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Who Are Some Interesting 2nd Round Prospects at LB?

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  • Who Are Some Interesting 2nd Round Prospects at LB?

    As you all can tell I am a big Giants fan. I've conducted extensive research on the WR prospects in this draft (I'm hoping the Giants pick up Nicks at 29 as I think he is going to a dominant player in this league with his size, quickness, deceitful speed, best & biggest hands in the draft, extensive route running tree and ability to beat his man with a great route, etc...) but I don't know much about the 2nd round prospects at LB. The Giants signed Michael Boley and I think he will fit in the system very well and be a playmaker behind our dominant defensive line but they still need a future replacement for Antonio Pierce at MIKE and perhaps another OLB (maybe a player who could move around all the LB positions and then in a year or two replace Pierce in the middle). Could anyone introduce me to some interesting prospects that might fit that mold (a 2nd-3rd round projection with the ability to play in the middle making the calls with the athleticism to start his career playing outside for the most part).

    Thanks a lot in advance guys.

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    2nd-3rd.. I don't know.

    But Jasper Brinkley and Frantz Joseph are this years sexy mid round pick ups.


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      Frantz Joseph will be a late rounder if drafted.

      To answer your question of any 2nd rounders... I don't really see any. Perhaps if someone were to fall out of the 1st. Perhaps Daryl Beckwith. Other than that, the value of ILB isn't until the mid rounds.


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        Sintim I see is your only 2nd round LB. after that the 3-4is where you'll see a plethra of LB's.

        MLB's not till 3-4 with Beckwith and Brinkley. I find that MLB is getting harder and harder to fill through the draft.
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          I like Marcus Freeman but I don't think he profiles well at MLB.

          You're probably gonna have to look further down the board to the mid-rounds, which isn't all that bad. Dannell Ellerbe is a high risk/reward guy. Scott McKillop is really underrated. Gerald McRath is productive and athletic. Jason Phillips is physical and athletic if you can look past the injury. I'm not a Brinkley fan as I think the knee injury really hurt his play, but he has room to improve with the drop in weight and more rest. Tyrone McKenzie is overrated right now but I'd give him a shot in the late 4th.

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            I think that JL ends up in the second. He won't blow you away but he is solid and will rack up tackles. IMO he is a poor man's Demeco Ryans.

            There is a big drop off at LB after Rey and Aaron Curry.


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              If youre talking about the Giants, we basically just need a future MIKE.

              Boley will be a stud on the weakside in our scheme.

              Our SAM is filled, we promising young talent in Goff who can play SAM, we also have Kehl who can play SAM. DeOssie as depth, and Clark as our veteran guy. Even Chase can play SAM. SAM is fine.

              WILL depth is Kehl, Wilkinson, and Blackburn. Again, we're good there.

              MIKE depth is Chase and Goff.

              We can use a thumper inside at MIKE. No round 2 LBs fit the bill of what we're looking for in a MIKE. We won't reach for one either.

              We need a downhill, strong, run thumping MIKE who can fight through traffic, take on blocks and stop the run. Also needs to be a good blitzer, and play a decent zone coverage.

              No round 2 LB fits that bill.


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                Gerald McRath is probably a 2nd rounder and he's a stud.


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                  Originally posted by art vandelay View Post
                  Gerald McRath is probably a 2nd rounder and he's a stud.
                  I agree and I bet PF28 does as well.
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                    Originally posted by bigbluedefense View Post
                    We need a downhill, strong, run thumping MIKE who can fight through traffic, take on blocks and stop the run. Also needs to be a good blitzer, and play a decent zone coverage.
                    jasper brinkly fits this criteria extremly well and is good value in the second...injuries may be a red flag but he looked great at the combine.

                    i also think laurinitis could fall to your first pick in the second...i had him going to you guys but another giants fan said you was set at mlb and goff is the future there.


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                      With Blackburn, Kehl and Goff fighting with Clark for the SLB spot and backing up the other spots I doubt we go LB early, at least now that we have boley locking down one OLB spot. That said I think we'll grab another midround LB because we seem to grab one every year, wilkinson, DeOzzie, goff, kehl, you get the point.


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                        Technically you could have someone like Laurinatis, Matthews or Sintim there early round 2 but if you're talking for the Giants at the 40s and 60s most likely not. They may be wise to trade up but if they stand pat the pickings would start to get slim. Guys like McRath, McKillop and Phillips would most likely be there but you might be reaching in that area.


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                          I think Kehl could end up in the mix as eventual MLB

                          If the Giants do look at a LB in the 2nd-3rd range, I think their most likely target is Lawrence Sidbury Jr as a starting SLB in a couple of years. The Giants like big strong SLBs who can get after the QB and are quite happy to use former DEs there. Sidbury has more speed, athleticism and strength than Kiwanuka.

                          The other guy to watch is Scott McKillop



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