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ThePudge's second 2010 Draft Board and Thoughts

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  • ThePudge's second 2010 Draft Board and Thoughts

    My second big board/series of thoughts this year. I increased the board from 64 to 85 this time and plan to have 100 (pre-senior bowl) and 150 (Post-Senior Bowl). By the time the Combine is done, I'll be going with boards over 250 prospects total. Feedback is encouraged and greatly appreciated and feel free to discuss any draft topic here. Enjoy!

    Top 85

    1. Ndamukong Suh - DT - Nebraska
    2. Eric Berry - S/CB - Tennessee*
    3. Gerald McCoy - DT - Oklahoma*
    4. Russell Okung - OT - Oklahoma State
    5. Dez Bryant - WR - Oklahoma State*
    6. Sean Weatherspoon - OLB - Missouri
    7. Derrick Morgan - DE/OLB Georgia Tech*
    8. Joe Haden - CB - Florida*
    9. Taylor Mays - S - USC
    10. C.J. Spiller - RB - Clemson
    11. Jake Locker - QB - Washington*
    12. Jimmy Clausen - QB - Notre Dame*
    13. Everson Griffen - DE/OLB - USC*
    14. Rolando McClain - ILB - Alabama*
    15. Sam Bradford - QB - Oklahoma*
    16. Brandon Graham - LB/DE - Michigan
    17. Trent Williams - OT - Oklahoma
    18. Bryan Bulaga - OT - Iowa*
    19. Jermaine Gresham - TE - Oklahoma
    20. Carlos Dunlap - DE - Florida*
    21. Anthony Davis - OT - Rutgers*
    22. Sergio Kindle - OLB - Texas
    23. Jerry Hughes - OLB/DE - TCU*
    24. Demaryius Thomas - WR - Georgia Tech*
    25. Navorro Bowman - LB - Penn State*
    26. Terrance Cody - NT - Alabama
    27. Ryan Mallett - QB - Arkansas*
    28. Donovan Warren - CB - Michigan*
    29. Ricky Sapp - OLB/DE - Clemson
    30. Golden Tate - WR/ATH - Notre Dame*
    31. Morgan Burnett - S - Georgia Tech*
    32. Arrelious Benn - WR - Illinois*
    33. Jahvid Best - RB - California*
    34. Marvin Austin - DT - North Carolina*
    35. Corey Wootton - DE - Northwestern
    36. Arthur Jones - DT - Syracuse
    37. Greg Hardy - DE/OLB - Mississippi
    38. Bruce Campbell - OT - Maryland*
    39. Patrick Robinson - CB - Florida State
    40. Damian Williams - WR - USC*

    41. Jason Pierre-Paul - OLB/DE - South Florida*
    42. Mike Iupati - G - Idaho
    43. Nate Allen - S - South Florida
    44. Brian Price - DT - UCLA*
    45. Bruce Carter - OLB - North Carolina*
    46. Brandon LaFell - WR - LSU
    47. Charles Brown - OT - USC
    48. Mardy Gilyard - WR - Cincinnati
    49. Jared Odrick - DT - Penn State
    50. Jonathan Dwyer - RB - Georgia Tech*
    51. Brandon Ghee - CB - Wake Forest
    52. Brandon Spikes - ILB - Florida
    53. Eric Norwood - OLB/DE - South Carolina
    54. Perrish Cox - CB - Oklahoma State
    55. Jermaine Cunningham - OLB/DE - Florida
    56. Jon Asamoah - OG - Illinois
    57. Dan Williams - DT - Tennessee
    58. Toby Gerhart - RB - Stanford
    59. Thaddeus Gibson - OLB/DE - Ohio State*
    60. Tim Tebow - QB - Florida
    61. Anthony McCoy - TE - USC
    62. Eric Decker - WR - Minnesota
    63. Matt Tennant - C - Boston College
    64. Ryan Matthews - RB - Fresno State*
    65. Tyson Alualu - DT - California
    66. Mike Johnson - OG - Alabama
    67. George Selvie - OLB/DE - South Florida
    68. Darrell Stuckey - S - Kansas
    69. Jason Fox - OT - Miami
    70. Jordan Shipley - WR - Texas
    71. Sean Lee - LB - Penn State
    72. Colt McCoy - QB - Texas
    73. Anthony Dixon - RB - Mississippi State
    74. Selvish Capers - OT - West Virginia
    75. Daryl Washington - ILB - TCU
    76. Vince Oghobaase - DT/DE - Duke
    77. Mike Williams - WR - Syracuse*
    78. Reshad Jones - S - Georgia*
    79. Jeremy Williams - WR - Tulane
    80. Kyle Wilson - CB - Boise State
    81. Brandon Lang - OLB/DE - Troy
    82. Ciron Black - OT - LSU
    83. Danario Alexander - WR - Missouri
    84. Garrett Graham - TE/H-B - Wisconsin
    85. Riley Cooper - WR - Florida

