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Top 3 Rounds - Player Grades.

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  • Top 3 Rounds - Player Grades.

    First Round Grades (Alphabetical Order):

    1. Robert Ayers, DE, Tennessee, Sr.
    Lacks an elite burst to be a perennial sack king, but he has very good short area quickness. A great ability to stack and shed defenders. Great leverage and plays very physical. Plays behind the line of scrimmage. Can play multiple positions along the defensive line, and maybe even some LB in some 34 fronts, although that would not be ideal. Excellent run defender. Can kick inside and play over a guard. One year wonder? Work ethic? Motor? Lacks elite level production and took several years before he started to produce. Good size, but not elite. An good prospect that looks to be a great fit in 43 fronts. Some minor character concerns. Tons of potential and upside. Top 15 Prospect.

    2. William Beatty, OT, Connecticut, Sr.
    The most agile lineman in this years draft with some of the most potential of any offensive lineman. Beatty is far from a finished product and is technically underdeveloped, but he has the rare combination of size and athletic ability that makes scouts drool. Excellent feet that may be the quickest in this years draft. An ideal zone blocker. He shows great athletic ability and does an incredible job of getting to the second level, then engulfing defenders and locking onto them. Has great knee bend and can really sink his hips and anchor down. Can be dominating in both phases of blocking. His technique is awkward and will need a lot of work. His hand placement and punch needs work. A natural grabber. He does have a great ability to out-leverage defenders, but is inconsistent. Does a great job mirroring the quickest and most explosive defenders. Tons of potential. Great frame and needs to hit the weight room to become a franchise LT. A project. Top 20 Prospect.

    3. Kenny Britt, WR, Rutgers, Jr.
    Big bodied target that has very good quickness and a good burst along with deceptive top end speed. Good hands but loses concentration at times and drops more balls than he should. Runs a very impressive route tree and is a tough, physical player that can score TDs and block downfield. A potential # 1 wide out that runs crisp routes. Does a good job of creating yards after the catch and can stretch the field vertically. Still has some upside. A natural WR that has a knack for getting open and forcing a defender to cover every area of the field. Major character concerns, or minor character concerns that are being downplayed? An underrated talent that could develop into the best WR from this class. Good ball skills and extremely talented. Top 15 Prospect.

    4. Eben Britton, OT, Arizona, Jr.
    Britton might not be the most athletic lineman in this years draft and he doesn't have the quickest feet, but he just gets the job done. He reminds me of the David Diehl's of the world. He will struggle with speed, but he might surprise people and find a home at LT in certain schemes. A very good run blocker, maybe the best in this years draft, with great hand placement. Very good strength in his base and upper body. Can really shut down pass rushers. Uses angles well and kicks steps very well. An overachiever with limited athletic ability, but a dominant tackle at the college level. Great work ethic and a nasty attitude. Really tough. Great run blocker and feasts off of punishing opposing players. Most likely a right tackle only. Short arms. 1st Round Prospect.

    5. Jared Cook, TE, South Carolina, Jr.
    Big, physical TE that has great athleticism and very good speed with an ability to stretch the field vertically. An underrated blocker, and a very willing one. Strong with very good hands. Runs decisive routes and can separate from defenders. A complete player with a ton of potential. Under used at South Carolina. Could be a huge steal with his best playing days ahead of him. A project. 1st Round Prospect.

    6. Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech, So.
    Excellent short area quickness and a physical WR that can block, shed tackles, and do a lot after the catch. Lacks top end speed and probably wont be much of a deep threat. Nose for the end zone who does most impressive work with short routes. Has a good burst and can get some great initial separations. Lapses in concentration has caused some big drops in his career. Good body control. Good awareness. Limited upside. Not the best WR in the draft; fairly overrated. Character, maturity and prima donna attitude are off putting and very concerning. Leader? "Me-first" type player? Winner? Not a very special talent, but a very good player that runs a great number of routes very well. Can really separate and be a very productive WR. Top 20 Prospect.

    7. Aaron Curry, OLB, Wake Forest, Sr.
    Very instinctive LB with great size. Can shed blockers and does an excellent job of recognizing and diagnosing plays. Very good technique and very productive. Can rush the passer and does a good job dropping into coverage, but neither are a strength. A great competitor and team leader. Gets out of control in space and will miss some tackles. Very overrated since he plays a traditional, non impact position. More of a mid first round talent that is little more than a standard SAM backer in a base 43 front. Can develop pass rush ability three or four years into his career. Playmaker? Limited bust factor unless he's drafted in the top 10 overall. Top 20 Prospect.

