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Top two QBs next year: Tony Pike & Jevan Snead?

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  • Top two QBs next year: Tony Pike & Jevan Snead?

    Tony Pike from Cincinnati and Jevan Snead from Ole Miss - anyone agree with this?

    Obviously neither of those guys has "arrived" yet as a college player like Sam Bradford or Colt McCoy. And my opinion about these guys isn't a condemnation of the other more hyped QBs. But as far as pure talent, Pike and Snead are tops for me and I anticipate that they'll really put themselves on the map next year.

    For what it's worth, I think Pike compares to Joe Flacco and Snead to Aaron Rodgers. Both guys have big arms and excellent athleticism for their size.

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    I've seen Snead get plenty of attention. Not as much for Pike.

    Personally, I'm interested in Jake Locker and Dan LeFevour.
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      Originally posted by TitanHope View Post
      Jake Locker
      Great post. I get to watch 7 of his games in person next year so I'll have a good scouting report. :)


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        Originally posted by Cicero View Post
        Great post. I get to watch 7 of his games in person next year so I'll have a good scouting report. :)
        I can't wait to see what Sark has done with him so far lol.

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        too bad the Sea hawks are starting Hasselback and not Whitehorsest (sp)They are gonna loose any ways .


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          hasnt jake got another year left?

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            Originally posted by wicket View Post
            hasnt jake got another year left?
            Yup, and he's barely done anything of any relevance in his first two.



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              Let's just say I'd be really REALLY shocked if Tony Pike is a top 2 QB next year when all is said and done.

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                Originally posted by themaninblack View Post
                Let's just say I'd be really REALLY shocked if Tony Pike is a top 2 QB next year when all is said and done.
                I wouldn't be terribly shocked. He will be throwing the ball a lot as the Cincy defense loses a ton of talent. He has a really good arm and solid mechanics. If he puts in the work this offseason I think he can really make a push for 1rst round consideration.

                With Pat White going 44th overall, I think Tebow will be in the mix for the first round as a versatile weapon. Especially if Pat White makes an impact in Miami as a rookie.

                I am a big Bradford fan, but I don't see how he will be able to duplicate the numbers he put up this year after losing his top two WR's and the left side of his O-Line. I am interested to see if he has gotten stronger over the winter and in the offseason.

                Snead is the wildcard IMO... He was very impressive this last year after sitting out after the transfer. He plays from under center a lot. Has good feet and a solid motion, with a pretty quick release.

                Ryan Mallett will be interesting to watch as a 3rd year Sophomore. Tyrod Taylor as a true Junior.

                The 2010 QB class is potentially much more interesting than the crap that was '09.


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                  Snead and Bradford are the best candidates I can think of for potential top 10 quarterbacks right now. Both lost a lot from their respective offenses, but it looks like Snead is heading back to Mississippi with a bigger loss than Bradford has. He (Snead) put together some great games last year though.

                  As of right now, I'm not sold on either Pike or McCoy.


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                    I love McCoy's game, but I did force myself to watch clips of Snead playing for Ole Miss last season and now at least understand why some feel he could develop into a 1st round draft pick next season.

                    I still think Colt McCoy is one of the best overall playmakers from the QB position in college football, despite maybe not having the best raw physical tools.

                    All said, next year's draft looks to be especially deep at the QB position.


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                      Unless Bradford fails miserably, or someone else like Snead does fantastic, I doubt he isn't the #1 QB and possibly player in the 2010 Draft. If he declares that is. I would personally like to see him stay for two more years because by 2011 he could possibly be the best QB prospect since Peyton Manning.


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                        Tony Pike blows, look what happened when he played a legit defense.

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                          I think Dan Lefevour will be a first day pick.

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                            Tim Hiller, folks.

                            Next year is going to be a great one for QB's. This fact, coupled with Josh Freeman not seeing the field this year, makes Tampa's draft look so much worse...


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                              How about Zac Robinson? I bet he would be a great 2nd-3rd rounder.



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