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4-18-09 1 round draft with trades and explanations

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  • 4-18-09 1 round draft with trades and explanations

    Saturday, April 18, 2009
    The Mock Draft
    With one week to go, things are solidifying. or are they. Anyway, here's the last mock before the draft.

    1. Detroit Lions — Matthew Stafford QB — Georgia
    The Lions would love to trade out of this spot and get more picks—they could use help everywhere—but barring a blockbuster, they take the strong arm out of Georgia.

    2. St. Louis Rams — Jason Smith OT — Baylor
    Another no-brainer. The Rams need help on the O-Line, and Smith—Scouts, Inc highest rated player in the draft—is the most athletic big man in the draft.

    3. Kansas City Chiefs — Aaron Curry LB — Wake Forest
    The Chiefs already have their QB. So the Chiefs continue to rebuild their defense.

    4. Seattle Seahawks — Eugene Monroe OT — Virginia
    A lot of picks have Sanchez going here, but Hasselback isn't done, he just needs to be protected. Walter Jones is 35 and coming off a knee injury. Monroe makes the most sense here.

    5. Cleveland Browns — Brian Orakpo OLB/DE — Texas
    Malcolm Jenkins is a possibility, Crabtree as well, if Edwards is traded. Mangini, like Parcells, believes in pressuring the QB. Orakpo can do that, is solid against the run and develop into a 3-4 OLB.

    6. Cincinnati Bengals — Everette Brown DE — Florida State
    The Bengals wanted one of the top two OTs, and will look to trade out of this pick. However, at the end of the day, will take the most natural pass rusher in the draft. Brown might not be an every down end at first, but has the quick twitch muscles needed to beat OTs and get to the QB.

    7. Oakland Raiders — Jeremy Maclin WR — Missouri
    Ah, the Draft's entertainment, Al Davis. With the Raiders signing of Jeff Garcia, the Raiders seem to be ready to have an offense this year. Davis, who adores speed, pairs a super fast gamebreaker with last year's pick, McFadden, and newly signed Jeff Garcia.

    8. Jacksonville Jaguars — Michael Crabtree WR — Texas Tech
    No, not Mark Sanchez. Just can't see the Jaguars dumping the QB and his huge contract 1 year after the gave it to him, especially when poor line play was partially to blame. The Jags seemingly draft wide receivers every year; they think this is the year they get a good one.

    9. Green Bay Packers — B. J. Raji DT — Boston College
    Unable to draft Brett Farve, the Packers decide to take the draft's top tackle. The Boston College tackle absolutely dominated offensive linemen this year, and with the Packers switching to a 3-4 defense, the pick doesn't take long to get to the commissioner.

    10. San Francisco 49ers — Aaron Maybin OLB — Penn State
    The Niners need a pass rush. Period. Maybin's stock is rushing as scouts see his potential. Don't rule out a surprise pick here—Beanie Wells—as the Niners staff has talked about needing a tough inside runner to pair with(and give a breather to) Frank Gore.

    11. New York Jets (trade with Buffalo Bills) Mark Sanchez QB — USC
    Buffalo doesn't have anyone at 11 that they are salivating for, so they pick up even more picks as they trade down with their AFC division-mates. At 17, the Bills should still be able to find an OT to replace Jason Peters. The Jets, moving up before someone trades up to take Sanchez, get what they truly need, some real potential at QB.

    12. Denver Broncos — Tyson Jackson DE — LSU
    Cutler or no Cutler, the Bronco defense last year awful. With Jackson, the Broncos take the best 5-technique end (they are not put off by his less-than-stellar workouts), as they switch to a 3-4 defense.

    13. Washington Redskins — Andre Smith OT — Alabama
    The Redskins needed help on both sides of the line. Haynesworth takes care of one side, and now Smith comes in to play RT and eventually replace another Alabama LT, Chris Samuels.

    14. New Orleans Saints — Malcolm Jenkins CB — Ohio State
    The Saints are ecstatic about Jenkins mini-slide (he was slotted to go as high as 3 in some early drafts) as the soooooorly need secondary help. Jenkins can start right away.

    15. Houston Texans — Brian Cushing OLB — USC
    Very possibly the Texans try to trade back, but find Cushing's natural athleticism too tempting to pass on and add him to their underwhelming linebacker corps.

    16. Baltimore Ravens (trade with San Diego Chargers) — Rey Maualuga ILB — USC
    The Ravens decide to pull the trigger and jump up before the Broncos (2 picks later) and get their man, whom they see as cut from the same cloth as Ray Lewis. San Diego, which has a number of holes, trades back to acquire more picks.

    17. Buffalo Bills (from New York Jets) — Michael Oher OT — Mississippi
    The Bills get their replacement for Jason Peters, and are happy to not subject headcase Andre Smith to headcase Terrell Owens.

    18. Denver Broncos — Clay Matthews OLB — USC
    The Broncos are sad Maualuga was taken at 16, and had thought about taking him themselves at 12. Without a CB option they love, they turn to Maualuga's teammate, fast-rise Clay Matthews.

    19. Philadelphia Eagles (trade with Tampa Bay Buccaneers) — Brandon Pettigrew TE — Oklahoma State
    The Eagles leapfrog the Lions to get the best TE in the draft. As of this writing, the Eagle TEs are Brent Celek and Matt Schobel. They need help, and get it in the Okie State athlete.

    20. Detroit Lions — Brandon Pettigrew TE — Oklahoma State
    Matthew Stafford's almost new best friend, Pettigrew gets taken one spot earlier, so the Lions turn to the defense. Peria is a penetrator and could provide an immediate upgrade for the Lions defense.