    8. Vontea Davis, CB, Illinois, Jr.
    Outstanding size, speed and athleticism. Very good in run support. Excellent technique, but gets sloppy with it at times and is inconsistent. I question his football IQ. Maturity seems to be a problem. Good ball skills, but average hands. Not a great cover corner and gets beat. Might be the next DeAngelo Hall. Has all the physical tools, but just doesn't seem to get the job done to the level that his skill set says he's capable of. Excellent footwork. Tons of potential (most of any CB in this class). Boom or bust type that will depend on work ethic and effort. Could be a major steal if he slips in the draft. Has franchise CB potential. Top 20 Prospect.

    9. Percy Harvin, WR, Florida, Jr.
    Explosive in the open field with an excellent burst and acceleration. Can get devastating separation from any CB in college. Much better deep threat than most realize. A bit of gimmick player and doesn't have a true position. A big time playmaker and a deadly weapon that can be used in a variety of ways. Quick in and out of his routes. Excellent return ability. Injuries and size are not great and a bit of a concern. Not going to be a #1 WR, but possibly a teams most deadly weapon on offense / special teams. Can play out of the backfield and create interesting dynamics within an offensive scheme. 1st Round Prospect.

    10. Malcolm Jenkins, DB, Ohio State, Sr.
    The most complete DB in the draft with incredible instincts, awareness and football smarts. Always in the right position and a real leader on the defense. Excellent tackler, but does tackle high. Good size. Plays with good technique and good use of angles. Exceptional zone defender. Lacks top end speed and may be drafted as a Free Safety, where he played incredibly well at the college level in limited action. Excellent ball skills and can be a real playmaker as either CB or FS. Very good range and acceleration. Physical at the line of scrimmage, but may be prone to getting beat deep at the next level. Doesn't fit all schemes at CB. Not overly gifted athletically, but he makes up for it with his intangibles and his hard work. Incredibly smart and instinctive. A prospect for all 32 teams as either a CB or FS. Incredible work and top notch intangibles. A winner. Top 3 Prospect.

    11. Alex Mack, C, Cal, Sr.
    Mack is this years best center prospect. He has great bulk and strength. A technician. He is a great run blocker and has paved the way for 1,000 yards backs his entire career. Does a nice job at the second level. Does have stiff hips and will struggle with quick, sudden tackles since he doesn't move incredibly well laterally. When he plays with the proper pad level and leverage, he can shutdown and maul most defenders. Not a lot of potential. Needs to play with more consistency and stay off the ground. Will be an anchor for over a decade. Leader. Tough. Can start from day 1. A rare center prospect. Top 15 Prospect.

    12. Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri, Jr.
    Deadly speed and incredible acceleration. Great punt return ability. Great cutting ability and a solid, lean frame. A real weapon with the ball in his hands. A solid route runner, but needs to improve. Probably not a teams #1 WR, but a huge playmaker that can really get vertical. Still has a lot of potential and is more of a natural receiver than given credit for. Works underneath very well and out of the slot. Excellent after the catch. Top 20 Prospect.

    13. Clay Matthews, OLB, USC, Sr.
    Incredible athletic ability and tremendous speed. Only a one year starter, but was extremely productive. Was the best LB USC had his senior year. Very good size and looks to be an ideal 34 OLB prospect. The best motor of any player in this years draft class. Plays with great leverage and strength at the point of attack. Excellent speed and quickness and shows a natural ability to rush the passer. Tremendous jab step. Can set up offensive tackles and applied a lot of pressure on the QB. Lack of experience leads to missed assignments. Very strong and looks like a safety when dropping into coverage. An incredibly talented player with unlimited upside. Will be the best LB that comes out of USC and will be a steal for someone. The most upside of any prospect in this years draft. Top 10 Prospect.

    14. Eugene Monroe, OT, Virginia, Sr.
    The most natural LT in the entire draft. Possess excellent feet and a great frame. Very quick and an underrated run blocker who plays with the leverage and power to maul defenders. Inconsistent and plays down to his competition at times. Does have very good technique, the best in the draft, and has such good feet. A potential franchise LT. Teams picking in the top 10 can't pass him up. Very good knee bend with a good punch. Can be dominating and makes it look easy. Unreal potential and a better prospect than Branden Albert or D'Brickashaw Ferguson. Inconsistent. Lackadaisical? May struggle early and needs to add more strength. Elite Prospect.

