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  • Risers and fallers

    I thought that this was a pretty good read, hope you guys enjoy.

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    That's not really about risers and fallers as overrated/underrated. Of course, some of that could be taken as rising and falling.

    BTW, I think DJ Moore should be on the underrated list. He's going to make some team very happy, as long as he isn't expected to play a lot of man coverage on fast WRs. His 40 is a concern, but he's still quick in space and very instinctive. Plus, he's a good returner. I also think he never recovered fully from the ankle problems he had near the end of the season.


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      I liked it for the most part, but there were a few things on there that didn't make sense to me. They mentioned the OL class was weak. WTF??? I guess if you are referring to just the guards, then maybe it is a little weak, but in all honesty, even the guard class isn't weak. The OL is most likely the strongest part of this class, combined with pass rushers.
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        I love the coffee pick cause i think he actually has more than a decent pro future. On the other hand McGee was underrated a few months ago. At the moment he is closer to overrated than underrated though imo. I do agree with him on Nicks as well

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