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Final Mock Draft Live!

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  • Final Mock Draft Live!


    I just Made My Final Mock Draft Live!

    You Can Check It Out Via the Main Page:

    Scott Wright, President


    Draft Countdown Podcast, Every Tuesday at 8 PM EST and on iTunes

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    I think Jerraud Powers is more of a 5th round player than a 3rd round player.


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      I dont like the Josh Freeman to the Jets pick. I believe that they're ready to win now and will not spend a pick on a developmental QB when they can take a Malaluga to replace Eric Barton or 3-4 DE.
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        Sorry Scott but the Seahawks not going CB or S in the first 3 rounds in your mock? I'm confused.

        Originally posted by Tebowfan85
        too bad the Sea hawks are starting Hasselback and not Whitehorsest (sp)They are gonna loose any ways .


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          ughhh not another Jackson pick.drafting a DE who can't rush the passer is far from a smart move IMO and KC is appearantly playing a 4-3 under at least that's what they workd out in at the minicamp recently


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            Eugene Monroe in the first is great.
            Everette Brown in the second is even better.

            if the draft falls that way, i'd be f'ing thrilled.

            not crazy about the 3rd round picks though. but, that's a problem for tomorrow.

            thanks for all the great coverage. it really seems to get better every year.


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              I appreciate your hard work Scott but your Colts pick is terrible. DHB won't be a viable WR until Manning is almost ready to retire. They would take Wells first based entirely on value. At least you didn't give us Harvin.


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                I'd be very happy if that were how the Bills' draft were to go down...
                I'd be even happier if we took Duke Robinson in the 3rd rather than Freeman...
                I get the feeling that he's going to be a bust, but what do I know.

                Nice job anyway, Scott. And thanks for all your hard work and making this the best draft site around.

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                  What happened to Everette Browns stock?


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                    I get your point about Maybin, but I think you had it right when you had Orakpo. Once again, you've come through with a solid year Scott. Great job. Get some sleep sometime today if you can.

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                      Never really thought about the idea of Harvin free fallin all the way down to #51!

                      Jerry did talk about pulling a name(s) back that had been previously taken off there board.


                      As for McGee in the 3rd! I know they like him and he wants to be a Cowboy! This would be an area Jerry would trade down a couple of times and then draft a QB!
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                        hmmmm... I liked your last mock for the Lions better Scott. But a fine job overall. Let's see how the real thang goes!

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                          I think the Raiders would take Eugene Monroe... Cable said he really likes the top 4 OT's and Monroe would be an ideal fit for the ZBS.


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                            Ahh man not Sanchez.

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                              Originally posted by CLong4Heisman View Post
                              I dont like the Josh Freeman to the Jets pick. I believe that they're ready to win now and will not spend a pick on a developmental QB when they can take a Malaluga to replace Eric Barton or 3-4 DE.
                              Agreed, its a bad pick with Freeman. We have developmental guys already, Freeman is probably far from ready anyhow.....

                              Round 2 is a fine pick and I think Quinn would be a good move in the 4th round....However Quinn in the 3rd round over Ramses Barden is just bad.

                              Jets need a WR badly and it would be disappointing if it is not addressed in the 1st 3 rounds.



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