    15. Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia, So.
    The best natural runner in the entire draft and a complete RB that can block, catch, run between the tackles and on the edges. Great vision, cutting ability, and a solid burst. Plays behind his pads and plays low to the ground. Good balance with a nose for the end zone. Small size, but has a solid frame. Was a workhorse. Lacks top-end speed and wont make defenders miss. Isn't elite and wont be a game breaker. A stable, although unimpressive talent that will pound the ball between the tackles. Tough player with great character. Consistent. 1st Round Prospect.

    16. Shawn Nelson, TE, Southern Mississippi, Sr.
    Nelson has a great frame with room to pack on more strength. An exceptional deep threat and an underrated blocker. Incredible vertical threat that can stretch defenses better than any TE in the draft. Very good hands. Solid strong. Good route runner. Finds holes in the defense. Very underrated prospect. Loads of potential, but has to improve his size and physicality. A bit of a project. 1st Round Prospect.

    17. Hakeem Nicks, WR, North Carolina, Jr.
    Very good vertical threat with solid speed. Great hands and does incredible work after the catch; the best I've ever seen from a wide receiver prospect. Great stiff arm and almost impossible to stop in the open field. Coming off a huge year and really developed into a complete WR that forces defenses to cover the entire field. Getting better and better every time he touches the field. The most upside of any WR in the draft and the best chance to turn into that true #1 WR. A TD machine. Uses his big body to shield and block out defenders. A rare physical talent from the wide receiver position and has elite physical tools. The best WR in this draft class. Has a Calvin Johnson type physical tools. Unlimited upside. Top 10 Prospect.

    18. Michael Oher, OT, Mississippi. Sr.
    Very good size and excellent strength. Good run blocker. Very good footwork, but inconsistent. Technique is very poor at times. Bends at the waist and drops his head far too often. Can dominate defenders when he gets his hands on them. An incredible punch and overwhelming hand placement. A RT at the next level from day 1 that needs to start getting more consistent. Can play LT, but mental lapses and inconsistent play may get a franchise QB seriously hurt. Seems to lose focus (or interest) at times. Takes plays off, which is a bit of a concern. He will struggle with picking up blitzes. Not good awareness and low football IQ. Benefitted from the zone blocking system his senior season, but looked natural in the scheme. Very good, strong base. Can be dominating when he puts everything together. NFL ready. Limited upside. One of the best talents in the draft, but inconsistent. Top 15 Prospect.

    19. Brian Orakpo, DE/OLB, Texas, Sr.
    Very good size and strength combo. Excellent burst off the line of scrimmage. Plays with great leverage. Fluid hips and can dip his shoulder, rip the offensive tackle and turn the corner. Can get the edge consistently. Sets the edge very well and plays the run much better than given credit for. Still a bit raw and lacks a pass rush repertoire. Got by one pure athleticism and overwhelming power, but does show good technique. A late bloomer. A ton of potential and can bring scheme versatility. Can play OLB in the 34, although not an ideal fit. Very similar to Robert Mathis. Great strength and power. The best DE in the entire draft with a lot of room for improvement. Frame is maxed out. A nonstop motor and great work ethic. A potential All-Pro at DE and perennial double digit sack guy. Top 5 Prospect.

    20. B.J. Raji, NT, Boston College, Sr.
    A real force in the middle. Has a lot of size and could even stand to lose a few pounds. Minor stamina concerns. Plays with excellent leverage. Great quickness in the short area. Very good swim move and surprising pass rush ability. Very good job of shedding blockers. Great strength. Occupies multiple linemen and can shed double teams. Technique can be a lit sloppy and needs to stay low the ground or he'll get washed and taken out of plays. Stacks and sheds very well. When motivated can be a top tier NT in a 34 defense. A rare prospect. The best interior defensive line prospect since Haloti Ngata. Great potential to be a game changing force in the middle of the defensive line. Will make players around him better. Top 5 Prospect.

    21. Jason Smith, OT, Baylor, Sr.
    Quick feet, excellent knee bend with good change of direction skills. Very good run blocker that finishes off blocks and does a very nice job getting to the second level. An ideal zone blocking LT. Played in a two point stance and still has major question marks about his ability to line up and move defenders off the ball from a three point stance. Understands angles. Positions himself well. Excellent size and good strength. Plays until the whistle. Great intangibles, high character and an excellent worker. A raw player that will need to be developed. Plays high and has to develop a better punch. Will struggle with leverage early. Can look stiff times when playing upright. More of a project than people like to admit. Top 15 Prospect.

