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  • Prospects that will be solid players

    I'm naming off some well known players and then some not-so-well known players that we have scouted and believe will have solid NFL careers.

    Qb. Ryan Mallett. Everyone knows the big name Tebow or bradford or Clausen but we strongly believe that Ryan will be the best of the bunch. In my opinion he has improved the most from last the last year or 2 until this year. He has made the biggest jump as far as QB development this year and will be a Franchise QB at the next level.

    Toby Gerhart will be a stud in the NFL for many years assuming he stays healthy. Theirs not another player that resembles Mike Alstott better then Toby.

    James Starks has fallen off the radar after a shoulder injury ended his season before it started. He is going to be a Matt Forte type of back who will produce and be a 3-down back. He has size, speed, hands, and is the best blocker in this whole draft for running backs.

    John Clay: He will be a solid player for years at the next level and expect to see a lot of TD's for this Goaline back for years to come.

    Dexter McCluster: Yes he's small but he's one of the strongest rb's in this draft. He reminds me of a mix between Chris Johnson, Warrick Dunn, and Darren Sproles. This guy will be a playmaker on Sundays.

    Arrelious Benn will be the best prospect in the draft had he been on a good team with a good QB. He is as close to Anquan Boldin as you can get, but with more speed. You heard it here first- Benn will be the best WR of this class.

    Eric Decker is going to be a starting NFL WR for years. He gets a knock on his speed but the guy will run a 4.4 40 and be a high 2nd round pick. He is a T.J. Housmazilla clone with a little more athletic ability then he's given credit.

    Naam Roosevelt out of Buffalo will be a solid NFL player. He's 6'0 190 and has speed to burn. He reminds me of a Berrian type of player. It might take a few years to develope but he will be a find for wwhoever takes him.

    Jeff Cumberland is a TE/WR from Illinois who never really had a chance with a bad QB and bad team. Before Zook (Zook is good at getting great talent but cant do anything with it) switched him from WR to TE Cumberland was tearing it up and had some big games against some great corners( Current Bengals corner and former Michigan corner Hall was getting toasted by Cumberland). If he's given a shot to play WR and lose a few pounds this guy will be diamond in the rough. He ran a 4.4 forty at 6'5/'6'6 220 and has great hands and route running ability. This guy may end up being a stud and again YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST.

    Jermaine Gresham will be a Pro-Bowl TE for many years to come. He's the best TE prospect to come out since V.Davis or Winslow, but better. This is the one guy that makes me think of Tony Gonzalez and if he didn't get hurt he would be a top 10 pick.

    Micheal Hoomanawani out of Illinois will be the top blocking TE/fullback coming out of this draft. Even heard some teams will be trying him out on the offensive line. The thing is he has some good speed and hands. To me he looks just like another big-bruising Fullback that plays for the Giants.

    Garrett Graham out of Wisconsin is going to be a very good H-Back or full-time fullback in the NFL. The guy is a very good blocker on the move and has great hands, route running, and special teams value. One of those guys you just want on your team.

    Offensive lineman
    Jon Asamoah out of Illinois will be a pro-bowl caliber guard for years to come. I could even see him getting tried out at Let Tackle similar to Diehl on the Giants. This guy is the best guard to come out in a while. If this draft class wasn't so deep and the Illini weren't so bad he would be a sure-fire 1st rounder.

    Ciron Black will be playing guard in the NFL. He reminds me of Nicks out of Nebraska that got drafted by the Saints in the 5th round. Black is as athletic as Nicks but he's a lot stronger.

    Matt Tennant out of B.C. will end up being the best center out of this class. I could see him as a starting center for a lot of teams as a rookie. The guy will be a solid starter in the pros.

    Dan Williams out of Tennessee will be a very good NT for a 4-3 team. He may end up in a 3-4 but he's not Kris Jenkins big although he would be able to get the job done. He actually has more pass-rush skills then you think and has demanded double teams all year. He will be a very good starting 4-3 DT.

    Tyson Alualu will be snatched up by a 3-4 team to play end in the early 2nd. I would like to see him as a 4-3 DT. I think this guy could be a stud in a 4-3 at DT but will still be solid in a 3-4 end position.

    Auston English might not get drafted but could end up being a solid player if he can stay healthy. If he could stay healthy I could see him being a starting 4-3 end, and a good one at that. IF HE CAN STAY HEALTHY.

    Geno Atkins would be a very good player in a Tampa 2 type of defense as a 3 technique. If he goes to the Bears or Colts he could end up being a sackmaster in that position.

    Lawrence Marsh will be a solid starting DT in a 4-3 or a DE in a 3-4. This guy does good against good players and teams. A lot of the guys he faces will be in the pros also and he's done very well against top competition.

    Eric Nrowood is small for a DE but as a cover 2 pass rush specialist he could be gold. The guy is bigger the Rashid Mathis of the Colts and I see Norwood having a solid career if he goes to a cover 2 scheme.

    This is just my opinion after watching numerous hours of tape. I will be back for more in a few

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    Not sure if you know this or not, figured I'd let you in on a little secret...

    College Football IS played outside of the South and Midwest!

    I'm not going to provide an opinion on any of your takes because some of them are right on, some are "no-duh" kind of obvious ones, and some are so far out of left field that there'd be no benefit discussing them.

    I will say though, that, believe it or not, the University of Illinois doesn't walk on water. Really? Homer much? No offense meant, but it's obvious that your "scouting" scope is limited to Big 10 and SEC country...


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      Collin Peak, Bama TE, just moved up some draft boards..... great soft hands, 2 TD receptions in teh last 2 Tide wins.


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        Lawrence Marsh is pretty underrated.

        Deaderick will be a solid rotation DE. Actually, a whole bunch of players on Alabama.

        Vince Oghobaase, Brandon Ghee, Gilyard, Devin McCourty, Oderick, Boo Robinson, many RBs, Anthony McCoy, Micah Johnson, Greg Hardy, Dexter Davis, Eric Olsen...


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          Daniel teo-nesheim- DE Washington
          Ben Ossai- OG Washington
          both guys are in the same situation as jake locker, crappy team great talent.


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            Originally posted by hburn View Post
            Daniel teo-nesheim- DE Washington
            Ben Ossai- OG Washington
            both guys are in the same situation as jake locker, crappy team great talent.
            Ben Ossai a great talent? Nobody on the offensive line of the Huskies that played this last season was a great talent.

            Originally posted by Tebowfan85
            too bad the Sea hawks are starting Hasselback and not Whitehorsest (sp)They are gonna loose any ways .



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