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Favorite offensive and defensive picks in each round?

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  • Favorite offensive and defensive picks in each round?

    ...Other than the selections on your team


    Offense- Eugene Monroe, LT, Jaguars

    Defense- Aaron Curry, LB, Seahawks


    Offense- Brian Robiskie, WR, Browns

    Defense- Patrick Chung, SS, Patriots


    Offense- Shonn Greene, RB, Jets

    Defense- Keenan Lewis, CB, Steelers


    Offense- Austin Collie, WR, Colts

    Defense- David Bruton, FS, Notre Dame


    Offense- Jarrett Dillard, WR, Jaguars

    Defense- Michael Hamlin, S, Cowboys


    Offense- Cedric Peerman, RB, Ravens

    Defense- Coye Francies, CB, Browns


    Offense- A. Q. Shipley, C, Steelers

    Defense- Mike Mickens, CB, Cowboys

    Who were your favorite picks?

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    Offense- Matt Stafford, Lions
    Defense- Aaron Curry, Hawks

    Offense- Max Under, Hawks
    Defense- Darius Butler, Pats

    Offense- Antoine Caldwell, Texans
    Defense- Jarron Gilbert, Bears

    Offense- Tony Fiametta, Panthers
    Defense- Lawrence Sidbury, Falcons

    Offense- Jamon Meredith, Packers
    Defense- Macho Harris, Eagles

    Offense- Andrew Gardner, Dolphins
    Defense- Coye Francies, Browns

    Offense- Sammie Stroughter, Bucs
    Defense- Mike Mickens, Cowboys


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      Weird Question but:

      Round 1: Donald Brown/Vontae Davis
      Round 2: Shady McCoy/Louis Delmas
      Round 3: Jared Cook/Jarron Gilbert
      Round 4: Shawn Nelson/Lawrence Sidbury
      Round 5: Jamon Meredith/Jasper Brinkley
      Round 6: John Phillips/Coye Francies
      Round 7: Javarris Williams/Moise Fokou

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        Round 1: Donald Brown/Larry English
        Round 2: Pat White/Louis Delmas
        Round 3: Ramses Barden/Terrance Knighton
        Round 4: Shawn Nelson/Lawrence Sidbury
        Round 5: Nate Davis/Jason Phillips
        Round 6: Zach Miller/Coye Francies
        Round 7: Julian Edelman/E.J. Biggers
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          Well, this seems like a quick fun exercise. First thoughts as I look through each round again right now, knowing I may change my mind. (not using Bears picks per the OP)

          1st - DE Aaron Maybin (he has time to add weight and develop in the run game (at least 1 year), first steps like that, just not easy to find, and he'll fill an immediate pass rushing hole for them. Good character too.) TE Brandon Pettigrew (thought he was overrated/overhyped by many, but providing a safety valve option for Stafford in time, along with a guy that will help in the run game is just plain smart).

          2nd - CB Darius Butler (best cover guy in the draft, good instincts, should be an excellent fit, don't be surprised if he challenges, but in this day of spread offenses, CB depth is critical). WR Brian Robiskie (smart, polished WR who's athleticism probably doesn't translate that well, but the Browns needed a solid second option, a safer target than Braylon).

          3rd - WR Deon Butler (love it because it's smart drafting and awareness of your team. They needed a vertical guy to stretch the field to open things up for Carlson/Houshmandzadeh). S Rashad Johnson (thought he was a bit overrated by some, but here, it can be considered a steal, and it's smart drafting with Antrel Rolle's insane salary bump after this year).

          4th - DE Lawrence Sidbury Jr. (yes, he's raw, but top shelf athleticism and they can groom him slowly. Good gamble). WR Mike Thomas (a bit overhyped (the next Steve Smith comments were too much for me) but a solid WR option that should open the field up a bit for David Garrard).

          5th - FB Quinn Johnson (exactly what they need to open holes up for Ryan Grant, which helps Aaron Rodgers). LB Jason Phillips (excellent gamble on a good talent. Ray isn't getting any younger (I hate it when people make comments like this, so I felt like using it now. Of course he's not getting any younger.).

          6th - QB Tom Brandstater (I am so going to hate the "next Matt Cassel for Josh McDaniels" type comments ... but he does have quality talent to groom behind Orton/Simms, and neither Kyle nor Chris seem like the QB of the future). DL Jarius Wynn (they needed DL talent, he's an intriguing specimen that could be hitting his stride).

          7th - CB Mike Mickens (wanted to pick someone else, but Mickens is too good to not note. Very talented kid and in the 7th, if you can get a steal like this, then it's all good). RB LaRod Stephens-Howling (forget everything else for a moment (team guy, thoughtful kid) and focus on the fact that he might provide much needed situational pop to the run game).