    22. Mark Sanchez, QB, Souther California, Jr.
    A smart QB in a system that produced a lot of NFL QBs, but not very good ones. Hit a lot of open targets and didn't make many difficult throws. Played in the wide open Pac-10 with an overwhelming amount of talent at all the skill positions. Only started one year. Doesn't have great height. Exceptional throwing motion and great mechanics. Very good deep ball. Arm strength is merely average. Very good mobility, especially within the pocket and can avoid pressure. Excellent footwork and great hips. Good accuracy. Not a well developed QB and will be in over his head if thrown to the wolves. Doesn't anticipate many throws. Hasn't seen exotic defenses. Makes some bad decisions and forces throws his arm can't make, will struggle early with interceptions. A charismatic leader, but limited potential. He does have question marks and he's not going to be a great passer, but a very capable one that can lead a winning team. Will need players around him to make him better. Top 10 Prospect.

    23. Matthew Stafford, QB, Georgia, Jr.
    Cannon arm with the most impressive physical tools of any prospect in the draft. The best QB prospect I have seen since Phillip Rivers. Continually got better each and every year as a starter with three years of starting experience. Has a rare ability to fit the football into pinholes. Very accurate and feels he can put the ball anywhere he wants, when he wants. Will force some throws. And advanced QB with excellent football smarts and an underrated leader. Underrated accuracy. Extremely high football IQ. Proved to be a great worker and committed player. The best talent in the draft and the best player in the draft. Unlimited potential. Height is not great. Needs to improve footwork, which is still bad and leads to errant throws. Footwork and conditioning have vasty improved over the last year and the results really showed in his best season as a junior. Does have consistency problems that relate to footwork. A naturally gifted player that is capable of processing information, reading defenses and making the good, quick decisions. Light years ahead of Mark Sanchez - who is a top 10 player in his own right. Elite Prospect.

    24. Eric Wood, C, Louisville, Sr.
    Very big and physical center that will help boost a teams toughness. Very strong and stout at the point of attack. Does an incredible job sustaining his blocks. Can maul defenders and be physically overwhelming. Plays with great leverage. Excellent size and very powerful. Solid in pass protection. Will struggle with quick and sudden defensive tackles. Doesn't move his feet incredibly well and will struggle in space. Does have very good knee bend and is technically sound player. Smart. Can anchor of an offensive line. Can play both guard or center. Very quick off the snap and very good stamina. Gets stronger as the game goes on. Very underrated prospect. Not a big difference between he and Alex Mack. Could be a very nice pickup in Round 2 for someone. Top 25 Prospect.

    Second / Third Round Grades:

    1. Travis Beckum, TE, Wisconsin, Sr.
    Beckum is coming off a shortened senior season due to injury and, for that, people just forgot how great of a talent he is. A much better blocker than given credit for and really showed development in that phase of the game (in the limited time he saw this past season). Has a great ability to get open. He was often times covered up by the opposing teams best corner back. I said corner back. Not safety, which just goes to show his ability to dominate not only the middle of the field, but split out wide like a WR. He could be a real steal for someone. Very productive and an excellent athlete. 2nd / 3rd Round Prospect.

    2. Darry Beckwith, ILB, Louisiana State, Jr.
    Beckwith doesn't have the best size or athletic ability of the top ILBs in this years draft, but he's one of the most underrated. He's a good MIKE backer. He has good instincts and tackling ability. He's always reading the play and hitting his gap aggressively and in an attacking style. A real playmaker and a solid run stuffer. He will struggle to shed some blocks and for that he's not a first or second rounder. A smart football player that breaks down players in the open field and does a solid job dropping into zone coverage. Solid leadership. 3rd Round Prospect.

    3. Donald Brown, RB, Connecticut, Sr.
    A pinball. He has some of the best balance in this years draft. A natural runner with great vision and elusiveness. He's a slippery guy that's hardly ever taken down by the first defender. A real playmaker who has shown great patience and a burst to hit the hole when it opens. Doesn't have great speed or size. Not a true workhorse, but in the day and age of two back sets, Brown can be a productive thousand yard rusher year in and year out. 2nd Round Prospect.

