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Should Jets Draft A Tackle?

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  • Should Jets Draft A Tackle?

    I've been thinking this for awhile and today this article past my way.

    I think the Jets should draft a tackle on the first day of the draft. I've been thinking Ferguson was better suited at Right Tackle. So if Andre Smith or Michael Oher were to fall to them I think they should draft him.

    ESPN Stats & Information notes the Jets struggled last year when running behind him.

    NFL's fewest yards per rush attempt behind left tackle last year:

    Jets (Ferguson) 2.2 yards
    Jets are about to become a run dominant team so I think they need a run blocking left tackle. Not to mention Ferguson would be a hugh upgrade over Woody.

    So what do you guys think?

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    they could do, interesting thought, but i doubt either fall, especially with the peters trade so pretty much monroe and smith gone in top 4 then in the top 11 smith and oher go, HOWEVER there is a chance oher falls but i think its slim seeing as washington if they dont trade for sanchez need a tackle. they could take britton i guess


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      Ferguson is definitely not a right tackle, his run blocking is atrocious. His only value comes at left tackle, where he's a pretty good pass blocker.


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        If Andre falls to them that would be a great value, looks more like a RT to me anyways and now your not paying him so much.


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          Why would Ferguson be better suited on the right side? His major strength is pass protection, and the ability to protect the quarterback's blind side is the reason that a left tackle is so important. Now I do think the Jets should draft a right tackle at some point, but you have to presume Ferguson is going to be sticking on the left side. The rest of the line is good enough at run blocking to make up for his weaknesses there, and he improved his ability in pass pro considerably last year. To the point where he started getting some Pro Bowl talk. I don't think they're going to be moving him to the right side any time soon.

          Furthermore, I'm not sure who the odd man out would be in that scenario. Everybody besides Brick is a Pro Bowl player, or has been signed to a relatively lucrative contract recently, or both. Depth is the major issue for the Jets on the offensive line. If they grab somebody who can play guard and center and/or somebody who can play right tackle and maybe a little guard too, they'll be alright. But this offensive line is a solid unit, and they should have some good chemistry heading into this year after a full season together last year. The major concern is what happens if somebody gets injured.

          Either of those guys would be a good value, but not to play on the left side. ROP is on the money.


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            If you're into run blocking tackles.. Loadholdt could be a possibility.


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              Right tackles are traditionally extremely good run blockers, It would make no sense whatsoever to move Brick there.

              Plus all 4 of the top tackles will be gone by 17, and its too early for Britton at that point (who is a mid 2nd rounder) IMO.



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