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  • Prospect Comparison Thread

    Don't know if something like this has already been posted, but here it goes. It's high ranking prospects, or the guys that rank at the top of their respective positions.

    Sam Bradford - QB Tom Brady, New England Patriots
    Jake Locker - QB Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers
    Jevan Snead - QB Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys
    Colt McCoy - QB Alex Smith, San Francisco 49ers
    Tony Pike - QB Kerry Collins, Tennessee Titans
    Tim Tebow - Combination: QB Byron Leftwich, Tampa Bay, QB Vince Young, Tennessee

    Jonathan Dwyer - RB Michael Turner, Atlanta Falcons
    C.J. Spiller - RB Chris Johnson, Dallas Cowboys
    Jahvid Best - RB Reggie Bush, New Orleans Saints
    Charles Scott - RB LaMont Jordan, Denver Broncos

    Jermaine Gresham - TE Tony Gonzalez, Atlanta Falcons

    Dez Bryant - WR Chad Ochocinco, Cincinnati Bengals
    Arrelious Benn - WR Anquan Boldin, Arizona Cardinals
    Brandon LaFell - WR Dwayne Bowe, Kansas City Chiefs
    Damian Williams - WR Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis Colts
    Erick Decker - WR Kevin Walter, Houston Texans

    Russell Okung - LT Jordan Gross, Carolina Panthers
    Bryan Bulaga - LT Jake Long, Miami Dolphins
    Trent Williams - LT Jamal Brown (I think Williams winds up a RT in NFL)
    Selvish Capers - LT Duane Brown, Houston Texans
    Anthony Davis - LT Ryan Clady, Denver Broncos
    Jason Fox - LT Chad Clifton, Green Bay Packers
    Ciron Black - RT Vernon Carey, Miami Dolphins

    Any true great guard? Maybe Render?

    Any true great center? Maybe O'Dowd?

    Carlos Dunlap - DE Mario Williams, Houston Texans
    Greg Hardy - DE Adewale Ogunyele, Chicago Bears
    Corey Wootton - DE Miathias Kiwanuka, New York Giants
    Ricky Sapp - OLB DeMarcus Ware, Dallas Cowboys
    Brandon Graham - OLB LaMarr Woodley, Pittsburgh Steelers

    Gerald McCoy - DT Kevin Williams, Minnesota Vikings
    Ndamukong Suh - DT Richard Seymour, Oakland Raiders
    Terrence Cody - NT Shaun Rogers, Cleveland Browns
    Arthur Jones - DE Ty Warren, New England Patriots

    Sean Weatherspoon - LB Derrick Brooks, Free Agent
    Sergio Kindle - OLB Shaun Phillips, San Diego Chargers
    Eric Norwood - Former LB Teddy Bruschi, New England Patriots
    Rolando McClain - MLB DeMeco Ryans, Houston Texans
    Brandon Spikes - MLB E.J. Henderson, Minnesota Vikings
    Sean Lee - LB Dan Connor, Carolina Panthers

    Joe Haden - CB Darrelle Revis, New York Jets
    Patrick Robinson - CB Eric Wright, Cleveland Browns
    Perrish Cox - CB Antoine Cason, San Diego Chargers
    Brandon Ghee - CB Vontae Davis, Miami Dolphins

    Eric Berry - FS Ed Reed, Baltimore Ravens
    Taylor Mays - Former FS Sean Taylor, Washington Redskins (minus ball-skills)
    Nate Allen - FS Brodney Pool, Cleveland Browns
    Kam Chancellor - SS Roy Williams, Cincinnati Bengals

    Props to clover_jeez!

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    I really don't like any of your comparisons on QB's. How does Bradford compare to Brady? How in any way is Locker like Roethlisberger?

    Originally posted by Tebowfan85
    too bad the Sea hawks are starting Hasselback and not Whitehorsest (sp)They are gonna loose any ways .


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      A lot of these are pretty terrible. The worst one is the Tim Tebow - Byron Leftwich one. Really? Byron Leftwich? Their arms are nothing alike cause Leftwich has an asbolute cannon and is pretty accurate, and on top of that, he's a statue. Tim Tebow is one of the most mobile QBs in the country, and he has a noodle arm. WTH?


