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  • Make your final predictions!

    Thought I would start a new thread here to stir up some discussion (I hope). I find these types of threads fun as I like to look back years down the line to see where I was right and wrong. With the draft mere days away I think most of us have had enough time to form opinions of these players so it is time to put our money where our mouths are and make some predictions:

    (1) Top Player: Who will this draft produce and be remembered for? Take your pick, who is the top player, future perennial pro-bowler or all-pro selection.

    (2) Bust: Who is going to be out of the league or widely understood as a bust if 4 seasons? Looking preferably for someone getting 1st round projection and even higher in the top 10. Someone people are loving now who they wont be a few years from now.

    (3) Sleeper: This may be your top player as well, but who is the player not getting 1st round love that ends up being a difference maker or a guy teams kick themselves over a few years from now?

    (4) Deep Sleeper: Looking for someone in round 4 or later. Someone everyone has passed on at least once or twice, thinking Tom Brady or Richard Sherman type of "out of nowhere" production from a late round pick.

    1 - Myles Jack. If he is healthy, and I have every reason to believe he will be, the guy is just a play maker. He should score huge amounts of tackles, make plays in coverage and in the modern NFL with passing numbers skyrocketing, it is important to keep guys with physicality on the field to stop run and blanket TEs and even some WRs in coverage. Jack is the new breed LB who should be making tons of plays for years to come.

    2 -Ronnie Staley. He is a finesse tackle that still can be beat by speed and will be out-muscled by many players at the NFL player.

    3 - Robert Nkemdiche. Not that he will have the same impact, but I can see teams kicking themselves a la Randy Moss, Dez Bryant and Tryann Mathieu for overstating the red flags when there is a clear elite level talent/athlete available. For a more traditional sleeper Ill take Shilque Calhoun as a consistent play maker who isnt getting much more than 3rd round love in most places.

    4 - DeMarcus Robinson. He tested less impressively than I expected, but the fact of the matter is he can make plays with the ball in his hands and he seems to have an instant turbo to get to max speed right away. In the modern NFL he can get the ball in space will also being a threat to take the top off the defense which carries value. The off the field issues are real which will drop him, but the value as far as talent is very real and he could be a diamond in the rough.

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    1. Ezekiel Elliott
    2. Jared Goff
    3. Yannick Ngakoue
    4. Joe Schobert

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      1. Elliott.
      ​2. Buckner
      3. Jacoby Brissett
      4. Devon Cajuste


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        1. Jalen Ramsey - Think he stays at CB and with a high probability he ends up Dallas he will receive tons of attention when he lives up to the hype. He will be All Pro for years at CB or S.

        2. A'Shawn Robinson - I just don't see it with this guy. He isn't an elite player and there are questions about his love for the game. I think that all adds up to a guy that washes out quickly in the league and hopefully it isn't the Bengals that make the mistake of drafting him early.

        3. Tyler Boyd - Kid has first round talent but had a DUI and missed the first game of last season. Combine that with a less than ideal 40 yard dash time and he is going to fall a bit. Someone will snag him in the 2nd or 3rd and get a Keenan Allen type of steal for making the selection.

        4. Demarcus Ayers - Had an awful combine but had a hand injury and he did improve his numbers at Houston's pro day. Ayers came out early from Houston for family reasons after his brother was recently murdered. I am rooting for the kid and he had huge production in Houston. I think he can make a team and channel his tragedy into something positive and be a solid WR in the league.


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          And proud of it!!!


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            Jalen Ramsey
            Shaq Lawson
            Deion Jones
            Bronson Kaufusi


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              1. Jalen Ramsey. I have wanted him on the Cowboys ever since I have began watching him play. I never thought we'd have a shot and I will be thrilled if we end up drafting him.

              2. Joey Bosa. He screams average to me and some have him #1 on their board.

              3. Derrick Henry. He is #1 on my RB board and I think he will be a very strong RB if drafted to the right team. Seahawks or Cowboys would be great fits.

              4. Travis Feeney. I think he has all the tools to be a Pro Bowl LB.


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                1. Jalen Ramsey - Transcendent defensive playmaker in the mold of a Charles Woodson. Can contribute on Special Teams, Cornerback and Safety and be an All-Pro at each position. The only player I would deem worth trading into top 5 for in 2016.

                1. Carson Wentz - Too much of a projection for me to see him being worth a Top 5 pick. Learning curve will be eased by going to Philly where West Coast philosophies will be similar, but the jump from D2 to the NFL will prove too big.

                3. Artie Burns - Still too many people sleeping on this kid. Was a productive player and starter each season he played at Miami. His ballhawking ability, size and speed match the production he put up and it's rare you find a player at this position where the measurables match the production. Top 20 player being looked at more as a late first to mid second rounder.

                4. Marquez North - Flashed as a freshman and dealt with multiple injuries throughout his College career at Tennessee. If he is healthy, I could see a Da'Rick Rogers type impact as a UDFA, minus the headaches.

                Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner



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