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Vick For A Seventh-Rounder

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  • Vick For A Seventh-Rounder

    Falcons Were Shopping Vick For A Seventh-Rounder

    The Atlanta Falcons put quarterback Mike Vick on the trading block earlier this year.

    And got no offers.

    Per a league source, the Falcons were shopping Vick on Sunday for a seventh-round draft pick.

    And got no takers.

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    why would any one give up a 7th when he's likely to be released anyway?

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      Originally posted by Brent View Post
      why would any one give up a 7th when he's likely to be released anyway?

      I want to keep Vick. Although it's never going to happen, if we are just going to eat his cash anyway, I'd put him to some use in gadget plays.


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        We should just keep him, then. He can backup Ryan while he re-shapes his image. We loved watching him play up until the last year or so.


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          whoever traded for him would also take his big ass contract. if he had a proportianate contract someone would bit i think but not now

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            Oh dude, imagine this, Turner, Norwood, & Vick in the Falcon formation! lol That would be kinda scary though, seriously.


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              The Dolphins should have done this instead of burning a 2nd rounder on Pat White.


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                Originally posted by sbh15 View Post
                The Dolphins should have done this instead of burning a 2nd rounder on Pat White.
                So very true, Vick WAS faster and DOES have a better arm. Not sure how fast he is now, but I would think he could get that all back for the most part. It will be very interesting to see how this all turns out. I guess the Dolphins didn't want to risk the PETA protests?


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                  I just don't see how you don't take Vick who is obviously leaps and bounds ahead of White. You get a better player who you can do the same things with five rounds earlier. And as for the "he's been out of football argument" - the Dolphins took Ricky Williams back and have been giving him plenty of playing time, so there's really no reason I can't see Miami doing this. Not to mention that this was his one character concern and I don't really see the guy repeating a mistake that got him locked up for 2 years and cost him millions.


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                    Vick will be a PR nightmare wherever he goes. I will not be surprised if he never plays in the NFL again.

                    Was he even reinstated? I thought it was more vague, like he could come back if he shows obvious remorse and rehabilitation or something.


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                      Goodell(?) has no legit reason to keep Vick out of football permanently, IMO.

                      He served his time and if a team is willing to sign him, let him play.

                      Oddly, Miami is one city where I can't see people protesting much about having Vick on the roster. In South Florida I doubt few people view dogfighting as an unforgivable sin.

                      It probably would be a good idea though to go back to Atlanta for a season just to rehabilitate his public image and lay low, then let the Falcons trade him next offseason, but I did think he had been released by Atlanta after he was incarcerated???


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                        Originally posted by parrish_lemar24DBSkins View Post
                        Goodell(?) has no legit reason to keep Vick out of football permanently, IMO.
                        Goodell isn't the commisioner of entire football. He is the commisioner of the NFL


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                          As a grown man myself, I honestly think Vick deserves another chance and got screwed royally in this whole situation. I do think he was VERY wrong to kill dogs and make them fight each other, but I also do not think he deserved to spend 2 years in prison for his first felony offense either.

                          I feel that PETA and our government went after Vick way too harshly and proved that these institutions are, once again, far too interested in wasting your time and money on things that shouldn't be that important in the grand scheme. I can see why the black community in Atlanta was so enraged by the sentence and treatment given to Vick for doing something that didn't hurt any HUMAN BEINGS.

                          Granted, it is sick to kill animals for fun and he should get treatment for his underlying issues, it does not make him a threat to the community that requires a lengthy incarceration in order to rehab his mental state. Prisons are owned and run by the lawyers and judges who send people there, so how do they not have a vested interest in putting as many people as possible into those places?

                          Go learn for yourself, this country is quickly becoming what Georgia was when England founded that colony.....a penal state.


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                            No one was going to trade anything for him with the contract he still has.

                            Falcons will release him and anyone who wants him will get him for about $750k a season because he only gets to keep that much of his yearly contract due to the results of his bankruptcy hearing.


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                              I'm dead serious when I say I want Dallas to sign him when he gets released. He could be a great weapon.




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