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        The only parallel is the slow release.

        I don't think Tebow has a noodle though, he's adequate at least.

        But yea, those comparisons make this the the greatest draft ever.
        Originally posted by SNIPER26
        fwiw, i amz deunks ofs myt ass. ilo vez drinmoinz befotre i post. wha t a hreat ideas.z.


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          I didn't come up with these guys, I just googled them and got this from other websites and used the general consensus for each player.

          Just wanted to fuel some discussion, and I don't really know much about some guys.

          But if I remember correctly, Bradford was compared to Brady because both play in similar styled offenses, can make all throws, and had similar throwing technique.

          For Locker it was because he buys time with his feet, but doesn't necessarily run. He simply let's the play develop, and it said that the only other qb for which this was comparable was Roethlisberger.

          For Tebow, yeah it was the release, as well as spotty accuracy and innate tendencies to run.

          I know not all of the comparisons fit, but I still wanted to hear what you guys had to say.

          Another popular pick for Bradford was Eli Manning. Are those two guys more alike than Bradford and Brady?
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          Props to clover_jeez!


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              I'll just do the QB, RB, & TE for now...

              Sam Bradford - Kyle Orton
              Jake Locker - Donovan McNabb/Matt Schaub
              Jevan Snead - Rex Grossman
              Colt McCoy - Alex Smith
              Tony Pike - Matt Cassel
              Tim Tebow - I don't want to insult any current NFL players.

              Jonathan Dwyer - Cedric Benson
              C.J. Spiller - Chris Johnson
              Jahvid Best - Brian Westbrook
              Charles Scott - Lendale White

              Jermaine Gresham - Kellen Winslow


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                s. bradford = p. rivers
                j. locker = bigger, stronger, faster steve young
                t. tebow = t. tebow...he's the first and will greatly bebefit with the emergence of the wildcat.
                j. snead = r. grossman
                c. mccoy = j. plummer

                c.j. spiller = r. bush
                j. best = warick dunn
                n. devine = c. johnson

                d. bryant = l. fitzgerald
                a. benn = t.o.
                d. williams = r. wayne
                d. thomas = m. colston...but a much better blocker

                b. buluga = j. long
                c. dunlap = super mario
                g. mccoy = t. harris
                n. suh = k. williams
                t. cody = j. williams
                b. robinson = j. ratliff

                s. kindle = d. ware
                e. norwood = w. mcginest
                s. weatherspoon = l. briggs
                r. mcclain = r. lewis

                e. berry as a corner = m. blount/r. woodson hybrid
                p. cox = scrabble

                e. berry as a safety = ed reed/ troy polumulu hybrid
                t. mays = s. atwater


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                  Originally posted by roscoesdad27 View Post
                  j. locker = bigger, stronger, faster steve young
                  That's Elway. I have cautiously compared Locker to Elway pending another season of improvement before. Cautiously. He's either Boller, McNabb, or Elway from what I've seen thus far.


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                    Originally posted by nepg View Post
                    That's Elway. I have cautiously compared Locker to Elway pending another season of improvement before. Cautiously. He's either Boller, McNabb, or Elway from what I've seen thus far.
                    he doesnt have elways arm strength...thats why i say young.


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                      Originally posted by roscoesdad27 View Post
                      he doesnt have elways arm strength...thats why i say young.
                      Honestly, I don't agree with your opinions often but I like the Steve Young comparison a lot.

                      Originally posted by Tebowfan85
                      too bad the Sea hawks are starting Hasselback and not Whitehorsest (sp)They are gonna loose any ways .