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            1 - O - Hakeem Nicks to NY Giants - great size, good athleticism, should fill in nicely for Plaxico within a year or two. Could be ROY if the other WR's make plays early in the season.

            1 - D - BJ Raji to Green Bay - big time run stuffer that will help free up their talented LB corp to make more plays. Packers had a great run D a couple of years ago and this guy should help them return to that status in a couple of years from now.

            2 - O - Phil Loadholt to Minnesota - wow, the rich get richer. This guy, with McKinnie, could make the best bookend combo in the league...and AP will be thanking them all the way to paydirt against every other team in the NFL.

            2 - D - James Lauranitis to St Louis - great MLB prospect that slipped due to numbers, but has always produced at a high level in both the pass and run game. Will need dominant DT's in front of him as he doesn't shed linemen well, like almost every other LB.

            3 - O - Glenn Coffey to San Francisco - not a big step down from Knowshawn Moreno and they steal him in the 3rd round, wow. Great compliment to Gore and could possibly be their full time RB if Gore doesn't re-sign down the road.

            3 - D - Rashad Johnson to Arizona - talk about a steal and the rich getting richer. I'm not sure why they drafted him with Rolle and Lassiter back there, maybe in case one got hurt, but this kid is a low first/early second kind of talent. Big time players make big time plays in big time games and very few have done it as well as Johnson did at Alabama.

            4 - O - Mike Goodson to Carolina - talk about a weak round offensively, Goodson should be a solid 3rd RB behind two top notch runners for the Panthers.

            4 - D - Sammie Lee Hill to Detroit - a great pick to finally patch the hole left by Shaun Rogers' departue. If he develops well, Hill could be the quiet steal of this draft.

            5 - O - Kenny McKinley to Denver - a stellar player in the SEC from the time he stepped onto the field, Kenny could be the best WR of this draft class when all is said and done....of course I would be more willing to support that if Cutler hadn't left.

            5 - D - Jason Phillips to Baltimore - anytime you get a top 3 rated MLB in the 5th round you are doing something right. He won't be a superstar, but he is the kind of solid MLB that you need next to a Ray Lewis.

            6 - O - Andrew Gardner to Miami - a very solid OT prospect, his dropping to the 6th just shows how deep this draft was for Tackles.

            6 - D - Spencer Adkins to Atlanta - got swept under the Miami depth chart rug by the new coach & the youth movement, which does seem to be working, but this guy could be a legit NFL star. He has everything you look for except lots of game tape....heheh

            7 - O - Chris Ogbannaya to St Louis - could be the next in a great line of Texas RB's in the NFL. Jake Long & Co. should have a lot to say about this kid in preseason. I'm not sure why he slipped this far, but he is a good RB.

            7 - D - Ricky Jean-Francois to San Francisco - how does the National Championship MVP from last year become a 7th year pick this year? Inconsistency. If he decides he wants to be a great NFL player, he could be just that. Great pick here, sad to see my Falcons take the homer pick instead of the big time risk/reward pick in the 7th round. Oh well, I don't question TD.

            ***Didn't see the no home team picks rule, but it's just a 6th rounder. heheh
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              Round 1:
              Offense: #21 Alex Mack (Browns)
              -The Browns traded back numerous times and ended up at #21. They got the consensus best C in the draft. Mack was a great fit and a great value for the Browns at that spot considering where they started.

              Defense: #26 Clay Matthews (Packers)
              -In the grand scheme of things, the Packers didn't give up that much to get to #26 to snag a guy at a huge need position. If nothing else, you know you're getting a hard worker with an insane motor out of Matthews.

              Round 2
              Offense: #39 Eben Britton (Jaguars)
              -This was such a great value... I was confused by the pick at first because I thought they'd be happy with Mo Williams & Tra Thomas before they drafted Monroe. But Britton provides them with either a bookend combo for 6+ years with Monroe, or he can move inside to OG to fill a big need there. Versatile lineman who fits their style perfectly.

              Defense: #41 Darius Butler (Patriots)
              -There were a lot of great defensive picks in the 2nd round, but I think it's clear that this is the one that tops the rest. The Patriots had him pegged all along, traded down numerous times, and still got their man. I thought about giving this to the Ron Brace selection, but abstained. The Patriots owned the 2nd round with their 4 selections, that's for sure. Filled all their major needs.

              Round 3
              Offense: #77 Antoine Caldwell (Texans)
              -Caldwell was probably my favorite C going into this draft. He's versatile, but really fits perfectly into what the Texans do offensively. The Texans' blocking scheme masks any holes in Caldwell's game, and he provides a massive upgrade to either the C or G position.