    Notably exempt: Allen Bailey, Domonique Franks, Adrian Clayborn, Amari Spievey, Ras-I Dowling, Pouncey brothers, Rodney Hudson, Gabe Carmini, Kareem Jackson, Greg Jones, Greg Romeus, Cameron Heyward, Dezmon Briscoe, Joe McKnight, DeMarco Murray, Aaron Hernandez, Earl Thomas, Rennie Curran, DeAndre McDaniel

    * That list may not include some players, so it might be best to ask if you're uncertain about underclassmen exemptions. Feel free to ask where I would have put them if I had included them.

    And Some Thoughts

    - Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett is not a finished product, and no one is under the impression that he is. He needs to improve his accuracy and consistency, as well as footwork in and outside the pocket. To fully complete his development, Mallett needs to become more of a quarterback than a ball-thrower. He needs to be able to command his team in the huddle and he needs to emerge as a true team leader.

    With that all said, he has unbelievable natural tools. He has one of the strongest arms I've ever seen in football. The zip this guy puts on deep outs and passes over 40 yards is unreal. He has tremendous size, standing well over 6'6 and weighing in at over 235 pounds. He shows poise, accuracy on his intermediate-deep routes, and the ability to put the ball 70+ yards downfield or squeeze a ball into the tightest spots. He also protects the ball remarkably well for his aggressive style (4 interceptions). Athletically, he's more similar to JaMarcus Russell coming out of LSU than Andrew Walter out of ASU. He definitely shows the ability to move and to pick up yards with his legs, but like Russell, he lacks development of footwork in and outside the pocket.

    There's just simply too much natural talent and ability there to overlook Mallett as a serious NFL prospect. In the beginning of the season Mallett was unproven and extremely raw, but he's settled in at Arkansas, looks a lot more comfortable, and has improved his game a startling amount. He's not anywhere near complete, in fact, of any Top Three Round QB prospect this year, he probably has the furthest to go as well as overall development. Still, God has given him the most natural talent of the bunch, and of just about all of recent QB prospects. If Ryan Mallett makes the move to come out this year, he's likely to find a way into the Top 15-20. If he stays, he's the frontrunner for the #1 pick in 2011.

    - It's near impossible to get a great view of Georgia Tech RB Jonathan Dwyer and WR Demaryius Thomas through the eyes on an NFL position coach due to Paul Johnson's triple-option offense.

    On Dwyer's big runs, he's often matched up with a single defender by design of the triple option which forces defenses to play more passively and conservatively due to deception. Dwyer has more athleticism than he's getting credit for, but he has little short-area quickness, he lacks the tremendous burst that you'd like to see out of the new age power back, and isn't a great cutback runner due to a lack of elite vision in addition to the quickness/explosiveness concerns. He has little experience as a pass-blocker and hasn't come out of the backfield much as a receiver.

    He's a natural talent with size, power, durability, and athleticism. Still, Dwyer hasn't shown (or been given the chance to show) the all-around ability to be considered a feature back at the next level. As it stands now, Dwyer looks like one piece of a team's puzzle. This guy would be a shoe-in first round pick five to seven years ago. That being said, I don't think he's a first round pick in this draft and may end up falling to the middle or latter end of the second.