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                        Jevan Snead = Jay Cutler
                        Jimmy Clausen = Tom Brady
                        Sam Bradford = Phillip Rivers

                        CJ Spiller = Leon Washington
                        Jonathan Dwyer = Duece Staley

                        Damian Williams = Jerricho Cotchery

                        Bryan Bulaga = Robert Gallery
                        Russell Okung = William Thomas
                        Ciron Black = OG Carl Nicks

                        Carlos Dunlap = Less effective Jamaal Anderson
                        Corey Wootton = Calias Campell
                        Ricky Sapp = Chris Clemons
                        Brandon Graham = Trent Cole
                        Derrick Morgan = Justin Tuck

                        Gerald McCoy = Tommie Harris
                        Terrence Cody = Kris Jenkins
                        Arthur Jones = Cedric Griffin
                        Brian Price = Mike Patterson
                        Jared Odrick = Tony Brown
                        Jeff Owens = Brodrick Bunkley

                        Eric Norwood = James Harrison
                        Sean Weatherspoon = Jon Beason
                        Brandon Spikes = Channing Crowder
                        Rolando McClain = Karlos Dansby
                        Joe Pawelek = Lofa Tatupu
                        Micah Johnson = David Harris

                        Brandon Ghee = Corey Webster
                        Perrish Cox = Sheldon Brown

                        Taylor Mays = Laron Landry
                        Reshad Jones = Gibril Wilson
                        Major Wright = Reggie Nelson
                        Kam Chancellor = Roy Williams
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                          Originally posted by Thumper View Post
                          Carlos Dunlap = Less effective Jamaal Anderson
                          YEEEEEOOOWCH! That's brutal right there. Less effective, you are talking about the Falcons DE who just seems to have all the potential but no production right?


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                            I like the Eric Berry to Ed Reed and Ndamkong Suh to Richard Seymour comparisons. I also think Russell Okung is comparable to D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Eric Decker to T.J. Houshmandzadeh, and Greg Hardy to DeMarcus Ware. A lot of people think Jahvid Best compares to Chris Johnson, but I think C.J. Spiller is more comparable.


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                              Originally posted by Falcon<3 View Post
                              YEEEEEOOOWCH! That's brutal right there. Less effective, you are talking about the Falcons DE who just seems to have all the potential but no production right?
                              Yes. Look back, I was dead on on this guy. He is the most overrated prospect in the draft and I called it months ago, I said he was overrated and thus far he is proving me right with 2 sacks on the year, little pressure and he got his sacks against Kentucky and Troy. Can you tell me who those left tackles are? Probably not and neither can I. And in addition he was completely dominated in the Tennessee game where he was a non-factor which seems to happen alot with him. He isn't quick, he is lumbering and he isn't strong. Jamaal Anderson is the better prospect and is going to be the better NFL player.

                              Here is what I said in August:

                              Originally posted by Thumper View Post
                              YES! I agree x1000%.

                              He lacks a great first step and doesn't reach the corner. A majority of his sacks came from quarterbacks holding on to the ball for too long. His upper-body is extremely skinny, skinnier than that of Gaines Adams and even Michael Johnson. He isn't fast at all and looks like he will run a 4.8 or a 4.9. Honestly I think he is the worst of all of the prototype defensive ends (Peppers, Williams, Anderson, Johnson, Adams). He compares favorably with Jamaal Anderson from a few years ago who went top 10 and hasn't done anything in the NFL, the only difference? Jamaal Anderson was better in college and was stronger.

                              IMO the best prototype DE in this draft is Corey Wootton out of Northwestern.

                              Dunlap does have his positives though, he does have a nice bull rush, he has nice production and he never quits on a play. However I think that his strength and bull rush are results of playing against College Left Tackles that are not NFL caliber. In fact, he played 3 first round NFL tackles in Andre Smith, Michael Oher and Ciron Black all 3 of whom are right tackles in the NFL. Do you know how many sacks he registered against them? Not one. He didn't even get a sack against Phil Loadholt.

                              The depth chart I found said he played RE but it could be wrong so I'll just name the RTs he faced in those games:
                              Drew Davis, John Jerry, Joseph Barksdale and Trent Williams. 4 players who will be in the NFL, he did not register a sack.

                              He did not register a sack in 8 separate games. And he compiled 6 of his sacks against the likes of Kentucky, Florida St. and Miami. The only notable LT on these teams is Jason Fox, who I believe had a freshman QB that he was protecting. But aside from that he beat up on a freshman and a no name at Kentucky.

                              And it looks even worse if he was a LE because he was going against nobodies versus Florida St. and Kentucky and he played against an injured Reggie Youngblood in Miami. Not good any way you spin it.

                              Here is an example of what I mean by he gets sacks because the QB holds the ball too long:



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