    4. Everrette Brown, DE/OLB, Florida State, Jr.
    Very undersized, but Brown is one of the best natural pass rushers in this years draft. He has an explosive first step. A devastating spin move. He also plays with excellent leverage, but he is very raw and got by on his pure athleticism. The transition to the NFL game may be a tough one. He does not hold up well against the run and will get pushed around and manhandled. A bit of tweener without a true position. Might be nothing more than a situational pass rusher. 2nd / 3rd Round Prospect.

    5. Darius Butler, CB, Connecticut, Sr.
    Very fluid hips and excellent quickness. Good pure cover corner. Excellent athleticism and very good speed. Foot speed is picture-esque. Good height, but a slight frame. Not a complete CB: doesn't support the run well and not physical with receivers. Decent ball skills and great leaping ability. Potential to be a #1 CB and can play in multiple coverages and schemes. Physicality is a major issue. Needs to improve his toughness and jam. Doesn't disrupt enough routes and relies completely on his skill set. Fringe 1st Round Prospect.

    6. Brian Cushing, OLB, Souther California, Sr.
    Size is very good. Very good technique. Played within the defense and kept his assignments. Was able to set the edge. Fairly stout at the point of attack. Stacks defenders very well, but not great at shedding them. Good against the run, but not great. Doesn't make a ton of plays behind the line of scrimmage. Good in coverage and shows solid instincts. Pretty good instincts and pretty smart linebacker that does a nice job reading plays. Doesn't flash much and never stands out. A solid player. Not much of an impact player who doesn't rush the passer and is very ineffective with no technique, explosiveness or variety of pass rush moves. Like a poor mans Chad Greenway. Not much potential and pretty much a finished product who should be able to make an impact early on. Not going to be great or standout, but he can fit in your defense and do what's asked of him. Very little difference between him and Aaron Curry. Steroid abuse is very likely and had an up-and-down career. Off steroids, he is a 5th Round Prospect. On steroids, he is a Top 20 Prospect. Could face suspensions for violation of drug policy. 2nd Round Prospect.

    7. Louis Delmas, SS, Western Michigan, Sr.
    Big hitter. A bit undersized and may run into injury concerns with his reckless, Bob Sanders-esque abandon for his body. Sure tackle and excellent in run support. Aggressive. Lacks great hips to be an outstanding coverage guy. Good burst. A heat seeking missile that has a nose for the ball and can provide an impact from the secondary. Attacks the offense. Questionable angles against the pass and below average ball skills. Box safety. Fringe 1st Round Prospect.

    8. Larry English, DE/OLB, Southern Illinois, Sr.
    A bit undersize, and more of a 34 backer. A solid pass rusher with a good bull rush and solid initial burst off the line. He does a solid job of holding up at the point of attack, but he may struggle at the next and will get engulfed by bigger, stronger tackles. He has great closing speed and looks good in space. Might need to go to a defense that's creative with him. Needs to be used on stunts or drop him off into zones. Not a ton of potential and a bit of a finished product. Could help a team fairly early in his career. Might be a little overrated. Dominated a low level of competition. May struggle with lengthy NFL tackles. 2nd / 3rd Round Prospect.

    9. Coye Francies, CB, San Jose State, Sr.
    Excellent hips and athletic ability with very nice potential to refine his technique. Still raw. Very good ball skills and change of direction skills. A solid cover corner and one the better pure cover corners in the draft. Very physical. Good size, but lacks top end speed. Very good tackler. Scheme specific? 3rd Round Prospect.

    10. Victor Harris, CB, Virginia Tech, Sr.
    Harris, like former teammate Brandon Flowers, lacks great speed and is strictly a cover 2 CB, or maybe even a FS. He is a playmaker with excellent ball skills. He is very aggressive. He has good technique and confidence. Great zone defender that will come up and tackle. Will get burnt on double moves and get beat deep. Will struggle in man coverage. In the right defense, Macho Harris can be an above average #2 CB that can force turnovers and make plays for a defense. Very quick with excellent hips. Understands zones and defenses. High football IQ. Scheme specific; might not have a true position. 3rd Round Prospect.

    11. Darrius Haywerd-Bey, WR, Maryland, Jr.
    Heywerd-Bey is the kind of prospect that screams of a future star, but he hasn't put all his physical tools together. He has speed to burn, clocking a 4.30 at the combine and is a dangerous vertical threat. He has good size. Poor and inconsistent hands. Lots of dropped passes / bobbled catches. Lack of production at the college level and an inability to separate is what scares me off. Still a very talent, and far from a finished product. Doesn't run any routes and is a huge project. I don't see a great #1 WR like a lot of people do. He might be a workout warrior and not much of a football player. Boom or bust type. 3rd Round Prospect.

