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  • Originally posted by George Lippard View Post
    I don't buy the Steve Smith/Golden Tate comparisons. They are both short receivers, it ends there. Smith is much more explosive athlete and a sick route runner, Tate has molasses as feet. Smith is solidly built, Tate is an emaciated turd.
    I don't see the grounds for that statement regarding Tate's feet or build, but I generally agree. I wouldn't take Tate until the 5th.


    • Earl Thomas?????

      "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


      • Originally posted by Thumper View Post
        When I hear JPP I think of Jevon Kearse.
        When I hear JPP I think of Al Davis, but that's not a comparison, so...


        • Who does Vladimir Ducasse, Earl Thomas, Chad Jones, Kyle Wilson, Dan Williams and Mike Iupati compare to the best?

          "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


          • Originally posted by K Train View Post
            i have a few

            Chad Jones-Adrian Wilson
            Mardy Gilyard-Santonio Holmes
            Anthony Davis-Ryan Clady (without the silky smooth technique)
            Tim Tebow-Dallas Clark (for real)
            Brandon Spikes-James Farrior
            Sam Bradford-Alex Smith

            Bolded the ones i like. I love the first 2 coparisons!

            James Farrior was nothing like spikes though man, he was 240 coming out and ran a 4.4...coverage was equaly as good as his run stopping when he came out. That basicaly ruins this comparison ;)


            • Originally posted by RaiderNation View Post
              Earl Thomas?????
              Antoine Bathea...differnt prospects, but similar players imo.


              • Originally posted by RaiderNation View Post
                Who does Vladimir Ducasse, Earl Thomas, Chad Jones, Kyle Wilson, Dan Williams and Mike Iupati compare to the best?
                I'll take a stab at it.

                Vlad Ducasse - Khalif Barnes
                Earl Thomas - Antoine Bethea
                Chad Jones - Adrian Wilson
                Kyle Wilson - Asante Samuel
                Dan Williams - Jamal Williams
                Mike Iupati - Steve Hutchinson


                • Originally posted by Jakey View Post
                  Antoine Bathea...differnt prospects, but similar players imo.
                  I was posting Bethea - Earl Thomas comparison a second after you did. Guess great minds think a like.


                  • I may be going out on a limb here but I do see some Champ Bailey in Eric Berry, similar height... similar speed, excellent head for the ball.. good tacklers for guys their size... If Berry is switched to CB I can't think of a better comparison.

                    Bone Krusher, the best


                    • Jared Veldheer=Joe Staley


                      • Originally posted by PACKmanN View Post
                        Jared Veldheer=Joe Staley
                        Was thinking Veldheer = Sebastian Vollmer but I like the Staley comparison too.


                        • Originally posted by Mr. Goosemahn View Post
                          Jahvid Best - RB Reggie Bush, New Orleans Saints
                          FYI, I think every alternative posted was better than this comparison. While I understand why they've aways been compared to each other, Best is a between-the-tackles RB. Overall, good post though.


                          • Rolando McClain --- Karlos Dansby

                            Brandon Graham --- Dwight Freeney

                            Ndamukong Suh --- Bruce Smith

                            Golden Tate --- Derrick Mason

                            Jermaine Gresham --- K2


                            • kyle wilson = a faster brandon flowers?


                              • Criticize away guys...just looking to get a feel:

                                Vince Oghobaase - Ty Warren - Comparing him to Seymour like I once did is kind of disrespectful to Seymour, a HOF. Still, he's got alot of similarities to Seymour's former teammate, though Warren's stock was trending up his senior year.

                                Eric Berry - Darrelle Revis - Shutdown DB. I believe Berry has that upside as a CB, but since there's little to no talk of it I guess there's no way to see if it's true. Alot of good stuff with this kid that makes me buy him becoming a top DB in the league...

                                Keiland Williams - Michael Turner - Not as college productive as Turner, and won't even go as "high" as Turner did (4th), but similar size and running styles. One of my favorite RB sleepers.

                                Dominique Franks - Young Lito Sheppard - The version before the injuries hit and made him merely passable. Funny that there's a young Lito Sheppard besides the fact that he's 28 going on

                                Rob Gronkowski - John Carlson - Might flash before any other TE in the class if he's healthy.

                                Mike Iupati - Steve Hutchinson - Best G prospect since Hutch.

                                Micah Johnson - Curtis Lofton - Figured I'd compare him to the "worst" of the group of thumper young ILB/MLB in the league. Really underrated prospect that could fly up boards if he times better than expected like David Harris did in '07.

                                Corey Wooton - Chris Canty

                                Dez Bryant - Andre Johnson - Closest thing to AJ since AJ. Love his attitude as a player, though I'm not sure if he's as high character as AJ away from the football field. Character is what separates Johnson from just about anyone who might be compared to him.

                                Damian Williams - Reggie Wayne - From the new The U apparently. This one was easy.

                                DeMaryius Thomas - Brandon Marshall? - Someone scary talented. Will look better if he goes to an offense with a QB that makes his WRs play up.

                                Shay Hodge - Jerricho Cotchery - Good feeling about this guy. Solid WR.

                                Dan Williams - Jason Ferguson - Just a solid NT. Not much else to say.

                                Linval Joseph - Anthony Montgomery - Developmental DT that will entice alot of teams in 2-3 years once he's developed. Montgomery really needs to get traded to the Jets during this whole RFA non-sense.

                                Wtf happened to Boo Robinson? I'm not even sure who to compare him to anymore. He might be more Ferguson than Williams, just because Ferguson was a 7th round pick sleeper type.

                                Mike Neal/Lamarr Houston - Dwan Edwards - Extremely stout player.

                                Nate Allen - Louis Delmas

                                Joe Haden - Pre-injury Dunta Robinson

                                Kyle Wilson - Eric Wright - Doesn't have Wright's character problems, and might be a bit stronger. Good #2 corner.

                                Arrelious Benn - Bryant Johnson - Just don't buy the hype anymore, which kind of sucks. He's not a bad dude, so he'll stick around in the league like Johnson but just not aggressive enough.

                                Eric Decker - Joe Jeruvicius - Obviously not the 6'5 230 that Joe J. was, but a vicious possession WR in the same mold.

                                Golden Tate - Hines Ward - Don't buy that he touches Steve Smith as an athlete, but he's very close to the young Hines Ward.

                                Earl Thomas - Reggie Nelson - Hopefully he's less of a bust than Nelson has been, but my guess is that he struggles a little early on. Nowadays that tends to get you labeled a bust...Hate how that word gets thrown around in this sport.

                                Kam Chancellor - Adrian Wilson - Man this guy's a sleeper. Love the whole big safety thing, and he's less stiff than Taylor Mays is. Seriously, get on some Kam Chancellor because he's going to be a player...and not that S to pro LB crap.

                                Kendrick Lewis - Rashard Johnson - Smart, senior S. Nice player.

                                Rolando McClain - I like the Dansby comparison.



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