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  • Originally posted by TACKLE View Post
    How about this...

    Derrick Morgan = Trent Cole
    Brian Price = Mike Patterson
    Cole is an ideal RE, though. I don't like Morgan on the right side.

    Patterson is a fine player, but that's too low for Price, IMO.


    • Brian Price is way way better than Patterson coming out of college.... way better.

      Rolando McClain=Jeremiah Trotter


      • Originally posted by Malaka View Post
        What? Chris Johnson is a much better comparison than Reggie Bush granted neither are perfect comparisons for Spiller. But Spiller does not dance anywhere near as much as Bush did at this point in their careers, Spiller is much tougher than Reggie Bush.

        CJ might be 10x tougher than Spiller (questionable) but Spiller is 10x tougher than Bush (obviously IMO).
        Spiller doesn't dance as much as Bush, but he still does it a lot. There's a reason why many Clemson fans didn't think he was the best running back on the team this year(best player, but a lot liked Ellington more as a runner). I wouldn't say Spiller is that much more physical than Bush.

        The Felix Jones comparison works.

        Sig by Matthew Jones


        • Mardy Gilyard-Santonio Holmes


          • Jimmy Clausen- Matt Leinart: He is a productive, experienced college passer in a pro style offense who lacks elite physical tools. We shall see how this bodes for his pro career.

            Sam Bradford- Phillip Rivers: I like this one as both look pretty similar throwing the football and were both incredibly productive. Again, they both lack elite physical skills, but have incredible accuracy and intangibles.

            Colt McCoy- Tony Romo: McCoy does not really do one thing any particularly well. However, like Romo, he is mobile, displays a good enough arm, is productive, and have similar physical attributes. I think McCoy is a project however, and no more than a late second or early third rounder.

            Tim Tebow- Alex Smith: That's not a good thing. Both are athletic guys who were incredibly productive in college thanks to Urban Meyer's offense. This has not translated well to the NFL for Smith, and bodes even worse for Tebow. He is nowhere near the passer Smith was, or is now. He will not be a pro QB. he can't be.

            C.J. Spiller- Felix Jones
            Jahvid Best- Jamaal Charles
            Johnathan Dwyer- Johnathan Stewart

            Dez Bryant- Chad Ocho Cinco
            Arrelious Benn- Hakeem Nicks
            Golden Tate- Santana Moss

            Jermaine Gresham- Antonio Gates
            Rob Gronkowski- Todd Heap
            Aaron Hernandez- Dustin Keller

            Derrick Morgan- Will Smith
            Jason Pierre-Paul- Michael Johnson: I'm not a fan of this guy.
            Carlos Dunlap- Calais Campbell

            Ndamukong Suh- Kevin Williams
            Gerald McCoy- Tommy Harris
            Dan Williams- Shaun Rogers

            Sergio Kindle- Lamarr Woodley
            Sean Weatherspoon- Rocky McIntosh
            Eric Norwood- James Harrison

            Rolando McClain- David Harris
            Brandon Spikes- Andra Davis
            Daryl Washington- Barrett Ruud

            Joe Haden- Dunta Robinson
            Patrick Robinson- Mike Jenkins
            Perrish Cox- Nate Clements

            Eric Berry- Ed Reed: This is cliche by now, but its true. He's a clone. Needless to say, he's going to be a stud.

            Taylor Mays- Sean Taylor: Really, no one I've ever seen compares to this guy. He is one of the more intriguing prospects to have come around in a long time. No idea what to make of him.

            Earl Thomas- Reggie Nelson


            • Jonathan Dwyer- Shonn Greene


              • Golden Tate- Josh Reed

                Converted HB to WR. Lacks elite speed. Tough to tackle. Strong. Short, stocky, very good college wr


                • Mardy Gilyard - Chad Johnson

                  Both run horrid routes, have similar body types, will have trouble beating the press, but both seem to just make plays


                  • Dorin Dickerson- Poor man's Anquan Boldin


                    • Hawks..

                      Bryan Bulaga - Jon Runyan
                      Kyle Calloway - Marc Colombo
                      Aj Edds - Karlos Dansby
                      Pat Angerer - Zach Thomas
                      Anthony Moeaki - Dustin Keller
                      Amari Spievey - Chris McAlister


                      • You mean:

                        Bulaga: Munoz
                        Calloway: Ogden
                        Edds: LT
                        Angerer: Lambert
                        Moeaki: Tony G
                        Spievey: Deion


                        • Well, no, I don't mean that at all. I meant when I typed. That's probably why I typed it.


                          • Just making sure, Told.


                            • Originally posted by ToldLikeItIs View Post
                              Kyle Calloway - Marc Colombo
                              Marc Colombo played both tackle positions at Boston College and was a first round pick. I love Calloway but he won't sniff the first round.

                              If you see Calloway as similar to Colombo in that he will be a solid NFL RT than I can accept it. But not comparing them as prospects.


                              • I make that comparison based on size, appearance, blocking style, and yes NFL potential.



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