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  • QB Tony Pike

    What's everyones thoughts on him? I've just started scouting him. I'm watching some plays and he looks Composed, with a nice arm and some good accuracy with the ability to move around in the pocket and run a little bit.

    Is he a Leader? Winner? Player? Franchise QB?

    Obviously, I ask this because the Rams will be looking to QB. Also, would we be able to scoop him up in Round 2?
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    We've had like 8,000 threads on Pike and I can tell you now the last time I saw the discussion on Pike, it seemed like the whole board was all over the place in regards to him. Some people loved him, and some people hated him (as with all prospects, but I mean to even more degree with Pike).

    He's definitely not easy to read yet, I'm a bit of a homer as a UC fan and definitely love watching him, but I couldn't give you a good, honest evaluation.



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