    12. Tyson Jackson, DE/DT, Louisiana State, Sr.
    The most technically impressive DE in this years draft with exceptional size that can bring scheme versatility and play multiple positions. Great run stuffer and edge setter. Can play two gaps, so he'll be a much better prospect for 34 fronts than he will be for 43 fronts. He lacks explosiveness to be a great pass rusher, but uses a wide range of pass rush moves best suited against guards and centers than OTs. Excellent size and strength. Isn't flashy and wont make many impact plays. Only fit might be as a 34 DE. Has very limited upside. 2nd Round Prospect.

    13. James Laurinaitis, MLB, Ohio State, Sr.
    Very high football IQ. Very good instincts. A great leader on defense. Can stack and shed, but struggles to get off blockers. Can play the MIKE or SAM backer positions, but is is an ideal MIKE. Good athleticism and decent speed. Always in the right position and has a nose for the ball. Does a nice job dropping into zones. Limited upside. Plays with very good technique. A great competitor and a hard worker. Doesn't make enough plays behind the line of scrimmage. His school has produced disappointing players at his position in recent years. Exceptional instincts. He's a football player that will contribute early and makes plays all over the field. Fringe 1st Round Prospect.

    14. Michael Johnson, DE/OLB, Georgia Tech, Sr.
    Incredible size and athleticism that is rarely seen. Passes the eyeball test. A physical specimen. Very long with a frame. Could pack on another 20 pounds. Very raw and a ton of upside. Horrible motor and disappeared for large portions of the game, if not the entire game, due to his effort, or lack thereof. Can bring versatility and play in multiple fronts at multiple positions in just about any scheme. Size is a burden just as much it is a positive as he struggles with leverage and getting underneath tackles. Excellent in space and looked incredible in coverage for a guy his size. Took four years to start at the college level ... just to start and he didn't live up to expectations. Probably a situational guy. The right team could probably get ten or fifteen productive plays out of him a game. Good first step and can get the edge on offensive tackles. Struggles at the point of attack, but did show flashes of setting the edge and shaking off blockers. Inconsistent against the run. Can track down the ball carrier in the open field. Still very raw and limited technique that got by on pure talent and natural ability. Has not put in the work to be a great player. Flashes and then disappears. Played down to his competition. Doesn't have great awareness, but that could be due to a lack of experience. Not a starter at the next level. 2nd Round Prospect.

    15. Rey Maualuga, ILB, Souther California, Sr.
    Very aggressive. Excellent size and a burst to close. Doesn't have long speed and not a side-to-sideline type MIKE. Lacks the speed or athleticism to play many positions on defense. Struggles to shed blockers mightily. Plays with very little technique and does not stack and shed blockers at all. Character concerns are there and he has a lot of maturing left to do. Misses a lot of tackles in the open field and in the hole. Doesn't bring his feet and come under control while tackling in space. Looks for the knockout blow. Will deliver some punishing blows. Can lift up a defense with his intensity and passion. A solid leader. Still very raw and hasn't progressed at all since his freshman season. Does not take to coaching as evidence by Keith Rivers and Brian Cushing playing with sound technique and good football IQ where Rey Maualuga does not. Overly aggressive. Was exposed quite a bit this past season. Reckless. Looks the part, but just doesn't have what it takes to be an impact player at the next level. His recognition of plays and instincts are better than given credit for. Doesn't always attack and not the downhill linebacker people think he is. Makes very few play behind the line of scrimmage. A finisher with the big hits on the most talented team in the country, and the media hyped him up. Has potential, but only a two down player; a liability in pass coverage. 3rd Round Prospect.

    16. Aaron Maybin, DE/OLB, Penn State, So.
    Explosive player off the edge with the most impressive first step in this years draft. Very, very raw. Playing weight was well under 230 pounds. Entered two years too early. A major project. Can be used effectively early in his career as a situational pass rusher, but shouldn't see much action. Extremely undersized. Will get swallowed up and blown off the line. A rare talent with a ton of potential. Will go in the Top 15 based on that great potential. Really needed to stay in school for two more years and physically mature. Major liability against the run. Almost a sure fire lock to be on the biggest busts from this draft class. 3rd Round Prospect.

