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  • 2010

    I just had to...

    Now that the 09 draft is in the books. Let's start the 2010 talk!

    The DE class has potential to be ridiculous.

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    Carlos Dunlap first overall.



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      Hopefully it is better than this years. I remember at this time last year Kiper or Mayock had Fili Moala as his top prospect and Loadholt was a candidate for #1 overall. However it's never to early to talk about the draft. :)


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        Jake Locker was 16 of 18 in our spring game. Yes, he can do everything.


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          mickey loomis will find a way to screw next year up as well

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          - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
          - Corner or Wideout in the first
          - No reaching
          - No Kelvin Benjamin


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            The Gerald McCoy and Carlos Dunlap draft. Two elite safeties (mays, berry), two elite DTs (mccoy, suh), two elite WRs (bryant, benn), and no elite RBs.


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              Sergio Kindle


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                all ESPN will talk about is freakin' Tim Tebow - who will not be a good pro at any position.

                ...and I'm not looking forward to any more lisp-ridden Tebow interviews.


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                  Sergio Kindle is going to be a monster. Also I'm smitten over Aurellious Benn. Next years DT class could be sick. Obviously Gerald Mccoy but then Marvin Austin, Terrence Cody, Ndamukong Suh, Demarcus Granger, Vince Oghobaase. I think the ILB class is going to be even weaker than this years. Spikes is probably the top player and I don't even think he's a great ILB prospect. I don't foresee the CB class being anywhere near this years class in terms of quality and depth. The safety class is far superior though with superstars in Eric Berry and Taylor Mays. Delmas was really the only safety I gave a true day 1 draft grade to. If Benn and Dez declare it could be a nasty WR class. Also Damian Williams and I guy I love in Gilyard from Cinci. I actually think the RB class will be weak again. Spiller will probably be the top senior back but he's a poor man's Chris Johnson. Jahvid Best probably has the best chance to be the can't miss RB as I don't believe Joe McKnight will be a stud NFL player. Noel Devine and Demarco Murray are explosive but don't have NFL size.

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                    I think Chris Brown from Oklahoma will be one of the top running backs for next years draft. Iam going to keep a close eye on him this year.

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                      seatlle will get eric berry with denvers first round pick, and aerelious benn or dez bryant or lt with the other, ohhh yeaaaa i g2g change my pants lol

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                        If Greg Hardy can stay healthy, he should be a top 10 pick. He's an awesome natural athlete but he's also got a really complete game and a great motor.


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                          Greg Hardy Ole Miss, George Selvie USF, Brandon Graham Michigan, Corey Wootton Northwestern, Antonio Coleman Auburn, Ricky Sapp Clemson, Jeremy Jarmon Kentucky, Greg Middleton Indiana, Austin English Oklahoma, Willie Young NC State, Marcus Tillman Ole Miss, Jermaine Cunningham Florida, Jerry Hughes TCU, Rahim Alem LSU, Roderick Battle Georgia, Derrrick Onwuachi Minnesota, Brandon Lang Troy, Dexter Davis Arizona State, Tyson Alualu Cal, Brandon Deaderick Alabama, Broderick Stewart Vanderbilt

                          Jeremy Beal Oklahoma, Everson Griffen USC, Carlos Dunlap Florida, Derrick Morgan Georgia Tech, Greg Romeus Pittsburgh, Jeffrey Fitzgerald Kansas State, Clifton Geathers South Carolina, Jabaal Sheard Pittsburgh, Thad Gibson Ohio State, Jason Worilds Virginia Tech.

                          Senior and junior DEs for next year. Absolutely ridiculous.

                          That is correct comahan
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                            If Anthony Davis comes out from Rutgers early he's going to be a top 3 LT. I also believe Kindle is going to beast this year making him a top 5 pick overall.

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                              Side question, is there a more football name then Colt Mccoy?



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