount of potential. Smart kid too, well spoken guy.

    This post is probably irrelevant, but I thought it was worth noting a potential undrafted sleeper from a major program.

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    He opened up some eyes today but I dont think he has the skills to be a starter in the NFL. I think he could be a good back up though.

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      He is a supremely talented individual but there is a reason he was a special teamer.

      Maybe, MAYBE some defensive guru could mold him into a player someday, but he has UDFA written all over him.

      He has the raw tools to succeed though, there's no questioning that.
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        wouldn't mind the dolphins taking him late


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          First and foremost, LBs need innate instincts and the ability to diagnose plays when the ball snaps.

          If the kid has no head for playing 'backer, I don't see where he fits on a team unless he can rush the passer.



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