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JFLO's 2010 Positional Rankings

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  • JFLO's 2010 Positional Rankings

    Finally, the 2009 draft is over. However, as soon as Kyle Succop's name was called to end the process, it only began the marathon that is the 2010 NFL Draft.

    The following rankings are my positional rankings for every position on the field. These "Top Ten" players are the front runners to be one of the first players selected from there position come late April, 2010.

    I'll share my first mock as well as my Top 25 Players of the 2010 NFL Draft within the next couple weeks.

    2010 NFL Draft Position Rankings


    1. Sam Bradford Oklahoma*
    2. Colt McCoy Texas
    3. Jevan Snead Ole Miss
    4. Tim Tebow Florida
    5. Pat Devlin Delaware*
    6. Jimmy Clausen Notre Dame*
    7. Zac Robinson Oklahoma State
    8. Rusty Smith Florida Atlantic
    9. Tim Hiller Western Michigan
    10. Jake Locker Washington

    Running Back

    1. Jonathan Dwyer Georgia Tech*
    2. C.J. Spiller Clemson
    3. Evan Royster Penn State*
    4. LeGarret Blount Oregon
    5. Jahvid Best California*
    6. Joe McKnight Southern California*
    7. Caleb King Georgia**
    8. Ben Tate Auburn
    9. Stafon Johnson Southern California
    10. Noel Devine West Virginia*


    1. Richard Dixon Louisiana State
    2. Bobby McClintock Portland State
    3. Matt Clapp Oklahoma
    4. Corey Jackson Maryland
    5. Dorin Dickerson Pittsburgh

    Wide Receiver

    1. Arreilous Benn Illinois*
    2. Dez Bryant Oklahoma State*
    3. Damian Williams Southern California
    4. Marshawn Gilyard Cincinnati
    5. Brandon LaFell Louisiana State
    6. Jacoby Ford Clemson
    7. Naaman Roosevelt Buffalo
    8. Eric Decker Minnesota
    9. David Gettis Baylor
    10. Carl Mitchell South Florida

    Tight End

    1. Jermaine Gresham Oklahoma
    2. Rob Gronkowski Arizona
    3. Dennis Pitta Brigham Young
    4. Ryan Moya UCLA
    5. Ed Dickson Oregon
    6. Aaron Hernandez Florida*
    7. Cody Slate Marshall
    8. Garrett Graham Wisconsin
    9. Anthony McCoy Southern California
    10. Michael Hoomanawanui Illinois

    Offensive Tackle

    1. Russell Okung Oklahoma State
    2. Bryan Bulaga Iowa*
    3. Ciron Black Louisiana State
    4. Trent Williams Oklahoma
    5. Lee Ziemba Auburn*
    6. Adam Ulatoski Texas
    7. Matt Reynolds Brigham Young*
    8. Dennis Landolt Penn State
    9. James Williams Harvard
    10. Selvish Capers West Virginia

    Offensive Guard

    1. Sergio Render Virginia Tech
    2. Rodney Hudson Florida State*
    3. John Jerry Ole Miss
    4. Dan Doering Iowa
    5. Mike Johnson Alabama
    6. Doug Palmer East Carolina
    7. Shelley Smith Colorado State
    8. Stefen Wisiniewski Penn State*
    9. Shawn Lauvao Arizona State
    10. Joe Thomas Pittsburgh


    1. Kristofer O'Dowd Southern California*
    2. Josh McNeil Tennessee
    3. Matt Tennant Boston College
    4. Chris Hall Texas
    5. John Estes Hawaii
    6. Jim Cordle Ohio State
    7. Chris Fisher Louisiana-LaFayette
    8. Joel Nitchman Michigan State
    9. Kenny Alfred Washington State
    10. Trey Bailey Wake Forest

    Defensive End

    1. Carlos Dunlap Florida*
    2. Greg Hardy Ole Miss
    3. Everson Griffin Southern California*
    4. George Selvie South Florida
    5. Greg Romeus Pittsburgh*
    6. Brandon Graham Michigan
    7. Jermaine Cunningham Florida
    8. Willie Young North Carolina State
    9. Rahim Allen Louisiana State
    10. Derrick Morgan Georgia Tech

    Defensive Tackle

    1. Ndamkong Suh Nebraska
    2. Gerald McCoy Oklahoma*
    3. Terrance Cody Alabama
    4. Marvin Austin North Carolina*
    5. Lawrence Marsh Florida*
    6. Jarvis Jenkins Clemson*
    7. Geno Atkins Georgia
    8. Vince Oghobaase Duke
    9. Alan Michael-Cash North Carolina State
    10. Arthur Jones Syracuse

    Outside Linebacker

    1. Sergio Kindle Texas
    2. Sean Witherspoon Missouri
    3. Travis Lewis Oklahoma**
    4. Mark Herzlich Boston College
    5. Quan Sturdivant North Carolina*
    6. Navarro Bowman Penn State*
    7. Greg Jones Michigan State*
    8. Clinton Snyder Stanford
    9. Rennie Curran Georgia*
    10. Stevenson Sylvester Utah

