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Changes coming to the way the draft is ordered?

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  • Changes coming to the way the draft is ordered?

    Looks like the competition committee is going to propose to the owners about a change in the ordering of the draft.

    Heres a few snippets:

    The Competition Committee has suggested re-ordering the bottom of round one of the draft based not upon the record of the playoffs teams, but when they exit the tournament.
    As it now stands, the 30 teams that don’t qualify for the Super Bowl are ranked by record, regardless of whether they qualify for the postseason. As a result, there will be years in which a playoff team picks before a playoff team that it defeated, and years in which a playoff team picks before a non-playoff team.
    And this is what they would change it to:

    Though the explanation tacked onto the bottom of the AP article isn’t as clear as we’d like, it appears that the new procedure (if accepted by the owners) will give the 20 non-playoff teams the first 20 spots in the draft, with the next 12 teams being placed based on when they exited the tournament.

    In other words, the wild-card weekend losers would hold spots 21 through 24, with specific placement based on regular-season record. Division-round losers would pick from 25 to 28. The conference runners-up would have spots 29 and 30, and the Super Bowl teams would get 31 and 32.
    I think it'd be a good idea and probably something they should have done from the start of the whole thing.

    So, to recap:

    Non playoff teams pick #1-20
    Wildcard losers #21-24
    Divisional losers #25-28
    Championship losers #29-30
    Superbowl loser #31
    Superbowl winner #32

    Thoughts? Opinions?

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    I think it's fine now...but it doesn't really matter either way.


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      Originally posted by thule View Post
      I think it's fine now...but it doesn't really matter either way.
      I agree. You could argue either way and no side really outweighs the other.

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        I think the new way places more emphasis on post season success, which is what everyone wants to get to. The current system penalizes teams from stronger divisions like the Patriots for example, while rewarding teams from weaker ones like the Chargers...


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          I'm fine with the way it is now but this type of change wouldn't bother me at all.

          Originally posted by Tebowfan85
          too bad the Sea hawks are starting Hasselback and not Whitehorsest (sp)They are gonna loose any ways .


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            Hmm, I think I like that tweak.

            If the owners vote to accept it next week, that is.
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              Yeah it's complete bunk that the Ravens are picking 4 spots before the Titans.
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                This should be a no-brainer. The '08 Chargers are the exact reason why this needs to happen.

                With a terrible 8-8 record, they still won the pathetic AFC West. Guaranteed home playoff game AND the #16 pick in the draft.

                I have issues with a team with as many losses as wins hosting a team that won 12 games, but I doubt that will change. What DOES have to change is the possibility for a team to get rewarded twice.

                If you have a bad season, you should get a good draft pick. If you have a good season, you should get a home playoff game or at least a spot in the playoffs. If you have a bad season you should not get both a home playoff game AND a great draft spot. That is just stupid and should've been changed years ago.


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                  Yeah I definitely think that would be a good change. Nice that they're looking to tweak things a little, though as people said you can make arguments either way. I happen to prefer this one, though.


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                    i liek the change, it is only a light change in how things work, but it is a better way of deciding draft order than the current system, which is good anyway, but i like this new idea better. I just hope the owners do as well. It is the most fair system possible for all teams involved.
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                      oh wow...when I make the order myself during the season this is already how I decided the order from basically this would make it so that a team like the Chargers this year was picking like 22 instead of 16 because they were 8-8

                      I like it
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                        The switch would be long overdue and it needs to be done....


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                          I prefer the proposed order than the one now.

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                            So what you are saying is that it will never effect what position the Raiders draft?

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                              the way they do it now if you have the same record as another playoff team but made it further in the playoffs than them then you pick later in the first round than them even if you don't make the super bowl. It's fine how it is now, but if they change it then it wouldn't matter that much.



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