    21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Philadelphia Eagles)— Josh Freeman QB — Kansas State
    The Bucs trade down and get their man. Tampa has a ton of options at QB; none of them too appealing. Buc coach Raheem Morris knows Freeman personally from his time at Kansas State and compares him to Ben Roethlisberger. Unlike Big Ben, Freeman may have to learn from the bench for a while.

    22. Minnesota Vikings — Darius Heyward-Bey WR — Maryland
    The Vikings were hoping to have one of the top tier offensive tackles slide (and could still grab Britton), but decide on the speedy WR from Maryland. The Vikings are a team built to win now, and need explosiveness at the WR spot.

    23. New England Patriots — Darius Butler CB — Connecticut
    Word is that Belichek himself scouted Butler, a rare and telling selling point for the Big East cornerback, who leapfrogs higher rated corners.

    24. Atlanta Falcons — James Laurinaitis ILB — Ohio State
    The Falcons really would have like Pettigrew, but might be getting Tony Gonzalez anyway, so they take the Buckeye to shore up the middle of their defense. Not the sexiest pick, Laurinaitis fits the Falcons idea of a solid citizen and a quiet productivity (look at the Falcons picks last year).

    25. Arizona Cardinals (Trade with Miami Dolphins) — Knowshon Moreno RB — Georgia
    The Cardinals, not fazed by his not-exactly-blazing 40 times and eager to get the uber-talented Moreno jump past the Chargers and take the all-purpose back, putting an end to the Edge Days in Arizona. The Dolphins are happy to trade back and get more picks.

    26. San Diego Chargers (From Baltimore Ravens) — Chris Wells RB — Ohio State
    The Chargers, not thinking Moreno would be down this far anyway, shrug and take the pounder from Ohio State. Wells complements L.T. in San Diego well, and can do some of the heavy lifting that Tomlinson may be getting too old to do.

    27. Indianapolis Colts — Ziggy Hood DT — Missouri
    The Colts look long and hard at Hakeem Nicks and Brian Robiskie to replace Marvin Harrison, but after years of not upgrading their defensive tackle with first round talent finally take Missouri's Hood. Hood fit exactly into the Colt's one-gap, penetrating scheme and could be a starter on day 1.

    28. Buffalo Bills (Trade with Philadelphia Eagles) Alex Mack C — California
    The Bills continue to upgrade their offensive line, which gained no ground for them them in the running game last year. The Bills hope that Connor Barwin is available when they pick in round 2 and are sad to have to pass on him.

    29. New York Giants — Kenny Britt WR — Rutgers
    Unless the Giants trade for Boldin or Edwards, they should be taking a WR early in the draft. With Harvin inexplicably cancelling his private workout with the Giants, the Giants are reminded they are done with headcases, and take the local product who provide a big target for Eli Manning.

    30. Tennessee Titans — Percy Harvin WR — Florida
    The Titans are tempted by local product Robert Ayers, but ultimately take the burner for their offense which could use it. Tennessee has a habit of taking a chance on "personalities" with speed and Harvin fits both requirements.

    31. Miami Dolphins (From Arizona Cardinals) Michael Johnson DE — Georgia Tech
    Parcells loves big, athletic, quarterback-smashing ends, and Johnson fits the bill. After Porter, the next Dolphin on the sack list last year had 5. Parcells feels his coaching crew (and Porter) can get the best from the underachieving Johnson.

    32. Pittsburgh Steelers — Jarron Gilbert DE — San Jose State
    The Steelers coaches really believe that their O-line is not that bad. So they focus on getting younger on their D-line and pluck a prospect who has a ton of potential and can learn behind some of the best in the business.

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    Wrong forum.

    Not a fan of the Vikings pick. We don't need "explosiveness" at the WR position, we need if anything a compliment to the explosive Bernard Berrian.

    Give us Britton.


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      Originally posted by akvikefan89 View Post
      Wrong forum.

      Not a fan of the Vikings pick. We don't need "explosiveness" at the WR position, we need if anything a compliment to the explosive Bernard Berrian.

      Give us Britton.
      Exactly. Like he said, this should go in the mock draft forum. We already have Berrian, we need a bigger WR to compliment him. I'd either go with Britton or Britt.

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        You have the Jets trading with the Bills. THE BILLS!!!!!! Being in the same division doesn't make teams "division mates", it makes them division RIVALS.


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          Posted in the wrong forum but unfortunately I can see that Patriots pick happening.


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            Originally posted by Crickett View Post
            You have the Jets trading with the Bills. THE BILLS!!!!!! Being in the same division doesn't make teams "division mates", it makes them division RIVALS.
            ROFL :D



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              Originally posted by RavenOfProphecy View Post
              Posted in the wrong forum but unfortunately I can see that Patriots pick happening.
              yeah i wouldnt be too happy if that happened

              Thanks to BoneKrusher for this amazing sig!

              Go Gators/Pats/Celts/Red Sox!


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                Its been said by Cable that if Crabtree is their, it will be hard to pass on him

                Also Garcia isnt going to play at all for us unless Russell sucks it up or gets hurt. Expect more of the last few weeks of last season type of Russell this season

                "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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                  Please god don't give us DHB!!!


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                    Originally posted by proshoota25 View Post
                    yeah i wouldnt be too happy if that happened
                    I think Butler would be good with the #34 pick so maybe they can finesse their way into a LB they like.

                    Maybin and Brown in the top 10 is ludicrous if you ask me.


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                      Dude, Brandon Pettigrew got picked two times. 19 and 20
                      CRANK THAT CRABTREE!!


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                        Good Mock.

                        Cushing could work for the Texans.


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                          Very plausible draft scenario!!

                          Like the Skins ending up with man-child Andre Smith...


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                            Originally posted by parrish_lemar24DBSkins View Post

                            Like the Skins ending up with man-child Andre Smith...
                            I'm with you on that.


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                              wrong thread but good pick for giants



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