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Amari Spievey declares

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  • Amari Spievey declares

    I know Told has exhausted the threads for individual Iowa players, but I figured this guy deserved his own because he's actual good. Discuss.

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    Wow surprising, I like the guys that have been coming out of Iowa lately they're big tough man to man corners and that is what I'm assuming Spievey is.

    I thought he would go back for sure, now I have to research this guy.


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      He said he was 50/50, but most fans knew he was gone. He has been amazing for us the last 2 seasons. Pretty much this entire year teams have avoided throwing to him. The one thing he has trouble with, as many saw vs. PSU, is when fast WRs burn him deep. He is fast enough to be a good corner, but he tends to get burned deep sometimes. Other than that, he is great at staying with his man on shorter routes and is an absolutely amazing tackler.


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        Great. Another guy I'd love for the Bucs to take a good look at.

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          Cool! I likey likey.


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            Does he make a switch to S like Godfrey?
            Originally posted by njx9
            i mean, why wouldn't the broncos take cam newton? they can play him at quarterback WITH tebow!


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              Originally posted by no bare feet View Post
              Does he make a switch to S like Godfrey?
              I don't think so. Unlike Godfrey, Spievey is actually really good in man to man coverage, has great awareness when it comes to recognizing where the ball is, and is a very physical corner. Godfrey was always better in space and playing areas rather than playing the player. I would be extremely surprised if someone wanted him to move to safety.



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