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  • Chris Polk... Corey Dillon?


    • Originally posted by onejayhawk View Post
      I dont like those either. Polk seems to be unique.

      In what way?


      • Kendall Wright = Santonio Holmes

        edit: removed the question mark. the more think about this one, the more I like it.
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        • Originally posted by Don Vito View Post
          Crowell is a joke
          I very much so agree

          Originally Posted by JoeJoeBrown
          The most important thing, however, is how strong their swagger factors are.
          South of the Mason Dixon +10 swagger
          Barely literate +5 swagger
          Thief +15 swagger
          Kicked off of a team of thugs +20 swagger
          Big, average speed -3 swagger
          Hasn't done jacksquat on the field +15 swagger
          Total Swagger: 62
          ATL College Park Zone 3* +20 swagger Bonus pts


          • Morris Claiborne-Chris McAlister


            • Devon Wylie = Wes Welker (with 4.3 speed) or "White Jacoby Ford"


              • Malik Jackson = Vonnie Holliday


                • Does anyone have a comparison for Robert Woods or Marqise Lee (I know he isn't draft eligible)? Reggie Wayne is the one I would use for Woods.


                  • Originally posted by katy-perry

                    Wind Prospect undertakes all aspects of wind energy development, including design, construction, operation and commercial services, with offices in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and China. With over 18 years of successful development within the industry, the Wind Prospect Group has been involved in over 2,500MW of approved wind farms, including onshore and offshore projects, in terms of development, construction, operations and commercial services, and has a further 4000MW in the early phase of development. The company‘«÷s civil, electrical and mechanical engineers have been involved in the commissioning of over 50 wind farms around the world.

                    Wind Prospect‘«÷s development offices in Australia are in Adelaide, Newcastle, Brisbane and Melbourne. Wind Prospect Pty Ltd (WPPL) is the most successful developer in Australia, having achieved planning approval for 10 wind farms totalling over 860 MW, of which 565MW is operating or under construction.

                    Two recent successes in South Australia are the North Brown Hill Wind Farm (132.3MW) and The Bluff Range Wind Farm (52.1MW), both approximately 270 km north east of Adelaide, which are Wind Prospect‘«÷s sixth and seventh wind farm developments respectively to progress to construction in South Australia. More projects in this region have received planning approval and are expected to proceed to construction.
                    I think this post compares favorably to Drew Brees


                    • Originally posted by yupyup View Post
                      Does anyone have a comparison for Robert Woods or Marqise Lee (I know he isn't draft eligible)? Reggie Wayne is the one I would use for Woods.
                      Woods=Marvin Harrison


                      • Every time I watch Justin Blackmon I see a lot of Greg Jennings in him.


                        • Originally posted by thefridge15 View Post
                          Every time I watch Justin Blackmon I see a lot of Greg Jennings in him.


                          • Bama NT Josh Chapman: poor man's BJ Raji

                            tOSU C Michael Brewster: Nick Mangold (not just tOSU connection, they're very similar)

                            Arizona FS/CB Robert Golden: Nick Collins or Antrel Rolle

                            Troy OT James Brown: Marshall Newhouse

                            Wake Forest OLB Kyle Wilber: Connor Barwin

                            Missouri DT Dominique Hamilton: Jarvis Jenkins (Clemson-2011) or Ziggy Hood (Missouri-2009)

                            Toledo CB Desmond Marrow: Brandon Browner (Oregon St.-2005)

                            W. Kentucky RB Bobby Rainey: Jordan Todman (UConn-2011)

                            N. Illinois QB Chandler Harnish: Zac Robinson (Oklahoma St.-2010)


                            • Originally posted by RaiderNation
                              Possibly, they have similar height and athlectism. If Barkley can keep improving as a thrower and his accuracy could be deadly like Brees...
                              Except Barkley is closer to Aaron Rodger's size than Brees's.
                              **** her in da *****!


                              • I threw out the Hasselbeck comparison a few weeks ago, and whether or not that was the first time on these forums, it seems to be one quite a few people can agree on. And while Hasselbeck was never necessarily "elite" in Seattle, if you think you're getting a quality 10-year starter who can win in the playoffs, that's worth a top-10 pick. When I watch Barkley, I see a solid if unspectacular pro prospect who doesn't have any glaring problems in his game, has a good pedigree and will be well-prepared for the pros and has a lot of starting experience. I expect him to be better then Mark Sanchez. I actually think they're really similar, but I'd give Barkley more points in the composure category. I think he's a bit more accurate and seems less erratic.



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