              Defense: #68 Jarron Gilbert (Bears)
              -Great job by the Bears. They churned out a great draft despite not having a first round pick. This selection is clearly the centerpiece of their draft. With Tommie Harris an uncertainty for the future, they go out and grab an interior freak of nature in the 3rd round... Such a great pick... Fairly decent chance he starts next to Harris.

              Round 4
              Offense: #121 Shawn Nelson (Bills)
              -The Bills finally got the TE they've been missing since they let Jay Riemersma go all those years ago... Nelson was an insane value here as the #2-4 TE in this draft. That offense is really starting to shape up...too bad they don't have an OL. Instant Day 1 starter.

              Defense: #125 Lawrence Sidbury Jr (Falcons)
              -With John Abraham's age, and Jamaal Anderson's ineffectiveness, this is a great pick. Sidbury's got a great motor, and everything else you look for in a pass rusher off the edge. Sidbury should start from Day 1.

              Round 5
              Offense: #153 Cornelius Ingram (Eagles)
              -This one was really tough because there were a lot of great offensive picks made in the 5th round (Dillard, Meredith, Robinson, Casey). The Eagles filled a big need - one that many thought they'd fill in the first 2 rounds - in the 5th with a player who's every-bit as capable as the players they could have had in those earlier rounds. Ingram could be an absolute beast for Philly and could beat out Schobel for the starting receiving TE spot.

              Defense: #168 Joe Burnett (Steelers)
              -I don't think I'll ever get why Joe Burnett was a late-5th round prospect and some of these other CBs went much higher. Burnett stands a good chance to win the #3 CB spot, and could even push Deshea Townsend for the #2. Great value, great player.

              Round 6
              Offense: #184 Bear Pascoe (49ers)
              -Perfect compliment to go along with Davis & Walker. Pascoe should fill a big role with his blocking and receiving skills. Very refined player. Was tough to decide between Pascoe, James Davis, and Tom Brandstater (perfect McDaniels QB).

              Defense: #191 Coye Francies (Browns)
              -There was some competition for this one (I love Sulak), but the decision was easy in the end. Francies has a few short-comings that dropped him this far, but going to a DB guru like Mangini should clean up his game quickly. We all saw the amazing success Mangini had with fellow SJSU alum, Dwight Lowry in 2008... Hoping for a repeat. Filled a big need, got a solid value...could be a great player.

              (Note: I also really like the Jake Ingram pick by NE.)

              Round 7
              Offense: ***TIE*** #226 AQ Shipley (Steelers) & #254 Trevor Canfield (Cardinals)
              -The Steelers were patient and may have landed their new franchise center in the 7th round... AQ is severely underrated, and this pick is an outright steal.
              -Anytime you can get a probable starter with the 3rd to last pick in the draft, you're either doing something right or everyone else is doing it wrong. Canfield was the #2 or 3 non-T OG in this draft. That's not saying much, but he's still better than what the Cardinals had on their roster.

              Defense: #227 Mike Mickens (Cowboys)
              -Another one I'll never understand. Why does Mickens go at #227 and Alphonso Smith goes in the early 2nd? Seriously. This is an amazing value. Not likely to play much for Big D in 2009, but that's only because they did such a great job acquiring DB depth in 2008. They continued that trend in 2009. Nice pick.


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                Round 1
                Offense-Jeremy Maclin
                Defense-BJ Raji

                Round 2
                Offense-Brian Robiskie
                Defense-Louis Delmas

                Round 3
                Offense-Jared Cook
                Defense-Jarron Gilbert

                Round 4
                Offense-Shawn Nelson
                Defense-DJ Moore

                Round 5
                Offense-Duke Robinson
                Defense-Jasper Brinkley

                Round 6
                Offense-Curtis Painter
                Defense-Coye Francies

                Round 7
                Offense-AQ Shipley
                Defense-Mike Mcikens

                BoneKrusher killing it with the sig


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                  Round 1: Beanie Wells/Vontae Davis
                  Round 2: Phil Loadholt/James Laurinaitis
                  Round 3: Derrick Williams/Michael Johnson
                  Round 4: T.J. Lang/Lawrence Sidbury Jr.
                  Round 5: Cornelius Ingram/Michael Hamlin
                  Round 6: John Phillips/Coye Francies
                  Round 7: A.Q. Shipley/Mike Mickens


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                    1st round

                    Offensive: Mark Sanchez, New York Jets, 5th overall
                    Defensive: B.J. Raji, Green Bay Packers, 9th overall

                    2nd round

                    Offensive: Pat White, Miami Dolphins, 44th overall
                    Defensive: Rey Maualuga, Cincinnatti Bengals, 38th overall

