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    I didn't see this post yet, so I wanted to see what fans of each team think since I can't watch 12-16 games a week (and scout college kids and work).

    I want a list of what you think are your team's biggest needs to acquire this off-season (in the draft and free agency). If a player is going to be hitting free-agency, that would be helpful to know or if a player might retire, that would also be helpful to know. Basically, where would you expect a day 1 or 2 pick (first 3 rounds) to be spent?

    I'm only going to list positions here but any information you can give me will be recorded in my personal notes.

    Also, system information (like is your team a ZBS OL or do you only use man cover corners) would be appreciated.

    AFC North
    Steelers - NT, CB, LT, RB, K, SS*, iOL*, 34 DE*, 34 LB*
    Ravens - CB/S, WR, RB, TE*, DL*
    Bengals - TE, S, OG, DE*, CB*, WR*
    Browns - QB, 34 OLB, 34 ILB, CB, S, RB, RT, RG,

    AFC South
    Colts - OG, UT, LT, KR/PR, 43 OLB, RT
    Texans - CB, S, iOL, RB*, K*
    Jaguars - 34 OLB, DE, OG, C, SS, FS, RB* (CoP)
    Titans - DE, CB, LB, DT, iOL*, WR*, P

    AFC East
    Patriots - 34 DE, 34 OLB, 34 ILB, iOL, RB, QB*, WR*, FB, P
    Jets - 34 DE, 34 OLB, NT, CB #2, RT, OG*, TE/OT
    Dolphins - WR, 34 OLB, NT, 34 ILB, S
    Bills - QB, LT, DT, 43C OLB, OL*, 43C DE*

    AFC West
    Chargers -NT, OT, Power RB, 34 DE*, C, ILB*, QB*
    Broncos - 34 DL, iOL, QB*, ILB*, CB*, P
    Raiders - Owner, DL, OT, SLB, C, G, QB
    Chiefs - 34 OLB, OT, iOL, NT, 34 ILB, FS, SS, TE, WR*, RB* (Power)

    NFC North
    Packers - OT, 3rd Down RB, 34 OLB*, 34 DL*, CB*, QB*
    Vikings - QB, DT, DE, 43 OLB*, RB*, TE*
    Bears - LE, OT, iOL, FS, RB*
    Lions - DT, OT, DE, CB, OG, SS

    NFC South
    Panthers - DT(NT), QB, DE(pass rusher), WR, CB, TE, S
    Saints - 43 OLB, DT, C, DE, (big gap), S, OT*, QB*, TE*, CB*
    Buccaneers - DT, DE, RB, MLB, WR, CB, S
    Falcons -OLB, DT, CB, OL, QB*, TE*

    NFC East
    Giants - DT, SS, C*, DE*, (R McClain or B Spikes)
    Cowboys - LT, 34 DE, NT, 34 ILB, WR #1
    Eagles - OT, 43 DE or 43 LB, CB
    Redskins - QB, OT, RB

    NFC West
    Seahawks - QB, LT, S, RB, DT, DE*, iOL*
    49ers - OT, S, 34 OLB, OG, CB*, QB, RB* (CoP), KR/PR*
    Cardinals - OT, 34 OLB, OG, 34 ILB*, TE, CB*, S*
    Rams - QB, DL, WR, OG, TE, OT*

    Legend: Starter Needed, Depth*

    (order dictates need, first = greatest, last = least)

    Examples of common abbreviations:
    WR/TE = A slot WR with receiving tight end measurables
    TE/OT = TE/FB = TE/H = A blocking TE

    DL = Defensive End OR Defensive Tackle
    iOL = Either G or C

    DE/DT = 34 DE or 43 DT
    OLB/DE = 34 OLB or 43 DE

    FS/SS = S (either it doesn't matter which because both need replacement or your system doesn't discriminate)

    KR = Kick Returner
    PR = Punt Returner

    ST = Special Teams
    LS = Long Snapper
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    NY Giants - Tier 1 DT, SS, Brandon Spikes or Rolando McClain (we don't need a MLB but both would be studilicious in our system and we will be transitioning from AP to Jonathon Goff soon) Tier 2 C, DE


    Originally posted by AcheTen
    JPP is a better and more productive player than Brandon Graham
    Originally posted by abaddon41_80
    Is Shaun Hill a top 10 QB? Definitely not. Is he a top 20 one? Almost certainly.
    Originally posted by JBCX
    Most misleading 10+ sack season EVER.


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      Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

      This team has many needs, but none are more important than defensive line. The Bucs HAVE to land Suh or McCoy with their 1st rounder. I'm hoping they sign Aaron Kampman in free agency, so they can use their 2nd round picks on other positions. Otherwise, DE needs to be addressed in the 2nd round.

      Many Bucs fans will probably disagree with me here, but RB is a pretty big need for the Bucs. Ward and Graham will both be 30 next year, and Caddy is a free agent. Although I expect him to be resigned, another back is needed. I'd love to see them take Dwyer or Spiller if either are their at the top of the 2nd round.

      The only WRs under contract for the Bucs next year are Michael Clayton and Sammie Stroughter. Although with Bryant hurt all year I don't see him getting a big deal in free agency, so it wouldn't surprise me if he is brought back.

      Ronde Barber is getting older, and the Bucs don't have much behind him and Talib. The Bucs have always been able to get back with average talent at corner in the Cover 2, so if the Bucs go back to a mostly Cover 2 defense next year, they can wait until the 3rd round or so to draft a corner. Piscatelli has been a major disapointment this year, so safety could be another need depending on how he finishes the year.