    Inside Linebacker

    1. Brandon Spikes Florida
    2. Rolando McClain Alabama*
    3. Joe Pawelek Baylor
    4. Scott Lutrus Connecticut*
    5. Ryan D'Imperio Rutgers
    6. Micah Johnson Kentucky
    7. Sean Lee Penn State
    8. Obi Ezeh Michigan*
    9. Josh Byrnes Auburn*
    10. Josh Hull Penn State


    1. Trevard Lindley Kentucky
    2. Donovan Warren Michigan*
    3. Joe Haden Florida*
    4. Kyle Wilson Boise State
    5. Ras-I Dowling Virginia
    6. Crezdon Butler Clemson
    7. Perrish Cox Oklahoma State
    8. Javier Arenas Alabama
    9. Kareem Jackson Alabama*
    10. Syd'Quan Thompson California


    1. Eric Berry Tennessee*
    2. Taylor Mays Southern California
    3. Major Wright Florida*
    4. Chad Jones Louisiana State
    5. Myron Rolle Florida State
    6. Morgan Burnett Georgia Tech*
    7. Davonte Shannon Buffalo*
    8. Quinton Andrews West Virginia
    9. Earl Thomas Texas**
    10. Antwine Perez Maryland*


    1. Aaron Pettrey Ohio State
    2. Hunter Lawrence Texas
    3. Brett Swenson Michigan State
    4. Leigh Tiffin Alabama
    5. Josh Aruco Arkansas State


    1. Matt Dodge East Carolina
    2. Scott Love Louisiana-Monroe
    3. Zoltan Mesko Michigan
    4. Jeremy Boone Penn State
    5. Brent Bowden Virginia Tech

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    Best and Blount are the top backs in this years class. Where is Stanley Havili in the fullback rankings?

    Sig by Matthew Jones


    • #3
      I'd love to have Havili on the Cowboys. He probably blocks better than Deon Anderson who's specialty is supposed to be blocking and Havili certainly brings the offense of an H-back.


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        Dennis Pitta baby! 1000 yard season is coming up!


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          Originally posted by JFLO View Post
          5. Myron Rolle Florida State
          What is this?
          Originally posted by Scott Wright
          I honestly believe Reggie Bush has turned into exactly the type of player I envisioned.
          Originally posted by PossibleCabbage
          I would like it if there were more successful black Quarterbacks in the NFL...
          Originally posted by bearsfan_51
          iamcandian lives in a cabin in the Yukon Territory and writes letters to railroad barons about the price of hard tack.
          Originally posted by GatorsBullsFan
          I could possibly see Matthew Stafford Dropping out of the 1st round
          Originally posted by GoRavens
          Tahj Boyd has the best fundamentals of any QB in this class, I think his game translates great to the NFL.


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            Take Josh Hull out of the middle linebacker rankings please. I hate saying that since I actually know the kid and played with him high school, but he's way too slow and just not NFL material. Absolutely great kid though. I would love for him to make it but I just don't think it's very realistic at all.


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              Where's Anthony Davis?

              sig by BoneKrusher


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                Originally posted by Giantsfan1080 View Post
                Where's Anthony Davis?
                Was thinking the same thing. He'll be a top 15 selection. He's that good. Can't belive Arthur Jones is that low. He's an absolute beast and reminds me of Ty Warren. IMO there is no way he's not a 1st round prospect this time next year unless he's severly injured. His production is insane considering he's double teamed every week. Listen to this stat line 15 tackles 4 tackles for loss and 1.5 sacks. That was Arthur Jones stat line in his game against Notre Dame. Yeah Notre Dame is average but 15 tackles is extremely impressive from any defensive tackle. He was double teamed that game and virtually unblockable. Either way this guy has big league talent and is so much better than Tyson Jackson.


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                  Originally posted by Cigaro View Post
                  Best and Blount are the top backs in this years class. Where is Stanley Havili in the fullback rankings?
                  Agreed. Blount is definitely too low, the guy's a stud!

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                    why would Jimmy Clausen come out early?


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                      I cant believe you dont have Sam Young or Eric Olsen on your list. Olsen is a top 5 guard for the upcoming draft (and my personal #3 behind Render and Jerry) and Young is the best RT in the upcoming draft(prolly number 6-7 in the total category) .

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                        Originally posted by bhaarat316 View Post
                        why would Jimmy Clausen come out early?
                        unless ND wins a bcs bowl(prolly wont happen) and he wins the heisman(will never happen this upcoming year, maybe the year after) he wont go. He knows the doubt concerning junior qb's and he wants to be the best not just good and the way to become the best is not jumping early.

                        Saints 2014 draft wish list:
                        - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
                        - Corner or Wideout in the first
                        - No reaching
                        - No Kelvin Benjamin


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                          clausen better get out while he can. christ is probably better.

                          anyway, talk about a SICK DL class next year.


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                            Originally posted by superman View Post
                            clausen better get out while he can. christ is probably better.

                            anyway, talk about a SICK DL class next year.
                            Jesus? That's a tough comparison :p


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                              God - what's with Clausen coming out early? There's no reason for that.



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