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How do you prepare for the Draft?

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  • How do you prepare for the Draft?

    (Just joined, first post, just glad to be here, hope I can help the ball club)

    As the life of a draftnik is often a solitary one, I've often wondered if everyone else was doing the same thing I do every year. So, my question to the community is, what things do you do before, during, and after the Draft to prepare for and enjoy it?

    I'll go first: I don't even start until the week of Sr Bowl practices on NFLN. I copy and paste a list of everyone into Excel, clean it up, and add the fields that I'm going to need.

    I take a lot of notes, either legal pad or typed directly into my spreadsheet, and this goes on until early April. From TV events, to Sirius NFL, to websites (including here, of course). I also subscribe to a print publication that I read when I get it, and incorporate the stuff I like into my spreadsheet, too.

    About a week before the Draft, I tighten it all up, and start stacking the boards, then the Big Board. I have a macro written that bubbles up picks for a mock draft based on team needs, and I usually do a few through maybe 3 rounds at that point.

    Every year, I pick a random draft slot for myself, and when that pick comes up, I pick a player. I've been keeping this list for 15 years. Sort of a "what kind of job would I do?" thing.

    This time of year, I'm much more interested in the '09 rookie class in the NFL than I am in the '10 draft, though I get to know the names a bit.

    That's my story... interested in yours.

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    Welcome to the boards, glad you found us. We could always use more draft obsessed people around here.

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      Welcome, glad to have you!
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        I like to get a lot of food and drank and just chill.

        But I'm glad I got NFL Network back this year so I can watch the combine and senior bowl unlike last year. I've got some rankings in a spreadsheet as well, but I'm sure it'll be changed many times between now and the end of April.

        Another thing I like to do is in the first round when a team is on the clock I write down who I think they'll draft and just kind of score myself after each pick. I usually end up with about half right.
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          I generally just read over Mel Kipers book and read over what people are talking about on here. I've been to New York the past two years and I plan on going this year too. Damn them for spreading it over more days now.

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            I'll usually grab some food and chill with some buddies. The combine/senior bowl week are almost as exciting for me. The NFL Network coverage of the combine is great. I literally turn the TV on to NFLN and leave it on for a few weeks. Path to the Draft starts shortly after that and I don't miss an episode of that either.

            Originally posted by fenikz
            His soft D really turns me off
            ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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              As I'm living in England, it's tough for me to to watch loads of the college games and I only really get to see the top prospects so I tend to for the first 2 rounds hope know who I want the Titans to draft...this year it's Joe Haden (I love that we have Finnegan but I want us to have another stud opposite him). We don't have a second pick but I would love for us to trade up and grab Dan Williams as I don't see us retaining Tony Brown. After that I just want people who look sick and have cool names.

              On the snack side, on each of the 3 days I will get a take-away from my local kebab house, plenty of pop, chips and general other ****. Then I'm gonna sit back get my ass on here and enjoy the draft as it happens with my boys in the Titans corner.


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                I also use a spreadsheet for my rankings. I slowly compile them throughout the season and have some pretty deep rankings by the end of February. I am a bit ahead of schedule this year though. I've been ranking underclassmen and the ones who don't enter the draft I'll take out of my rankings and start my 2011 rankings with them.

                Spreadsheet is the way to go. So easy to edit and keep them organized.


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                  The draft being a thursday night this year, it will be a little different. I usually have 4-5 guys over, we all wear our teams jersey, stock pile on food and drinks, draft magazines on the floor, laptops out and just chill and talk tons of crap all day on who their team pretty fun.


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                    My draft process usually starts in december because I'm a Lions fan. I usually start by looking at draft histroy but never go further back than the current administration (GM/ Coach) it gives me a better notion of how they draft. Then because I work Saturdays I usually look at as many highlight films as possible of course I take highlight films/game films as posible (thank god for youtube) with a grain of salt but you can usually tell who is really dominant. At that point I'm ready for the Senior bowl practices and combine.
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                      Welcome to the boards.

                      Well, since this draft will be on a Thursday, I guess it will change a lot...


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                        Step by step

                        1) Make buffalo chicken dip
                        2) Acquire root beer
                        3) Turn on TV
                        4) Watch draft with my dad
                        5) Chat on my computer with our annual draft day AIM chat crew (D-Unit, toonster, xio, WMD, ERU, Trips, whoever else is around)
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                          Before I had a job and had rent to pay I used to have a two day celebration for the draft. Cooking many wings, pastas, etc. I used to be able to watch every college game during the week and would have notebooks upon notebooks of stuff, big boards left and right. I was a pure and utter geek to the point Scott Wright would be jealous. My freakiness for the draft led to my subpar grades in college but I still have some notebooks from the seasons 1999-2005 of my drafts and notes on players. I had no life for about 2-3 weeks before the draft.

                          Now I just lock myself in my bed room.
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                            Sometimes you lock myself in your bedroom too.


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                              I have excel spreadsheets for every position and a overall big board. I like to watch it alone. No one really cares as much as I do. Lol.



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