      Assuming the Bucs stick with a Cover 2 defense next year, they don't need any major changes at linebacker. Ruud is a great Cover 2 linebacker, and Geno Hayes has been a bright spot this year. Quincy Black is just a guy, but he'll do as the SAM backer. Now if the Bucs want to go with a more physical defense, like the one they tried running under Bates, then MLB is a priority. Ruud just doesn't fit as an attacking MLB. If the Bucs don't run the Cover 2 next year, I'd love to see them grab Spikes at the top of the 2nd (if he slips) and move Ruud outside.

      Bucs could use depth at tackle, but other than that, they are fine on the offensive line with Sears back.

      Here's how I would rank the Bucs needs assuming they run the Tampa 2 next year:

      1. DT
      2. DE
      3. RB
      4. WR
      5. CB
      6. S

      If not running Tampa 2:

      1. DT
      2. DE
      3. CB
      4. MLB
      5. RB
      6. WR
      7. S

      Ideal Bucs draft:

      1. Ndamukong Suh
      2. Brandon Graham
      2. Jonathan Dwyer
      3. Mardy Gilyard
      4. Kyle Wilson


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        LE to replace Adewale Ogunleye (maybe Gaines Adams could fit here...)
        LG or C (if Kreutz retires, Beekman is at center meaning left guard is a hole)


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          Credit to BoneKrusher for the Sig
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            OT, 3-4 OLB, OG, 3-4 ILB*, TE, CB*, S*


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              Yea, this forum's software has a terrible search function. It should have put that post at the top, but it doesn't search based on relevance, just last post. :/
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                1.TE Starter
                2.S Starter
                3.OG Depth Possiabley Starting RG
                4. DE Depth
                5.CB Depth
                6.WR Depth

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                  San Francisco 49ers

                  Team Needs

                  1. Offensive Tackle
                  2. Offensive Guard
                  3. 3-4 Outside Linebacker
                  4. Secondary - CB/S priority is arguable. Alot of people think that CB is a big need while others feel the problem has been the coverage abilities of the safeties forcing the CBs to play a soft off-coverage. Regardless, a fast, ball-hawk at any secondary position is needed.
                  5. Return Specialist

                  Additional "needs", depending on the success of Alex Smith the remainder of season and what offensive system the 49ers decide to make their philosophy...

                  QB - Smith actually looks pretty good when he has time, i.e. from shotgun.
                  Nate Davis has the tools if he has time to learn.
                  RB - If the 49ers move to a more open offensive system to accomodate the talents of Alex Smith/Nate Davis, Michael Crabtree, and Vernon Davis, an explosive "change-of-pace" option is needed to compliment Frank Gore.

                  Possible off-season losses to FA/Retirement...

                  NT - Aubrayo Franklin - Team has said they will Franchise Tag him if he isn't extended/resigned. If not, NT becomes a GLARING need.

                  RB - Michael Robinson - ST Ace but doesn't contribute anything else.

                  WR - Isaac Bruce - Is a healthy INACTIVE for the 49ers so his loss is of no consequence

                  WR - Arnaz Battle - Currently #5 on the depth chart.

                  TE - Brian Jennings - All-Pro Long-Snapper. Highly valuable if he remains cheap.

                  TE - Delanie Walker - Highly effective in open offense. Much less valuable in power running offense.

                  OG - David Baas - Underachieving. Alot of hope for him but is a part of the OL woes this season. If he doesn't improve he may likely be allowed to sign elsewhere.

                  ILB - Jeff Ulbrich - Age and Concussion issues likely signal the end of his career.

                  CB - Dre Bly - Tremendous value at his current Vet minimum. Would like the team to retain him if he doesn't demand too much. At worst he is good depth.

                  CB - Walt Harris - Age and ACL injury likely signal end of his career.

                  CB - Marcus Hudson - His only contributions have been on Special Teams.

                  FS/SS - Mark Roman - He was allowed to pursue a trade this off-season and didn't find any suitors. The seasoning of youngsters Reggie Smith and Curtis Taylor likely means that Roman will not be retained.


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                    Indianapolis Colts' needs

                    The two biggest areas of concern are run-blocking and run defense.

                    I'd say the order is:

                    1. OG
                    2. UT
                    3. LT
                    4. OLB
                    5. KR/PR
                    6. RT
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                      QB - Jason Campbell is in the last year of his contract and the chances of Dan Snyder giving Campbell an extension is VERY unlikely, considering we tried to get Cutler and Sanchez last offseason. With Jason Campbell signing with another team, that leaves 37 year old Todd Collins as the only option, so I see us needing quarterback.

                      OT - We need an offensive tackle probably more than a QB, Pro bowl LT chris samuels is most likely going to retire, and our only other half decent tackle is Stephon Heyer who was an undrafted free agent and is garbage.

                      RB - Portis is getting older, not quiet the slash and flash back he once was.


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                        Originally posted by phlysac View Post
                        San Francisco 49ers
                        didnt the 49ers just draft joe staley a couple years back in the 1st round for a future LT?


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                          Originally posted by FloridaSkinzFan View Post
                          didnt the 49ers just draft joe staley a couple years back in the 1st round for a future LT?
                          yea but they need a RT from what i have heard from 49er fans

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                            Carolina Panthers(in order of need):

                            DT(NT), QB, DE(pass rusher), WR, CB, TE, S

                            Sig by Matthew Jones


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                              Originally posted by FloridaSkinzFan View Post
                              didnt the 49ers just draft joe staley a couple years back in the 1st round for a future LT?
                              Yes, as a possible future LT with the 28th pick.

                              He either remains the LT or if the 49ers draft a top OT that develops to be superior to Staley then Staley will move back to RT where he played very well his rookie year.

                              In fact, it has been reported that GM Scot McCloughan stated that had Michael Crabtree not fallen last draft, they likely would've selected Michael Oher at #10.
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