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3 picks that will shift the rest of the draft

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  • 3 picks that will shift the rest of the draft

    every year, people wonder "what team is the wild card? who will shift the draft from one way to another" and this year, I think I have 3 teams

    1. Cleveland browns:

    the browns at 5 could go a variety of ways, WR is a possibility (Crabtree comes to mind), perhaps a DE/OLB like orakpo or Everette Brown, maybe even a RB. but where cleveland is interesting is the trade front: if Braylon edwards is dealt, who to? the Giants, the Jets? Cleveland has 2 2nd rounders, so they could move around quite a bit, and if sanchez slips to them, prepare for their phones to be ringing off the hook.

    2. Jacksonville Jaguars

    a few weeks ago, #9 was probably the hot spot to try and trade up to, since sanchez would most likely end up at 10 to san fran, but with everyone going gaga for Mark, the Jags now seem possible. if Crabtree is here, he'll go, but if its crabtree and sanchez, watch for the redskins, Broncos, Jets and maybe one other team (the vikings? the Bucs?) to try and trade up to get Mark Sanchez, provided Jacksonville doesn't take him for themselves of course. Jacksonville will also probably have Michael oher or andre smith on the board, and would be wise to take one of them.

    3. New York Jets

    The Jets could very well go anywhere on their team on offense, depending on who is available. a RB is possible since thomas jones is demanding a new deal, and Washington is near free agency. a WR since they lost coles is also a real possibility, perhaps a DHB or a Britt if they are there. heck, a QB like freeman or a trade up for sanchez is also very, very possible, being in the middle of the round, the jets will most likely shape the way the rest of t he draft goes.
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    LOL @ the thought that the 49ers ever planned to draft Sanchez.



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