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  • NFL Draft iPhone / iPod Touch App


    I got an e-mail from Datex Media, a company that has created a new NFL Draft trivia application for iPhone's and iPod Touch's. It's only .99 cents and kind of fun. It's basically matching players with the colleges they attended. I went 25 for 25 on my first game, try to beat that! :)

    Anyway, if interested you can download it through the App Store or iTunes.

    Note - I'm not getting paid to endorse this thing, just liked it and wanted to spread the word.
    Scott Wright, President


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    Thats good fun. Got 20 out of 25 score of 1596. Not too bad

    BoneKrusher killing it with the sig


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      What about us G1 folks =(
      RIP Sean Taylor....

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        1693 on my first go, i think i missed 2 or 3.
        Taking a Knapp.


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          Scott, I played through the whole game once through. Got a couple right all the way through and a few wrong. A couple times I clicked the wrong thing or got completely screwed. Champ Bailey did not go to Georgia Tech and they didn't even list Auburn for Jason Campbell as a choice. I'm like WHAT?!? when I didn't see that and had to guess. I've always been really good at knowing where players went to kinda scares my friends haha

          Anyways my top score is 2241 and 2232. Scott what's yours?


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            I've been planning on getting an iPhone, and this is going to be the first app I'll download.


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              21 of 25, 1863 points
              <This space reserved for Leonard Fournette love>

              Hackenberg vs Morris!
              FIRE UP THE KD CANNON!



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