    Now, Demaryius Thomas is another guy that lacks a complete NFL game in some senses. Starting with speed, Thomas may be a 4.55-4.6 guy that prefers to be a target in the vertical passing game. Thomas is incredibly raw as a route runner due to GT's offense that mostly calls on him to run straight down field 3 times a game. His route tree is mostly undeveloped and there should be some legitimate fear that Thomas may be one of those WR projects you can expect ready in 3 years.

    While Thomas may not have polish as a wide receiver, he has definitely grown as a football player and he has his share of natural gifts. While his route-running may lack maturity and development, his run blocking certainly has progressed. Due to his size, natural athleticism, and sheer experience, Thomas has become one of the top run blocking receivers in the country, a quality NFL teams value highly. Thomas also has some potential after the catch. He's not particularly elusive or quick, but he's tough to bring down, and gets upfield fast. He has strong hands and can make the tough catch in traffic. He has tremendous ball skills, in more of a Randy Moss style (using physicality/leaping ability/body position/hands) than a Sidney Rice (long arms/leaping ability/hands).

    The general consensus has to be that Thomas has been under-used at Georgia Tech. While we lack knowledge on certain aspects of his game, and we can fairly assume that Thomas will take time to be a complete player, there is enough out there to support using a Mid-Late First Round Pick on Demaryius.

    - One Georgia Tech player I don't have too many doubts about is DE Derrick Morgan. At the beginning of the year there was some concern of a drop off after the Jackets had lost three starters on the Defensive Line to the draft. Now, we know they had retained their best one. The 6'4 272 junior, Morgan, is having an excellent year in the ACC compiling 17.5 TFL and 12.5 sacks through 11 games. He's athletic, he's explosive, he's strong, and he does a lot of work behind the line of scrimmage.

    The Yellow Jackets' season is not yet over, and if you're watching the team for draft purposes, I suggest you take a long look at their best NFL prospect in Derrick Morgan. He projects as a 4-3 Defensive End very well, but has the athleticism, and most importantly the football instincts, to switch to the Outside Linebacker spot in the 3-4. He's a natural pass-rusher with impressive technique and intelligence and also makes big plays in the run game. Morgan's a pretty complete player right now that will likely have a chance to make an impact right away at the next level. I'm sold on Morgan as a Top 10 pick, and I find it unlikely, if he declares, that he'll slip out of the Top 15.

    - Brandon Spikes is getting pretty low on my board and I feel that's going to require an explanation. Right now, Spikes strikes me as a slightly above average athlete and a good football player. He's not playing his best football right now: he ranks 4th on his own team in tackles with 45 (21 Solo) in 8 games, and isn't making plays in the run game behind the line of scrimmage.

    He'll play tall, he doesn't play sideline to sideline like an elite linebacker, and his acceleration can leave something to be desired. He's not as physical to engage as some make him out to be, as often times he will take himself out of a play by not running through blockers, but around them. There is concern out there about his weight room strength and functional strength. With his long arms and build, I'd keep an eye on Brandon Spikes, as I'm not sure he'll put that bar up more than 17-20 times. This isn't a big deal, but it's something to keep in the corner of your eye when considering the transition from college to NFL.

    He's a smart player with complete knowledge of his system, and of zone coverage schemes defensively. In the NFL though, he will struggle sinking his hips and running with more athletic Tight Ends than he sees on a day to day basis in college. His instincts rank as some of the best in the country, and he more often than not, takes good angles to the ball. I think he'll make a very good 3-4 ILB playing in front of a large, disruptive NT.

    I love Spikes' instincts, his size, his knack for being around the ball, his experience rushing the passer (from the middle and outside), and I love the energy he brings to a defense. Still, I worry about his ability in space, his leverage in the run game at the next level, his overall strength, and I wonder how his game will adjust facing superior athletes in the NFL. This year he has only 1.5 tackles behind the line of scrimmage in the run game, which is disappointing considering his reputation and his playing style.

    Right now, I have Brandon Spikes graded as a Second Round pick (including Underclassmen). And yes, if the number of underclassmen who declare increases as many think it will, he doesn't play well leading up to this BCS Bowl game (SEC Champ./BCS), or Spikes doesn't test all too well, I think he could slip. What it comes down to though for me here, is Spikes isn't playing like a first rounder today and I fear his best moments as a football player and as a Gator are behind him.

