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  • Earl Thomas S Texas

    52 Solo tackles
    19 Assisted tackles
    4 forced fumbles
    2 interceptions

    39 Solo tackles
    18 Assisted tackles
    1 forced fumble
    8 interceptions
    149 int. return yards
    18.6 return avg.
    92 long
    2 TDs

    Thomas has emerged as a prolific safety, but the question is, will he project well to the NFL? He appears to have a smaller frame, is listed at 5-10 197 lbs, and has not been under the microscope as many other prospects have in past, present, and will in the future.

    As a RS Soph, he has only played two years, and only really this year been noticed on a national level. Numerous times watching texas games he has shown incredible instincts and is near the ball quite often. Some announcers have made mention of the fact he can cover like a corner and was previously one earlier in his career (not 100% sure of this), does he project as a corner or a safety because of his size?

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    I feel like he can definitely succeed at safety, he would probably not be the smallest one in the NFL and there is always room for a ballhawk in a secondary. How big was Louis Delmas last year? Size is not the concern in safeties as much recently.


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      I think he can play safety as well, and at a high level. I'd absolutely love to draft this kid in the second if he lasts. The Chiefs need more longhorns anyway.

      Originally posted by fenikz
      His soft D really turns me off
      ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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        Delmas was listed between 5-11 and 6 foot and close to 200 lbs. But his strength was his run support, he was known for that. Thomas, is unquestioned as a ballhawk, but im not sure about his run support. His frame also looks small, like really small weight and body type-wise


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          No team can have to many Longhorns...


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            Jamal Charlezzz...

            speaking of texas longhorns, and specifically runningbacks, what the heck happened to selvin young?


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              Bob Sanders is short and poweful. He's had a good career, but he plays close to the line and throws his body around.

              Thomas plays free safety and can hit. I think he'll be asked to play centerfield and make plays deep, not close to the line.

              He'll be one hell of a playmaker and one I might want the Steelers to get.


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                for some reason i want to compare him to charles godfrey when he was at iowa...


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                  I really like Earl Thomas and after last season think he has almost as much upside as Eric Berry(!!).

                  I think he could be the second or 3rd safety drafted, and if he rips his 40, he goes in the first.

                  Another reason to key in on the BCS championship game. If Texas upsets 'Bama, Earl Thomas will have had a monster night, IMO and solidified his draft status.


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                    this guys a stud. as a sooner fan i hope he makes the leap.


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                      I like this guy a lot, I think he should be a first round pick based on his skill set and college production. But I don't think he is going to wow anyone with his workout's. They list him at 200lbs...but i honestly think he is not even 190lbs. I don't think he is the athlete Michael Griffith was when he was comming out and he was a late first round pick. I think he will be a total STEAL for any team in the late 1st / early 2nd round range.


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                        Thomas to Philly please


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                          Originally posted by Todd Bertuzzi View Post
                          Thomas to Philly please
                          I see them taking either Thomas or Gerhart, both positions are a big need, it should be very interesting to see what Philly does with their pick.


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                            Some of the best instincts I've seen in a safety period, love the way he breaks on the ball in the air, it's pretty much the one aspect in Mays game that is non existant.

                            I think he's a 1st round prospect though, he was projected to go there before this season and he's only improved his stock. I've tried to tell as many people as I could to watch him, I think he'll put on a show in the NC game, he steps up in big games.

                            Originally posted by Scott Wright
                            I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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                              He's the EXACT player the 49ers need to fill their coverage void at SS.



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