    17. LeSean McCoy, RB, Pittsburgh, So.
    McCoy has very good moves and cutting ability. He has an excellent burst and good long speed. Nice size with a nose for the end zone. Very dangerous in the open field and can make a lot people miss. He does not have the best patience and dances a little too much. Very good balance and excellent vision. A natural runner. Runs behind his pads. A solid player who will produce and make some big plays from time to time. More potential than just about any RB in this class. Could easily develop into the best RB from this class. Fringe 1st Round Prospect.

    18. Jamon Meredith, OL, South Carolina, Sr.
    Versatile lineman with very good athletic ability and very good size. Coming off an injury plagued year and a disappointing year, but a fantastic LT or LG prospect that could be a big steal for someone. He has a lot of potential. He shows good knee bend and solid technique. Plays a little soft at times and seems to lack a good punch. Very athletic with quick feet. Best playing days are ahead of him. Very raw. 3rd Round Prospect.

    19. Brandon Pettigrew, TE, Oklahoma State, Sr.
    Many consider Pettigrew to be the best TE in the draft. I see him as a bit more one dimensional TE. A truly great blocker with excellent size and strength. Lacks the speed and suddenness to be a vertical threat. Can work underneath zones very well and be a good safety valve that picks up some key third downs. A much better blocker than he is a receiving threat. Good hands and a reliable target. Not 1 single TD catch his senior season. Has some minor character concerns. Not very productive in a pass heavy scheme. Needs to develop into a more complete player. Very tough and physical. Fringe 1st Round Prospect.

    20. Alphonso Smith, CB, Wake Forest, Sr.
    Very small and undersize with 4.5 speed, which will hurt him at the next level. Does have great instincts and some really impressive ball skills and playmaking ability. Solid in run support and an aggressive, attacking defender who makes a lot of plays behind the line of scrimmage for a CB. A real gambler and a ton of confidence. Very smart football player with good technique. Will get beat at times and does gamble too much. Not a great fit in all schemes. Excellent zone defender, but wont be asked to lockdown a teams #1 with no help due to his lack of size and speed. Team leader with good intangibles. Limited upside and limited scheme. 2nd Round Prospect.

    21. Andre Smith, OT, Alabama, Jr.
    Dominated the college level. Phenomenal talent. Possess the natural athletic tools to be a LT at the next level. Quick feet, excellent kick step, strong punch, good hand placement, long arms, and a very strong base. Will struggle and did struggle to defend elite pass rusher with a good initial burst. Weight concerns and maturity are huge red flags. The second most talented prospect in the entire draft, but will fall due to work ethic concerns and pure stupidity. Could be a major boom or colossal bust. Lazy approach to the game. Can look like a heavy legged waist bender at times with terrible balance and no physicality in his game. Had an atrocious Combine performance; and the worst I've ever seen from any prospect. The writing is on the wall for a future Pat Williams type bust if someone is still stupid enough to draft him the top 10 overall. The talent is there, the work ethic isn't. Very frustrating player that flashed dominance. 2nd Round Prospect.

    22. Lawrence Sidbury, DE/OLB, Richmond, Sr.
    Lacks the ideal size, but has solid bulk and room to pack on more to a long frame. Very good spin move and a solid burst off the snap. Plays with excellent pad level. Great motor. Relentless pass rusher. Very good speed and athleticism. Can play in multiple schemes. Not great against the run. A lot of potential. Didn't see any NFL talent, but was head and shoulders the best player on the field at all times. Held up well this offseason and outperformed many big name players. 3rd Round Prospect.

    23. Mike Thomas, WR, Arizona, Sr.
    Really good route runner and has the potential to really improve in that area. Explosive in and out of his breaks. Compact frame with a low center if gravity. Great acceleration and a good burst. Can gain quick separation. Potential star in the return game and as a teams slot receiver. Good hands and body control. Can work the middle of the field and make plays after the catch. Very small frame, but has great size for the 5'7'' height. Stocky. Much like Eddie Royal, but much more production at the college level. Does damage after the catch. 2nd Round Prospect.

    24. Max Unger, C, Oregon, Sr.
    Terrific feet and excellent quickness. Great job getting the second level. Has very fluid hips and can get outside leverage on a defender and pave wide open running lanes. Great in space. Great chip blocker. Works extremely well with his interior linemen. Smart and does a great job in blitz pickup. Very fluid and smooth. Good technique. Not overly stout at the point of attack and will struggle with bigger defensive tackles. Great motor and always plays until the whistle. Perfect fit for a zone blocking team. Can bring versatility due to his experience at all five positions on the line. High football IQ and great awareness. Can anchor a line for years to come. 2nd Round Prospect.

