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    Just a niner fan from UK who doesnt get to watch much college football.

    I keep seeing this guys name mentioned as the best interior line prospect of this draft and of recent drafts...where do you think he will land - Would the niners picking him up be a reach with their second round one pick or could they trade back possibly and still pick him up early 20s or even later.

    Im looking for a Oline heavy early draft and this guy intrigues me.

    Cheers chaps

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    At this point it may be a slight reach but not overly so. He will rise IMO. If the 49ers trade down they may miss him.

    BoneKrusher killing it with the sig


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      Probably a reach, but if you have a real need for an OG(or possibly RT) then he would definitely be a good fit, might be dangerous to trade down too much and miss him. He's one of my favorite OG prospects in recent memory.


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        Take him 17 and be very happy about it. There are very few good players in every draft, if you believe he is going to be an elite level guard, don't worry about value and just take him at 17.


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          He will wind up going much earlier than #27.

          I currently have him going #13 to the 9ers.

          Seattle really likes him as well and if the 9ers pass on him at #13, he may be off of the board at #14.



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