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Draft Grades Thread (Did your team do good, or do you just post *****?)

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  • Draft Grades Thread (Did your team do good, or do you just post *****?)

    Post Draft Grades
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    'F-' for picking Maybin over Orakpo, 'A' for the rest of the draft.


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      I'm a Buffalo fan, and I'm split on this draft. I like Maybin, but feel he would have lasted a while if we didn't take him.

      Wood is a good pickup, but I would have rather had Mack, although Wood is going to be a Guard, maybe Wood projects better to a Guard than Mack would have.

      Byrd was disappointing, If he starts at FS, then maybe I change my mind, but I didn't think we needed a S there.

      I think we paid too much to move up for Levitre, he should have been there at #75, plus he won't be a starter, but getting Nelson in the 4th makes it easier that we gave up our third. I really wanted Beckum, but Nelson looks very good too.
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        I don't know a ton about your team needs, but I like most of those players. I like Maybin a lot better than Orakpo, so that was good. Eric Wood should be a Logan Mankins type guy.


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          Id say its one of the better drafts this year

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            Originally posted by abaddon41_80 View Post
            'F-' for picking Maybin over Orakpo, 'A' for the rest of the draft.
            The Bills have not liked Orakpo all offseason. You would have to follow the Bills to know that. They dont like Texas players high in the draft anymore. They dont think Orakpo was the right fit effort wise.

            Dont shoot the messenger, but they NEVER liked Orakpo, they would have passed on him in 7th round if he made it there.

            Me personally, I liked the name Orakpo, star player, but I knew the Bills did not like him at all.


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              One bad pick shouldn't discredit an entire school. Mike Williams did suck nuts though, that's a fact. Maybin was the one guy I absolutely did not want, but the team was targeting a pass rusher, so, you know, they got what they want. Me, the fan, is not satisfied, but what ev, I'll get my popcorn ready

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                I like. Didn't draft anyone who looked like they could replace Jason Peters, and they drafted undersized Aaron Maybin (from Penn St., the school that gave us Courtney Brown, Michael Haynes and Tamba Hali) ahead of Orakpo.

                I liked the Bills draft aside from the Shawn Nelson pick. But then again, I'm a Jets fan.


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                  I'd give it a B. I don't like Maybin over Orakpo, but I like Wood, Byrd is a good player, but I don't know how much of a need he fills, Nelson is great value there and Levitre is ok, but they still need to get an OT to replace Peters.

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                    Since it started by losing our starting LT, it was already limited to a 'C' at best and I'd give it a 'C-' . We are clearly back to using the draft to fill holes we created by not having the money to retain our players. Instead of using the draft to improve, we are agan forced to use the draft to maintain where we were. We will be extremely lucky to stay at 7-9.
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                      I liked Shawn Nelson and Andy LeVitre. I'd give those high grades. Aaron Maybin over Brian Orakpo was not a good choice if you ask me, I think Eric Wood was a bit of a reach but he'll be a solid starter. Jairus Byrd I don't like much. Overall, maybe a C.


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                        1. Aaron Maybin-DE
                        1. Eric Wood-LG
                        2. Jairus Byrd-FS
                        2. Andy LeVitre-RG
                        4. Shawn Nelson-TE
                        5. Nic Harris-OLB

                        That's a really good draft.


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                          I absolutely LOVE what the Bills have done so far. Really couldn't be happier. Definitely my favorite Bills draft in years.


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                            How is your LT situation looking?


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                              I actually like all the players the Bills got but all could be argued that they were reaches. Especially Wood and Byrd IMO

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