    - Any Player. Just ask. I'm open to any questions on any player/ranking/thoughts.

    Hot and Cold

    --- 10 Players on the way up ---
    + Derrick Morgan - DE/OLB - Georgia Tech (Top 15)*
    + Ryan Mallett - QB - Arkansas (Top 20)*
    + Toby Gerhart - RB - Stanford (Mid Second-Early Third)
    + Austen Lane - DE/OLB - Murray State (Late Third-Early Fifth)
    + Jermaine Cunningham - OLB/DE - Florida (Late First-Late Second)
    + Jerome Murphy - CB - South Florida (Late Second-Mid Fourth)
    + Jimmy Graham - TE - Miami (Mid Fourth-Late Fifth)
    + Willie Young - DE/OLB - NC State (Early Third-Early Fourth)
    + Ben Tate - RB - Auburn (Mid Third-Early Fourth)
    + Devin McCourty - CB - Rutgers (Early Third-Mid Fourth)

    --- And 5 that have fallen ---
    - Brandon Spikes - ILB - Florida (Early Second-Early Third)
    - Tony Pike - QB - Cincinnati (Late Fourth-Mid Sixth)
    - Carlos Dunlap - DE - Florida (Top 20)*
    - Jevan Snead - QB - Mississippi (Late Third-Fifth Round)*
    - Mike Williams - WR - Syracuse (Late Second-Early Fourth)*

    *- If player declares
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    Apparently I can't give you rep right now, but this is really good work. I enjoyed reading it.


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      Originally posted by Paranoidmoonduck View Post
      Apparently I can't give you rep right now, but this is really good work. I enjoyed reading it.
      Glad you enjoyed reading it. I wanted to throw in some more random thoughts there, but man do I take off with them. I start with a simple concept and can't hold myself to two paragraphs... really gets time consuming.

      Thanks for the feedback man.

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        MEGA POST!!!

        It was a great read and I completely agree with you on Dwyer and Thomas. It's very hard to tell what kind of NFL players will be beacuse they play in the triple option offense. Great job and I always enjoy reading your thoughts.

        Sig by BoneKrusher


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          What is preventing Earl Thomas from being higher in your rankings?


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            Originally posted by Texas Homer View Post
            What is preventing Earl Thomas from being higher in your rankings?
            I excluded Earl Thomas from these rankings as you can see down in the Underclassmen exemption section. If I were to include him, however, I would rank him fourth among all draft eligible safeties (behind Berry, Taylor Mays, and Morgan Burnett). He is very close to Burnett in my opinion and has the look of a first round pick. I think he'd be better off waiting a year and having a chance to be a Top 15 pick in 2011.

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              Thoughts on Greg Romeus should he declare? I think he is very similar in ability to Derrick Morgan. They are my two favorite prospects at their position.


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                Originally posted by phlysac View Post
                Thoughts on Greg Romeus should he declare? I think he is very similar in ability to Derrick Morgan. They are my two favorite prospects at their position.
                I like Greg Romeus, but I think it'd be best if he stayed in school. This Defensive End class is packed and Greg may be slighted in draft stock due to his projection to pretty much only 4-3 DE.

                Romeus has tremendous size at around 6'5 1/4 270 and he's an exceptional athlete at that size. He gets upfield fast and makes plays in the backfield. He's the type of long-limbed pass-rusher that 4-3 teams covet, but hasn't shown the lateral ability and read-&-react skills you'd like to see if you were projecting him to OLB in a 3-4. He uses his hands well, both getting them up to bat down balls and using them in his pass-rush repertoire. Still, he lacks brute strength and will have to add more physicality and aggressiveness to his game to fully achieve his potential.

                If he comes out this year, I expect him to be picked somewhere between the 20-35 area. He grades out as a first round prospect, but if he stayed Senior year, developed his game, and waited out the best pass-rushing draft class in recent memory, Romeus could be a Top 10-15 pick in 2011.

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                  I love that you have DThomas as the 2nd rated WR.....


