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  • Some 2010 mocks's-get-our-2010-mock-draft-on.

    If Snyder drafted Tebow I would shoot myself.
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    Hate where SI has us positioned:(... And i hate the pick. I really can't say for sure what we'd need in round one, but OL is not one of those needs. Jason Peters is there at LT and even if Stacey Andrews wouldn't work out, we have two guys who can play there already and be just as good if not better. Perhaps the team looks S or WLB there, those are the only position I think would be addressed early right now, and they aren't even needs...

    The CBS thing is decent, but there are a few thing this guy says that stick out to me that make no sense, most notably, him saying that Mays needs to prove he will be better in coverage. This guy shuts down the deep half of the field week in and week out. What else doe he need to do? Its a shame that he hasn't truly been able to show all of his skill yet.
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      I'll take Sergio Kindle in KC.

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        Broncos at 12 least we are consistent

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        i wish NFLDC had something like "wall to wall" where we could see Brodeur and Job's conversations.
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          I like the pick for the Lions, but what they say about the trade and Bradford is just stupid. The lack of interest was mostly due to the guaranteed money, which will be bigger than last year. The fact that Bradford won a Heisman is a red flag if anything (just look at the Heisman-winning QB list to see what I mean). Bradford is going to be picked apart this year and he'll look worse than Stafford & Sanchez.

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            95% of mocks have Spiller to NE... and I love that.


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              In other news, next year's draft could the deepest in several years!


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                4. Kansas City Chiefs — Tim Tebow, QB, Florida, Senior: The Matt Cassel era doesn't last long in K.C., as the Chiefs opt to not re-sign the high-priced gunslinger. Cassel goes into the free-agent pool, leaving a void at the quarterback position. Everyone knows the Kraft/Belichick/Pioli/Meyer connection, and Pioli jumps at the chance to add Tebow to his squad.



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                  meh ill take selvie


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                    I never figured out how people arrive at the draft order for a 2010 mock before any games have been played. I understand people who just use the most recent draft order, and I respect that; but what's with people who just make up different orders?

                    Invariably someone projected to pick in the top 10 now next year will end up winning their division.


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                      I just looked at the CBS one.

                      It would be cool to see Colt McCoy go that high.

                      I like Kindle to Washington.

                      I doubt a TE goes 3rd overall.

                      I'd take Greg Hardy to Houston, but Houston doesn't really need a DE.

                      I could see Ulatoski going at #25 if he gets stronger and improves his run blocking.

                      CBS 2nd round

                      Lamarr Houston would be a solid pick in the 2nd round for New England.


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                        I'd love Dunlap to the Vikings, but I think he'll go a lot higher than that, and I hope we are picking later than that.

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                          The second mock didn't have Spikes in the first round and that makes me sad.


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                            Right on SI. We resigned one DT who played very well last year to a 5 year 25 million deal and just drafted Peria Jerry, but you are right. We will draft Terrence Cody.


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                              Tampa at 3 probably a little high... but McCoy is probably the best pick for the Bucs that early.



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