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  • Bryan Bulaga Declares

    Is a link required for a thread like this?

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    Originally posted by ToldLikeItIs View Post
    Is a link required for a thread like this?
    Probably if you want it to be taken seriously. Plus there's the underclassmen thread.

    I'm not surprised though.
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      Can never have too many good tackles available. Pretty athletic for a big guy so i assume his stock could rise at the combine. Hope it doesnt rise too much he'd look good in Seahawk blue.


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        or redskins burgandy? (2nd round):)

        RIP, Sean Taylor.


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          Originally posted by critesy View Post
          or redskins burgandy? (2nd round):)
          I wish I could click the "like" button..ha!
          RIP Sean Taylor....

          MarkieMark's dream 2010 Redskins mock: Updated 4/9
          Round 1- OT Brian Bulaga- Iowa
          Round 4- OT Sam Young- Notre Damn
          Round 5- C John Estes- Hawaii
          Round 7- RB/WR/KR/PR Trindon Holliday- LSU


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            cool, now he can duke it out with Okung for the 2nd best OT in the draft.
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            Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
            BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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              He was my #1 OT heading into this season. He dropped off a bit because of his inconsistency. Brandon Graham embarrassed him and he did not look great against Schofield. With that being said, when he is playing well he is the best OT in this draft. He is probably the top run blocker of any LT in this draft. He consistently gets a great drive and always keeps his feet pumping. He's got a great frame and is very athletic. He is technically sound in pass pro and has really good feet. Although he plays pretty low for a guy his size, if he does struggle its because he needs anchor against the bull rush. Also needs to improve on using his hands. I really expect him to rise as we get closer and closer to the draft as he should test out very well. He should compete to be the second OT taken. Any notion that Bruce Campbell is a better player or prospect is ridiculous. Bulaga and Campbell are physically comparable but Bulaga is ten times the player Campbell is.
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                Bulaga will be picked high, but I think if he stayed he could have been a definite top 5 pick


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                    I may be in the minority, but I'm not sure I like the idea of him protecting my QBs blindside. I've heard from a few Iowa fans, even here, that the line played better when he was out injured.

                    He's a big guy, athletic....but I'm not sure I'd spend a top 20 pick on him. I do, however, think he'll go that high because like QBs, OTs usually get pushed up draft boards as well. Once the top guys are gone, some team desperate for him in the 15-20 range will probably grab him and hope for the best.


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                      Originally posted by scottyboy View Post
                      cool, now he can duke it out with Okung for the 2nd best OT in the draft.
                      ANTHONY DAVIS #1!!!!


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                        Good for him, but he should have stayed. He needs to work on his pass protection. Sure, he's a road grader in the running game, but I prefer a LT that can protect the QBs blind side and Bulaga is alright at it. He's athletic but he gets beat, he needs to use his hands better and hold less, he does it a lot and it doesn't get called. He needs to be more stout in the passing game.

                        He's a 2nd rounder to me.
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                          Niners in round one, I'm going to call it... well more an OT to the Niners but we'll see.

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                            Hes my #3 or 4 OT behind Anthony Davis, Russell Okung and Trent Williams right now. Can play both LT and RT. Should be a top 20 pick

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                              Could be a mistake, he didn't have a great season.

                              Probably 16-32 this year but could have been the #1 OT and a Top 5 pick in 2011.
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