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                    Fair analysis of Romeus. I tend to think he is FAR better in coverage than most have given him credit for. He only began dropping in coverage regularly this season and he has made tremendous strides. I was in awe that he was able to neutralize Golden Tate in all but one instance of 5 or 6 in which he covered him.

                    I'd like to see him return for his Senior season as well.


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                      I've always thought about creating a weekly prospect stand-out thread or draft thoughts page. Since I have this thread, I'm going to also use it to chronicle some thoughts from today's college football. It's 7:40 in the morning (earliest I've been up in some time) and I thought it'd be nice to look at the local TV listings...

                      What I'll be Watching Today


                      Duke at Miami - ESPNU
                      - DT Vince Oghobaase - Duke
                      - QB Thaddeus Lewis - Duke
                      - DT Allen Bailey - Miami
                      - OT Jason Fox - Miami
                      - TE Jimmy Graham - Miami

                      UT Chattanooga at Alabama - FOX
                      - NT Terrance "Mount" Cody - Alabama
                      - ILB Rolando McClain - Alabama
                      - CB Javier Arenas - Alabama
                      - OG Mike Johnson - Alabama
                      - CB Kareem Jackson - Alabama
                      - RB's Trent Richardson/Mark Ingram - Alabama*

                      *Ohio State at Michigan - ABC*
                      - DE Brandon Graham - Michigan
                      - CB Donovan Warren - Michigan
                      - DE Cameron Heyward - Ohio State
                      - DE Thaddeus Gibson - Ohio State
                      - CB Chimdi Chekwa - Ohio State
                      - S Kurt Coleman - Ohio State

                      Minnesota at Iowa - ESPN
                      - DE Adrian Clayborn - Iowa
                      - CB Amari Spievey - Iowa
                      - S Tyler Sash - Iowa
                      - OT Bryan Bulaga - Iowa
                      - WR Marvin McNutt - Iowa
                      - OT Kyle Calloway - Iowa
                      - LB Lee Campbell - Minnesota

                      North Carolina at Boston College - ESPN2
                      - DT Marvin Austin - North Carolina
                      - LB Bruce Carter - North Carolina
                      - DE Robert Quinn - North Carolina*
                      - DB Kendric Burney - North Carolina
                      - C Matt Tennant - Boston College


                      Oklahoma at Texas Tech - FSN-OH
                      - DT Gerald McCoy - Oklahoma
                      - OT Trent Williams - Oklahoma
                      - DE Jeremy Beal - Oklahoma
                      - CB Dominique Franks - Oklahoma
                      - LB Travis Lewis - Oklahoma
                      - RB DeMarco Murray - Oklahoma
                      - DE Brandon Sharpe - Texas Tech
                      - RB Baron Batch - Texas Tech


                      Connecticut at Notre Dame - NBC
                      - QB Jimmy Clausen - Notre Dame
                      - WR Golden Tate - Notre Dame
                      - WR Michael Floyd - Notre Dame*
                      - LB Manti Te'o - Notre Dame*
                      - S Kyle McCarthy - Notre Dame
                      - C Eric Olsen - Notre Dame
                      - DE Lindsey Witten - Connecticut
                      - WR Marcus Easley - Connecticut


                      North Carolina State at Virginia Tech - ESPNU
                      - DE Willie Young - NC State
                      - C Ted Larsen - NC State
                      - DE Jason Worilds - Virginia Tech
                      - OG Sergio Render - Virginia Tech

                      *LSU at Mississippi - CBS*
                      - CB Patrick Peterson - LSU*
                      - OT Ciron Black - LSU
                      - RB Keiland Williams - LSU
                      - S Chad Jones - LSU
                      - WR Brandon LaFell - LSU
                      - S Harry Coleman - LSU
                      - QB Jevan Snead - Mississippi
                      - RB Dexter McCluster - Mississippi
                      - OG John Jerry - Mississippi
                      - DT Jerrell Powe - Mississippi

