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Thoughts on Andy Levitre?

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  • Thoughts on Andy Levitre?

    In what round do you think Andy Levitre will be selected?

    Will he be selected before Duke Robinson?

    To what position does he project in the pros ?

    What type of scheme would Levitre perform the best in?

    Personally, I see him as a left guard. Furthermore, I see him turning out to be the best guard of this draft class. He seems to have the consistency and maturity and motivation that Duke Robinson and Herman Johnson lack. He may not wow with his triangle numbers, but his play, in my opinion, speaks for itself. What say you, draftniks?

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    It was said like this by a respected scout...lacks the speed, height, arm length and athleticism to play that position in the NFL. On film, he shows all the traits to make the switch to guard in the pros, but concerns have mounted after a disappointing performance during Senior Bowl week. Levitre has the talent to become a solid starter in the NFL but will need to improve his playing strength.


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      He'll probably go in round 2 or 3.

      He won't be selcted before Duke.

      His best position is probably LG, though he will need to gain some strength or he will get overwhelmed.

      Schematically, I honeslty can't say...

      I like him, just don't like him as much as Duke Robinson. I like that he seems to have a good head on his shoulders, and he does have great talent and understnading of leverage. Once he establishes a higher strength to work with he will be a good linemen in this league.
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