                    3rd round

                    Offensive: Brandon Tate, New England Patriots, 83rd overall
                    Defensive: Rashad Johnson, Arizona Cardinals, 95th overall

                    4th round

                    Offensive: Shawn Nelson, Buffalo Bills, 121st overall
                    Defensive: Lawrence Sidbury, Atlanta Falcons, 125th overall

                    5th round

                    Offensive: Duke Robinson, Carolina Panthers, 163rd overall
                    Defensive: Marcus Freeman, Chicago Bears, 154th overall

                    6th round

                    Offensive: Tom Brandstater, Denver Broncos, 174th overall
                    Defensive: Kevin Ellison, San Diego Chargers, 189th overall

                    7th round

                    Offensive: Rashad Jennings, Jacksonville Jaguars, 250th overall
                    Defensive: Moise Fokou, Philadelphia Eagles, 230th overall


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                      O-- Maclin
                      D-- Robert Ayers (for where they got him, I think he'll be a terrific value)

                      O-- Will Beatty (I think he could start sooner rather than later for a very good G-men OL)
                      D-- Darius Butler (tough call between Butler and Maualuga, IMO)

                      O--Chase Coffman
                      D--Rashad Johnson (not sure how much play time he'll get behind Wilson and Rolle, but a good pick, nonetheless)

                      O--Louis Murphy (I may like him better than Heyward-Bey)
                      D--DJ Moore (perfect fit for the Bears' system)

                      O--Rhett Bomar (personal fav. Day 2 QB)
                      D--Jasper Brinkley (should fit right in with a fast, physical Vikings D)

                      O--James Davis
                      D-- Al Afalava

                      O--Rashad Jennings
                      D--Zach Follett

                      What I learned from this: Going through round by round, it became apparent (at least to me) that this was a very defense heavy draft. Seemed like most rounds I really struggled to find an offensive pick I loved, whereas I always felt like I had to choose between 2-3 really good defensive choices.


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                        Offense - Donald Brown, Colts
                        Defense - B.J. Raji, Packers

                        Offense - Eben Britton, Jaguars
                        Defense - Connor Barwin, Texans

                        Offense - Brandon Tate, Patriots
                        Defense - Jarron Gilbert, Bears

                        Offense - Andre Brown, Giants
                        Defense - Lawrence Sidbury Jr., Falcons

                        Offense - Duke Robinson, Panthers
                        Defense - Scott McKillop, 49ers

                        Offense - Cedric Peerman, Ravens
                        Defense - Coye Francies, Browns

                        Offense - A.Q. Shipley, Steelers
                        Defense - Zack Follett, Lions



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                          1. Eric Wood/Ziggy Hood
                          2. LeSean McCoy/Rey Maualuga
                          3. Brandon Tate/Jarron Gilbert
                          4. Shawn Nelson/Vaughn Martin
                          5. Cornelius Ingram/Victor Harris
                          6. James Davis/Will Davis
                          7. Sammie Stroughter/Ricky Jean-Francois


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                            1. Knowshon Moreno (just thought he was a perfect player for McDaniels' offense and really completes that offense) Aaron Maybin (favorite player in the draft and he gets to go somewhere that gives him the opportunity to rush the passer now and learn run defense later as they already have solid run-defense ends)
                            2. LeSean McCoy (gives the Eagles exactly what they needed, a backup to Westbrook that won't force them to change their gameplan when he gets hurt) Connor Barwin (perfect situation for him as he doesn't need to start right away and he gets time to learn from Super Mario to become a great DE)
                            3. Deon Butler (really was a perfect fit, will step right into Bobby Engram's shoes and give Hasselbeck a reliable slot receiver) Asher Allen (gets to learn from another short CB (winfield) and will develop into a solid replacement for him when he retires)
                            4. Seth Olsen (immediately becomes the top backup at both guard spots and probably RT as well and should help make the transition to more physical offensive line play) Donald Washington (gives them a more physical/press guy to start off in the nickel who fits clancy's scheme better than all the cover two guys they had)
                            5. Cornelius Ingram (if healthy, easily becomes the best TE on their roster) Jasper Brinkley (alarming lack of defensive players in this round and he's probably got the best chance of starting)
                            6. Curtis Painter (gets to hold Peyton Manning and jim sorgi's jock, what's not to like?) Stryker Sulak (great name and he goes to the raiders so he has a chance to make an impact with their lack of solid DEs)
                            7. A.Q. Shipley (beast that should be their starting center from next year til he decides he's done) Vance Walker (i like his size and they need some help at NT and he should be able to at least be a solid rotational guy there)

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