                      Penn State at Michigan State - ABC
                      - LB Navorro Bowman - Penn State
                      - LB Sean Lee - Penn State
                      - DT Jared Odrick - Penn State
                      - C Stefan Wisniewski - Penn State
                      - QB Daryll Clark - Penn State
                      - RB Evan Royster - Penn State
                      - LB Greg Jones - Michigan State
                      - WR Blair White - Michigan State

                      Wisconsin at Northwestern - BIGOHIO
                      - RB John Clay - Wisconsin
                      - OT Gabe Carmini - Wisconsin
                      - DE O'Brien Schofield - Wisconsin
                      - DE Corey Wootton - Northwestern

                      Virginia at Clemson - ESPN
                      - RB C.J. Spiller - Clemson
                      - DE Ricky Sapp - Clemson
                      - WR Jacoby Ford - Clemson
                      - QB Kyle Parker - Clemson*
                      - S DeAndre McDaniel - Clemson
                      - CB Ras-I Dowling - Virginia


                      San Diego State at Utah - VERSUS
                      - DB Robert Johnson - Utah
                      - OL Zane Beadles - Utah


                      Vanderbilt at Tennessee - ESPNU
                      - S Eric Berry - Tennessee
                      - DT Dan Williams - Tennessee
                      - RB Montarrio Hardesty - Tennessee
                      - DE Chris Walker - Tennessee
                      - CB Myron Lewis - Vanderbilt


                      California at Stanford - VERSUS
                      - RB Toby Gerhart - Stanford
                      - QB Andrew Luck - Stanford*
                      - OT Jonathan Martin - Stanford*
                      - DT Tyson Alualu - California
                      - CB Syd'Quan Thompson - California


                      Kansas State at Nebraska - ESPN
                      - DT Ndamukong Suh - Nebraska
                      - DT Jared Crick - Nebraska
                      - CB Prince Amukamara - Nebraska
                      - WR Brandon Banks - Kansas State
                      - DT Jeff Fitzgerald - Kansas State

                      Kentucky at Georgia - ESPN2
                      - CB Trevard Lindley - Kentucky
                      - LB Micah Johnson - Kentucky
                      - S Reshad Jones - Georgia
                      - LB Rennie Curran - Georgia
                      - WR A.J. Green - Georgia*


                      *Oregon at Arizona - ESPN*
                      - TE Ed Dickson - Oregon
                      - RB LaMichael James - Oregon*
                      - RB LeGarette Blount - Oregon
                      - QB Nick Foles - Arizona*
                      - DE Ricky Elmore - Arizona

                      *- Next to a player means he's not draft eligible in 2010

                      I believe these players account for 31 out of the 85 on my Big Board. I'll get another chance to see my Top 3 players (Suh, Berry, McCoy). Also, I'll be taking a close look at tomorrow's Top 10 picks, guys like Andrew Luck, Robert Quinn, A.J. Green, Michael Floyd, Alabama's Jones/Ingram/Richardson, Patrick Peterson, etc. If you're watching one of the games above, make sure to keep a special attention on the players I've listed. Should be a good day of college football.
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                        Wow. Great read.

                        mucho props to wiscbadgerfootball

                        Originally posted by scottyboy
                        like honestly lebron, instead of south beach, why don't you take your talents and just shove them up your ass.


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                          Cameron Heyward is a force. He's been extremely disruptive from his freshman season to now. I personally like him more than Tyson Jackson as a 3-4 DE prospect. His size, strength, attitude, and athleticism is unparalleled. Rumor is he's staying, but if he came out I'd back him as a Top 15 prospect.

                          I'm making personal history here with my remote. I've been able to watch 4 games at the same time, without missing a play. Ohio State-Michigan, North Carolina-Boston College, Iowa-Minnesota, and Arkansas-Mississippi State.
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                            Great, great work Pudge.

                            Follow Me on Twitter!


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                              Originally posted by Shane P. Hallam View Post
                              Great, great work Pudge.

                              Pudge, compare and contrast the top Offensive Tackle Prospects according to your Big Board top-50...

                              1. Russell Okung
                              2. Trent Williams
                              3. Brian Bulaga
                              4. Anthony Davis
                              5. Bruce Campbell
                              6. Charles Brown

                              Thanks in advance!



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