    25. Chris Wells, RB, Ohio State, Jr.
    Very good size and speed combination. Showed an ability to break some long runs and was a home run threat during college. Incredible stiff arm. Had an injury plagued season his junior year and he missed some time. Has a burst through the hole. Good character. Wasn't as physical as his size would lead you to believe and dominated lesser competition. Great production, but it might be misleading. Doesn't "wow" me. Ran through some huge lanes and had some huge runs that most running backs could pull off. Solid cutting ability. A north/south runner who is below average once he starts going sideways. Isn't as explosive as the highlight reel says. Scheme was terrific during his college years and might be scheme dependent at the next level. Shoulders are always square to the line. One-dimensional and more of split back instead of a feature back. Not going to make many miss in the open field. Does have some medical concerns. Was disappointing throughout his career and has never really lived up to his potential. Needs to improve his patience; runs into the back of his offensive linemen. Vision would improve as well. Still has some nice potential. 2nd Round Prospect.
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    Originally posted by Scott Wright
    I honestly believe Reggie Bush has turned into exactly the type of player I envisioned.
    Originally posted by PossibleCabbage
    I would like it if there were more successful black Quarterbacks in the NFL...
    Originally posted by bearsfan_51
    iamcandian lives in a cabin in the Yukon Territory and writes letters to railroad barons about the price of hard tack.
    Originally posted by GatorsBullsFan
    I could possibly see Matthew Stafford Dropping out of the 1st round
    Originally posted by GoRavens
    Tahj Boyd has the best fundamentals of any QB in this class, I think his game translates great to the NFL.

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    very solid list overall. Particularly interesting that you have Cook and Nelson with first round grades while Pettitrew is not on the list at all. I have all three of them with 2nd round grades with Cook as the closest to having a first. I also have Alphonso Smith with a second round grade. The one guy I give a first round grade that you do not is Jarron Gilbert. But I have him #8 overall, which is a ton higher than most. Of course, I do think he is the next Michael Strahan, or Julius Peppers.

    Do you think your number of 1rst round grades will change before the draft?


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      Originally posted by jnew76 View Post
      very solid list overall. Particularly interesting that you have Cook and Nelson with first round grades while Pettitrew is not on the list at all. I have all three of them with 2nd round grades with Cook as the closest to having a first. I also have Alphonso Smith with a second round grade. The one guy I give a first round grade that you do not is Jarron Gilbert. But I have him #8 overall, which is a ton higher than most. Of course, I do think he is the next Michael Strahan, or Julius Peppers.

      Do you think your number of 1rst round grades will change before the draft?
      I have not seen Gilbert at all, so he wont be included at all.

      I think 25 is my max this year. It will be in that area, give or take a couple, but I can't really find one guy with a second round grade that I feel strongly about. Oher is a guy that could fall out of round 1, but that's pretty much what my first rounders are going to look like.

      I'll get to the consensus top TE and explain why I think he's overrated. He's a very good player though. He'll be with the second round guys. I just have to finalize it.
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      Originally posted by Scott Wright
      I honestly believe Reggie Bush has turned into exactly the type of player I envisioned.
      Originally posted by PossibleCabbage
      I would like it if there were more successful black Quarterbacks in the NFL...
      Originally posted by bearsfan_51
      iamcandian lives in a cabin in the Yukon Territory and writes letters to railroad barons about the price of hard tack.
      Originally posted by GatorsBullsFan
      I could possibly see Matthew Stafford Dropping out of the 1st round
      Originally posted by GoRavens
      Tahj Boyd has the best fundamentals of any QB in this class, I think his game translates great to the NFL.


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        First three rounds are up.

        I added Beatty, Britton and Wood to the 1st Rounders.
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        Originally posted by Scott Wright
        I honestly believe Reggie Bush has turned into exactly the type of player I envisioned.
        Originally posted by PossibleCabbage
        I would like it if there were more successful black Quarterbacks in the NFL...
        Originally posted by bearsfan_51
        iamcandian lives in a cabin in the Yukon Territory and writes letters to railroad barons about the price of hard tack.
        Originally posted by GatorsBullsFan
        I could possibly see Matthew Stafford Dropping out of the 1st round
        Originally posted by GoRavens
        Tahj Boyd has the best fundamentals of any QB in this class, I think his game translates great to the NFL.



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